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EGI Contributes to the Innovative NFT Platform: SAKURA



EGI released the information about their new service related to NFT market, named “SAKURA NFT Platform”.


These words are Japanese, “TOKIMEKI” means excitement, and “KIRAMEKI” means sparkle.This project is aiming to be entertaining and also dreamy for those who trust the infinite possibilities of NFT, around the world. As it is a symbol of Japan and it’s very easy to find that this project is related to that country, this logo image shows SAKURA(cherry blossom). SAKURA’s flower language is “spiritual beauty”.

They will invite from young and energetic creaters to worldwide celebrities into this platform. 

NFT Marketplace

This NFT platform provides not only NFT market but also some other functions. You can manage your wallet for your tokens on that page. And you can make your wish list as well. Those NFT products’ reliability is secured by the labels of product status and other details required on this platform.

EGI token will be incorporated in the ecosystem of this NFT platform in near future.(To be announced)

This ecosystem can be explained with these contents,

  1. Settlement
  2. Having auction
  3. Commission for creating NFT
  4. Financial NFTs

In particular, they are developing a system that people can buy new NFTs against the NFT or token they had, and also they are planning to introduce EC system, so we can imagine that people can purchase various things at the market place.

Game Infinity

What is EGI?

 EGI mainly aims to engage the next generation of eSports, on the blockchain. EGI creates meaningful engagement like never before between fans and players of esports. On the eGame platform, users create communities, provide insight, create fantasy tournaments, engage in safe betting, and sponsor the growth of up-and-coming players all over the world.

Providing NFT exchanges

EGI is providing NFT exchanges in their original platform as well.

Here are some examples.

・NFT Creation

Through the platform, players can create their own NFTs. It can be images or even videos during a game. (Memorable events captured via NFT)

・NFT Trading Platform

NFT creators and traders can then auction their NFTs on the NFT Trading platform.

Get more details about eGI on their official website or Telegram community!


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