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Emily Wale-Koya Biography

My name is Emily Wale-Koya, a child of God and a mum of three amazing kids who rock my world. I’m a also a wife to the one man who has been my best friend for 14 years now. I’m a transformational speaker, plus a life and business coach.

So just as you get a traditional MBA (Masters in Business Administration), that’s how you get an unconventional MBA (Masters in Brand Administration). Brand MBA helps you master the brand called you so that you can start positioning yourself as an expert in your field; like Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Beyonce, Tara Feladurutoye, Geneveive Nnaji, etc. E

very one of us has a unique gift and everyone of us has been designed for something distinct. Brand MBA helps you package and sell yours.

I make time out by crook or by force to relax and have some me-time. I get to go to the SPA, visit the cinema to watch some movies with my precious husband. I also work only a few hours a week. Recently, I started taking Fridays completely off work.

I read a book, listen to powerful audio messages, watch some outstanding videos and do some brainstorming. When Monday comes, I’m all set to rock n rule!


Emily Wale-Koya Family

As already mentioned above, I have three kids who look up to me daily for love, inspiration and support. My daughter is my very own look-alike; compassionate, beautiful, reserved and kind. My son is the James Bond in our home, he’s so social and blunt, most times, we get to shut him down. My last child, Olajumoke is barely 6 months, so I can’t say much about her. My husband is my husband and he’s one man I am forever grateful for and to.

Emily Wale-Koya Contact

Finally on Emily Wale-Koya biography, you can reach out to him via Instagram on @emilyspeakslife.

Office: Abacha Road G.R.A Port Harcourt Rivers State.

Phone: +234 (0) 705-667-5971.

Skype: Emily Wale-Koya.