7 Tips to Present Your Point of View During an Online Meeting

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During an Online Meeting

It can be daunting to share your ideas in a work meeting with others, but communicating in meetings both contributes to your company and helps advance your career. After firing up a virtual office background and giving yourself a pep talk, here are some tips you can use to excel when speaking in an online meeting.


Plan Your Ideas Ahead

The great orators of ancient Greece and anyone who’s given a TED talk all share the same secret: preparation. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say ahead of the meeting.

Distill your points into a few written sentences while planning. This will focus your ideas even if you end up speaking for several minutes on the topic.


Consider Your Audience

When preparing your statement, think of who will be in the meeting and what their individual goals are in the workplace. For example, if you know the CFO or one of their colleagues will be in the virtual meeting, put extra emphasis on any cost-saving benefits of your strategy.

Focus on winning over those who may not agree with you, rather than speaking only to those who already look favorably on your idea. Use what you know about your audience to tailor your argument, and it is sure to make an impact.


Eliminate Background Distractions

In an online meeting, on-camera distractions can get in the way of your carefully prepared words. It’s possible for multiple participants to not even hear your argument if there is a child or pet causing chaos in the background. If you don’t know how to change your virtual meeting background, look up how to add virtual background in teams.


Relax Before You Speak

When it comes time for your meeting, you can still prepare while waiting for your turn to speak. Use a simple breathing exercise to center yourself and clear your mind. A pattern of one five-count inhale and one five-count exhale is easy to keep up while paying attention to others.


Speak With Confidence

When it’s time for you to present your ideas, it’s crucial not to rush. A slow speaking pattern signifies confidence.

Louder volume doesn’t translate into more impact. Keep your volume at a level you may use during a casual party with some light background noise, but not the level you’d use in a crowded bar.

Keep your chin up and your body language relaxed. The breathing exercises from earlier will help you stay aware of your body and voice.


Open the Floor for Discussion

After you are done presenting your idea or viewpoint, ask if the others in the meeting have questions or comments on what you’ve said. This will both reinforce your point in peoples’ memory and show that your idea is strong enough to stand up to scrutiny.


Offer a Written Summary

In the first tip, you distilled your idea into a few sentences. Keep this short summary in a notes file so you can offer it in an email after the meeting.

Your idea will shine with a little preparation, even if you’re usually nervous about speaking in front of others. Breathe, prepare and use a virtual office background with logo to excel when all the focus is on you.

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