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The site Elysium Network Is among the online mlm sites lunched with hidden secrets.

Elysium Network Review discussed the opinion of MLM experts from behindmlm site.

With the leading trend of MLM sites daily, this article reveals everything about Elysium Network. Also, you will find satisfying response to entries like :

  • Is Elysium Network scam or legit
  • What is Elysium Network about
  • Elysium Network review
  • How to earn from Elysium Network
  • Elysium Network Registration – Login
  • Disclaimer Issue

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What is Elysium Network About

Elysium Network is an online earning platform that claims external revenue in the company is claimed to be produced through currency trading, manual & via EA.

And Elysium Network also acclaim to work with a Complex mathematical and statistical modelling. High Frequency Trading interface database.

Sadly on our Elysium Network Review is a lie. Investments of €500 EUR or more are promoted with no specific information on returns. WHY?


Elysium Network Review

From my research as published in this Elysium Network Review, they specializes in the money management online earning cycle of networking primarily.

Secondly, another lie is a claim that they have three corporate addresses, in Hong Kong, Sweden and Estonia.

Elysium Network is founded by CEO and Chief Legal Officer Fred Pascal Stege.

Fred is an experienced C-level executive with a law enforcement background.

Elysium Network Review – Comments From The Experts

An entrepreneur and tech investor with a demonstrated history of working in management consulting roles in the affiliate marketing industry, he has a proven track record of success in Operations, Finance, Financial Markets, Trading, Marketing, Management and Sales in multi-billion US$ ventures.

The Malmö connection is interesting. There is no sign of anyone by that name being resident in Malmö or indeed in Sweden. There are only 6 people in Sweden with last name Stege.
Looking at his FB profile, he does have some friends in the Malmö area. One that sticks out is Daniel John, COO of Elysium Capital Ltd, also listed as from Malmö in FB. He does not seem to have a real presence in Malmö either.

There is no sign of Elysium Network or Elysium Capital being registered as a Swedish company. The only address I found is to the Malmö landmark Turning Torso. Mostly residential, I doubt this is more than a letterbox or false front.


On Facebook, he gives his “Current city” as Malmö, but his “Home Town” as Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

He also claims that his job as founder of Elysium Capital Ltd. only started in August 2019.
However, on LinkedIn, his location is the strangely vague “Antwerp Area, Belgium”. There, he also claims that his job as “principal” of something called “ELYSIVM | MUTUAL Stege – Beaufort office” started in 2010.

From other stuff, the “Stege – Beaufort office” bit is what he refers to as his “family office” (and spelling “Elysivm” with a V is just a ridiculous affectation).

The claim that Elysium has actually been around since 2010 fits with the graph for the Elysium Pinnacle Portfolio. So why does his FB profile say 2019?
His education is also oddly different between the Facebook and LinkedIn versions.

On Facebook, he claims to have been a student of the “Royal Netherlands Police Academy”. This fits with his other claims to have been a police officer.
In particular, the story that he got into MLM after having been involved in an investigation of someone who was making huge amnounts of money, which his bank thought was suspicious and reported to the police.

The police discovered he was making it legally through MLM. Afterwards Stege of course quit his police job, and asked the man he’d investigated to teach him how to become rich through MLM as well.

That’s what police officers always do, when in the course of their duties they encounter someone who makes more money than they do.

The name of that academy he attended in Dutch would be “Koninklijke Nederlandse Politieacademie”. No such institution exists (allowing of course for the “Netherlands” bit possibly being a clarifying addition for the benefit of foreigners).
The Dutch police academy is simply called “Politieacademie”, without an added “Koninklijke” honorific.

For the sake of completeness: there is only one Dutch law enforcement agency which has that predicate, the Koninklijke Marechaussee. But while doing a lot of policey stuff, they’re a branch of the military, are therefore never referred to as “police”, and they don’t have anything called “academy” of their own.

Their officers train at both the police and defence academies, neither of which have “Koninklijk” in their name, and also at a school of their own, which isn’t called “Academie” but “Centrum”.
So, either he’s made it up entirely, or he’s aggrandizing what was nothing more than job training.
On LinkedIn, the supposed Dutch police academy goes unmentioned.

Instead, he has an additional degree: a Bachelor’s in law from the university of Leiden.
It seems odd to completely forget about a law degree from a prestigious university, in a Facebook profile in which you do bother to include the unremarkable secondary school you went to.

One last fun fact: he uses the same profile picture on Facebook and LinkedIn which he already used in 2011, as can be seen here:


Continuing to look into the Malmö connection, Stege actually shares photos of the Turning Torso office on several occasions since December 2019, and uses the characteristic image of the building in presentations.

Turning Torso is the major landmark of Malmö, a twisted 54fl tower in a seaside location overlooking Copenhagen and the bridge to Denmark. There is actually an “office hotel” on the 9th floor. You can rent small furnished offices with shared facilities. This is where Stege’s pictures seem to come from.

Most are generic, but there is actually a picture from Feb 7 which shows a corner office with a big TV with Elysium logo, and an outside signboard with companies including Elysium.

In general, to rent an office like that on any longer term, you would need to have a registered company with a company ID#. There is one Elysium AB in Malmö, but that’s an existing ad agency.
So in short, there are indications that Stege is actually hanging out in Malmö and Turning Torso, but in that case he is not leaving a lot of traces, personally or the company.

You can suspect he is using someone as a go-between.
And it’s a laugh he is referring to Swedbank as highly reputable. They have been heavily fined for money laundering.

This is too bad of an individual.!!!

Elysium Network Compensation Plan.

Elysium Network affiliates pretty much get started and pay affiliate fee’s and then get paid when they sponsor others to do the same.

Investment commissions are paid only on produced returns through a unilevel compensation plan.

Direct Commissions

Elysium Capital affiliates are paid to sponsor new affiliates.

>>>Make €25 EUR on the sponsoring of a €179.90 EUR affiliate

>>>Make €100 EUR on the sponsoring of a €548.95 EUR affiliate

How to Earn on Elysium Network

Next on our Elysium Network Review is how to earn.

You can earn €25 EUR residual commissions when you sponsor someone who pays €548.95 EUR to get started.

IB ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on two unilevel team levels:

1 Star IB ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on three unilevel team levels

2 Star IB ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on four unilevel team levels

3 Star IB ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on five unilevel team levels

4 Star IB ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on six unilevel team levels

5 Star IB and higher ranked affiliates earn residual recruitment commissions on seven unilevel team levels

Elysium Network caps cycle commissions

Elysium Network caps cycle commissions based on rank:

IBs can earn 3 cycles a week
1-Star IBs can earn 5 cycles a week

2-Star IBs can earn 10 cycles a week

3-Star IBs can earn 15 cycles a week

4-Star IBs can earn 25 cycles a week

5-Star IBs can earn 50 cycles a week

6-Star IBs can earn 75 cycles a week

7-Star IBs can earn 100 cycles a week

8-Star IBs can earn 150 cycles a week

9-Star IBs can earn 250 cycles a week

*Diamond IB Presidents can earn 500 cycles a week

*Diamond IB Chairmans can earn 750 cycles a week

Elysium Network Matching Bonus

Elysium Network pays a Matching Bonus on residual sponsoring commissions through the binary which you can check out above.

The Matching Bonus is paid out in nine unilevel team levels:

1-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)

2-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1 and 15% on level 2

3-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 5% on level 3

4-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 and 4

5-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 5

6-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 6

7-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 7

8-Star IBs earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 7 and 2.5% on level 8

9-Star IBs and higher earn a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 7 and 2.5% on levels 8 and 9

Elysium Network Registration

Elysium Network affiliate membership is €548.95 EUR and then €79.95 EUR a month.

Once you have your money and the below info you are set

  • Email
  • User name
  • Password
  • Phone number

There is a cheaper option for €179.90 EUR but it’s not part of the compensation plan.

Such a bait offer.

Elysium Network Login

Before you have access to Elysium Network login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Elysium Network only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Forsage Smart Contract Review – 20 Reasons I Fear Forsage Smart Contract is Scam not Real

Is Elysium Network Scam or Legit

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce Elysium Network scam or legit because we wrote Elysium Network Review Article.

We work with concrete evidence, so this is a potential prediction from all the information gathered.


Is Elysium Network Legit?

Is Elysium Network Scam?


Are You Blank?

Okay, Let’s Proceed.

Is Elysium Network Scam

Obviously this is a yes from my end, secondly they ain’t registered with securities regulators so they can get away.

So why would this company operate illegally?

Elysium Network Review Revealed it’s compensation plan is all geared towards sponsoring new affiliates and not selling to actual customers.

This will just mean the company is operating as a pyramid scheme.

Is Elysium Network legit

Elysium Network is not legit as well. Now when I checked out this Facebook profile, I noticed he is based out of Malmo, Sweden.

That just means Elysium Network only exists in Hong Kong and Estonia by name only.

When I checked out his involvement in the MLM industry, I was able to go back all the way to 2005.

Fred Pascal Stege was the co-owner of Vemma’s European, African and Israeli markets.

In 2010, he left Vemma and about a year later founded Origin Pure which was a nutrition based network marketing company.

In Origin Pure he was more focused on lead generation and marketing than selling actual physical products.

By 2016, Origin Pure and Origin Unite went under…

Shortly after Fred Pascal Stege signed on as General Manager for Northern Europe at Jeunesse.

He held that position all the way until May of 2019 according to his LinkedIn profile.

Elysium Network was founded just a few months ago where their domain was registered March 2020.

90% online earning sites always deliberately crash when investors least expected it.
Think over it and decide wisely.


This Elysium Network Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Elysium Network nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for educational purpose and a honest guide other review sites might not publish.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

Additionally, you can’t hold the administrator responsible even when it fails because it’s an online earning scheme.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.

@The Blogger Scientist

Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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5 Functions Of A Cybersecurity Lawyer: Can They Help Your Business



Cybersecurity is the most concerning thing in our present world. However, there are a lot of advancements in order to prevent cyber-attacks and cybercriminals as well. Still, with the up-gradation of technical space, the numbers are also increasing.

Many of us do not have any idea that we can actually take help from cybersecurity lawyers here. In case your business is exposed to cyber attacks and cyber crimes, it is a mandate to go for a cybersecurity lawyer. To know more, you need to go through this article. 

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Just like any other lawyers of any other sector, there are also some basic and non-negotiable functions that a cybersecurity lawyer should have. Every 39 seconds, hackers are attacking a computer with internet access. 

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The litigation landscape must be understood by the cybersecurity attorney. The federal and state courts issue decisions that can impact a company in its cybersecurity efforts. For example, what is the significance of any kind of federal incident, like a company failing to report a data breach? 

The cybersecurity attorney should track all the litigations that are applicable, along with developing advice in order to help in guiding the particular company. This is something that can not be neglected by any cybersecurity lawyer

Internal practices

Now come to the risk assessment process. Within the company, the cybersecurity attorney should have a strong role. The cybersecurity lawyer must have an involvement in the cybersecurity risk assessment of the company. 

The professional has to ensure that the assessment is developed in a way that it will be capable of protecting some aspects of the risk assessment. In developing the entire program of cybersecurity, the cybersecurity attorney must have a key role to play. 


The active involvement of a cybersecurity lawyer is required in boards and senior management communications. All the cybersecurity-related communications should be reviewed by the professional to the senior management and board.

This will ensure that they are briefed properly on the specific subjects and also that the communications are created in a way, which correctly describes the risk to the firm. Minimization of any misinterpretation and potential limiting liability also rely hereupon. 

Responding To Incidents

Whenever any incidents related to cybersecurity take place, the cybersecurity attorney must play a key part in responding to them. Before the company must confront any event such as that, the critical work begins. 

When it comes to dealing with such incidents, it is really essential for a company to develop and practice coherent, sound incident response plans. Here are some of the facts that the company must confront.

  • Who is present in the response team?
  • Who is the person to lead the team?
  • What contracts does the company require to have in case they want to inform their employees and customers about the breach?

And the list goes on. 

Evaluating Contracts

On contract clauses, a cybersecurity attorney has to be a subject matter expert. In many instances, such as reviewing and negotiating software license provisions, letters of agreement with security vendors, hardware purchase, and any agreement for cloud computing services, this expertise is a must.

For both the customers and vendors, a cybersecurity attorney has to establish technology and cybersecurity-related contract clauses. Along with this, the person is also responsible for approving them and also tracking whether there is any deviation from those particular provisions.  

Bottom Line

So, these are the 5 functions of a cyber-security lawyer that your business can utilize. Make sure that you are getting a cyber-security lawyer who is totally accustomed to all these roles. Vendor risk management, mergers, and acquisitions, insurance are some other things that the professional also needs to take care of. Before hiring or employing someone, you should have a clear discussion about the roles and responsibilities the professional needs to fulfill. 

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kirll from st6

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I’ve long wanted an app that generates RSS feeds from social media sites, and while there are other options that do it (IFTTT, Zapier, etc.), this is the first one that is dead simple, and works out of the box.

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Maxi Dress: A Piece You Should Have In Your Closet



It’s already been more than a year that people are stuck at home because of the global pandemic. Social gatherings are mostly discouraged, which prompted people, especially women, to lessen the time for glamming up. 

However, styles and trends come and go, and an individual’s wardrobe might not be in for the latest fashion mania anymore.

Thank goodness, there is a timeless piece no matter what era the world is in right now, and that is a maxi dress! 

Anyone can always find maxi dresses online that suit them just as perfect for turning heads or having fun on their own.

Now that the world is gradually going back to its average pace again, it’s time to consider getting back on the game with the best fashion piece to check out this 2021.

How To Choose The Perfect Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are only one type of dress, but it still comes in various designs, patterns, and vibes. Many people love this due to its comfortable build that everyone can wear during formal and casual gatherings. 

They are also a great piece to wear at weddings and other important events, but there is a catch — not every maxi dress is created equal.

To find the best maxi dress that will accentuate a person’s assets, here are some of the factors that need to be considered:

Body type

There are maxi dresses that complement certain body types and curves. This factor is necessary to think about because one dress might look good on one person’s figure but not on the other. 

It is essential to find one that flatters an individual body to show off one’s features.


Maxi dresses are generally long, but the ones covering the feet will be an inconvenience with movements. These dresses are supposed to be comfortable, and there’s nothing more irritating than a fabric going in the way upon walking.

It is recommended to choose a maxi dress that only reaches the ankles to make it easier for you to move around. It is also easy to cut the excess fabric on the bottom for existing dresses. 


The material determines the purpose of a maxi dress. Lighter and sheerer fabrics are best worn during humid days or on beaches, while silk and chiffon fabrics are best to wear at formal events.

How To Style Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses can come in different necklines, patterns, and materials. People often have a hard time deciding how to embellish their maxi dresses to make them more fashionable and fitted to a particular event. 

There are two main event categories where maxi dresses can be worn — and that is daytime and nighttime.

Here are some ideas to do to make a statement look for every occasion:


If you wear the maxi dress during the daytime, it’s better to go for a more casual, laid-back look. These dresses are easy to move with and often come in various colourful patterns to strut under the sun. 

Adding some accessories like a handbag, sunglasses, and a pair of flat sandals will be a perfect cozy beach look.

For more brilliant attire, they work well with a formal blazer, statement belt, and ankle boots. No matter what the daytime occasion theme is, this look will turn heads.


Evening events are usually more on the formal side, so to maximise the look of a maxi dress, fabrics like lace, satin, or velvet will do the job. Sparkles and crystals also work well when incorporated into the outfit to bring that glowing look even after the sun is down.

Maxi dresses are a staple in the fashion industry. The potential designs and patterns incorporated with these dresses are limitless and fit in all seasons of the year.

The good news is anyone can always find perfect maxi dresses online. There’s no need to go out anymore because the best piece to fuel the fashion game in 2021 is only a few clicks away.

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