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Despite Blood-Shed In The Market, LUNA, QNT, AVAX & ELGD Price Rally High!



Bitcoin and Ethereum prices yet again register another bearish day as the price fails to flip the downtrend. Moreover, the other assets in the top 10 like Cardano price, Solana price, XRP price, etc appear to follow the top 2 cryptos. Yet being away from the crowd of thousands of cryptos, some assets register double-digit gains. Terra(LUNA) price, QNT price, AVAX price, EGLD price, etc surge high.

Terra(LUNA) Price

Terra(LUNA) remains within the top trending cryptos in the past 24 hours due to its strong bull run. Despite Solana price remained low-key, the Solana based assets like LUNA, SBR, SLIM, RAY are performing well. LUNA price to be specific, initiated its bull run a couple of days back with a price of around $22. And currently after undergoing a notable uptrend smashed its new ATH at $44.34. Despite a slight pull back the price still resides close to $40, pointing towards the resumption of the uptrend soon. 

Quant (QNT) Price

The Quant price is currently trending in a discovery phase as the asset currently registered its new ATH. The price after it smashed its previous highs above $365, experienced a pullback below $300. However, the price went parabolic to achieve the current levels above $400. However, after smashing zones above $425, the price suffered a massive downfall and scrambled below $390. Yet the technicals showcase a possibility of a notable retracement soon. 

Avalanche (AVAX) Price

Avalanche price currently appears to have recovered from the losses incurred in the recent crash. Moreover, the price rallied slightly above the levels and was heading strongly towards its ATH at $59.94. Yet the rally flipped into bearish divergence and consolidating well around $50. However, the technicals for AVAX price are very well in place that points out towards a healthy rally awaiting ahead. 

Elrond (ELGD) Price

The Elrond price recently smashed its highs in the early trading hours very close to $250. However, with a mere 4.73% dump, the asset is hovering around $238 at the press time. Despite the downtrend, yet the price is successfully ranging towards its highs and very soon it could also form a new ATH. 

Collectively, after a series of downtrends within the crypto space, yet the assets are attempting very hard to bounce back. And hence the technicals suggests the assets have a greener week ahead. As the dark clouds of plunge still haunt the rally, yet the weekend remains a little unpredictable. 

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