Dhany money SCAM?| Loan MLM | 500rs Joining | 5000rs+ Non working

Dhany money is a new network marketing company which is giving everyone an opportunity to earn from various types of income.

This business plan is giving impractical distribution and there is 110% chance, company will be closed within few months. BE AWARE.

Company is providing loan opportunity to all the associates so they can fulfil their financial dreams. All types of loans such as personal loan, car loan with minimum charges.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Dhany money is providing people loan opportunity at very minimum charges and rate of interest. Company is providing each and every type of loan mentioned below.

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Company is having very affordable joining amount so maximum people can join and get themselves tied up in loan traps.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join Dhany money or associate your business with the company, Joining amount is INR 500.

3. Types of income

Dhany money is giving you opportunity to earn from 12 different types of income.

  • Cash back income
  • Add views income
  • Direct income
  • Booster income
  • Double booster income
  • Level income
  • Single leg income
  • Franchise income
  • Upgrade income
  • Club income
  • Upgrade level income
  • Reward income

1. Cash back income

Cash back income you will get 5% of the joining amount that is 25rs.

You don’t need to do any work or fulfil any eligibility for this. On joining only, you will get this income.

2. Add views income

In this concept, when you successfully do 1 direct sponsor you will get 10rs daily income for 365 days.

3. Direct income

Dhany money is giving you opportunity to earn INR 50 from every direct referral you do in the system.

4. Booster income

If you are able to do 2 direct sponsor within 24 hours of your id activation, you will get 10 rs daily for next 365 days.

This means a total of 3650rs you are going to get which is practically not possible. How can company give so much money? Is there any logic?

5. Double booster income

In Dhany money, if you are able to do 5 direct sponsors within 72 hours of your id activation. You will get 20rs for next 265 days daily income.

This is not possible in practicality until and unless company’s MD is billionaire and trying to donate his wealth.

6. Level income

Company is giving you level income to earn from.

From level 1 that is same as direct sponsor income, you will get 50rs. Level 2 gives you 20rs from every direct. Level 3 gives you 10 rs and so on till 25 levels.

From 25 generations you are going to get level income.

7. Single leg income

Dhany money is having a single leg tree structure. After your joining, any person joins, they will come under you.

When your total team become 25 members, you will get 25 rs income. On 50, you will get 50rs income and so on according to below table.

8. Franchise / Pin income

If you buy fund of 3500 rs from the company at once, you will get 500rs fund extra. That means on 7pins you will get 1 pin free.

Similarly you can see below table, how many pins you are getting in free if you take multiple ids in the system.

9. Club income

When you will do 15 directs in the company, you will get 20 rs for next 365 days. If you do 25 direct sponsors you will get 50rs for next 365 days and so on.

10. Upgrade income

Dhany money is giving you upgrade income. Here when your team exceeds 1000 members, you have to upgrade your id with 1500rs and when you do so, you will get 50rs daily for 180 rs.

11. Upgrade level income

When your level 1 person will upgrade their id, you will get 10rs and similarly if any person till level 4 upgrade their id, you will get 10 rs income.

12. Reward

On achieving some special conditions, you will get certain rewards from the company which is mentioned in company’s official website. [ Click here ]

Hope you got to learn everything about Dhany money, stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.

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