Dollar couple SCAM? | Auto pool non working Business Plan

Dollar couple is a new network marketing company which is giving everyone an amazing opportunity to earn from daily non working income.

To visit dollar couple Official website [ Click here ]

Best part is company is launched a week ago so everyone have opportunity to take the early bird benefits in the company.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Dollar couple is now in market with a motive to give people opportunity to earn from affiliate income. A unique and different type of work which people have to do here to get income.

Company’s vision and mission is mentioned in below image where company wants to help every customer have a positive memorable experience.

2. Legal documents

Company is showing all their legal documents so any networker doesn’t have doubts on companies legalities. You can check company’s PAN card, certificate of incorporation in the below image.

2. Business plan

If you are planning to join the company or associate your business with dollar couple, joining amount in the company is 15$.

  • Direct income
  • Auto pool income
  • Royalty income
  • Level income
  • Franchise income

1. Direct income

Everytime you join somebody in the system with your referral link, you will get 7$ on joining of each new person.

Remember they need to be joined from your referral link.

You can do unlimited amount of sponsors in the company.

2. Auto pool income

Here you can see company’s global auto pool where when 2 member joins your level 1, you get net profit income of 3$. Similarly when 4 people join your level 2, you get net profit of 13$ and it goes on till 10 levels.

Remember in an autopool, joining comes from anywhere in the company. It’s not mandatorily be your referral link joining.

3. Royalty income

If you will be able to direct 5 members in 7 days of your id activation then you will be able to earn from royalty income.

5% of company turn over will be distributed amongst all the royalty achievers. Please note that royalty income will be generated weekly.

4. Level income

Company is also giving you amazing opportunity to earn from level income.

From level 1 that is your direct sponsors you will get 0.30$, everytime somebody joins in your level 2, you will get 0.25$ and so on till level 8 where you get 0.10 $ per joining.

5. Franchise income

If you purchase bulk pins from the company, you will be able to earn from multiple free pins which company will give you.

On purchasing 10 pins together you will get 1 pin free and so on till 500 pins.

4. Terms and conditions

Willing to join the company? It is mandatory to go through the terms and conditions properly as you will be investing your money online at your own risk.

Hope you got to know everything about dollar couple, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.

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