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Dexfolio: A Complete App for all Your Portfolio Tracking Needs



The DeFi industry has grown at a phenomenal rate, with the Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $200B, according to DeFi Llama. 


This growth requires a portfolio tracking solution for the users considering the volatile nature of the market. However, the portfolio tracking solutions offered in the market are plagued with bugs, designed for CEXes before being adapted for DEXes, and do not deliver the most optimal UX. 

Dexfolio has brought the ultimate solution, set to revolutionize the way crypto is tracked. The platform and application are designed around community input, integrating solutions to the most common problems. These include buggy layered UX/UI, the need to set each price target individually, lack of an on-the-go solution, and more.

What is Dexfolio’s App? And what is the hype about?

The team has worked relentlessly to provide solutions to problems faced by crypto traders by prioritizing community input while developing the App. One of the most concerning issues for the crypto community was the absence of an App that delivers real-time cross-chain price updates of their crypto assets in one place. Dexfolio has solved that problem by delivering multi-wallet support with cross-chain tracking covering Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. 

Dexfolio automatically calculates your average purchase price of the synced tokens. This average cost is the average price paid to buy a token on a DEX and is updated as the user buys more of the given token. Awesome, isn’t it? This is then used to deliver the first-ever Intelligent automatic alerts. The Crypto community can now get alerts of “a significant change” in each of their holdings. 

Users will also be able to mute alerts for coins that are being kept with the intention of hodling. The users will still be able to view their total holdings and other coins, albeit sans the frequent alerts of unneeded notifications.

The app is designed to provide users with the precise information they need, following the team’s mantra; ‘Actionable Intelligence’. 


Their list of offerings includes but are not limited to:

  • Cross-chain tracking, multi-wallet support
  • Supports BSC, ETH, and Polygon
  • Clean UI/UX
  • Mute tokens
  • Purchase price calculation of every token purchased on any DEX
  • Current price, quantity and position value tracking of every token
  • Intelligent Automatic alerts 
  • Price Alert history

Coming soon in Nov 2021 

  • Token overview page 

Dexfolio App Roadmap – Christmas and beyond

– Dec ‘21: Token search – Search for tokens that you don’t own

– Dec ‘21: Token watchlist

– Jan ‘22: NFT viewer – browse the NFTs in your portfolio

– Jul ‘22: Combine matching assets

There are other surprises in store too. You can access the full version of the roadmap here.


Dexfolio aims to keep improving its app every step of the way, incorporating the community’s feedback to keep coming up with new and exciting features. The brand is also involved in an NFT project and has a $DEXF token that will offer benefits to the community. 

Dexfolio’s app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download now to begin your portfolio tracking journey!

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