Edward Emmanuel Bio – A Vantage Migration Scholar to Rwanda

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Edward Emmanuel Odinaka by name is from Etche LGA, Rivers state, Nigeria. He is a very good left footed player and a young Nigerian football star in the making.

Against all odds, Edward Emmanuel has won the tittle of “Tournament Best Player” twice. This was in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively. 

In his Campus “University of Port Harcourt”, he has lead his team to victory two years consecutively. Subsequently, the 2016 “Male Best Player Award Winner” was hit with another auspicious award been the “Highest Goal Scorer”.

Gladly, Edward Emmanuel O has never ignore his career as a Medical Student. As often called “Dr Eddy”, he has represented his class and lead then to making greater achievement academically and stands to be one of the beneficiary of the Dr Linda Iheme all expense paid trip to Rwanda.

Edward Emmanuel O

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The Story Of Edward – A Young Gifted Nigerian Football Star Worth Recognizing