Why dataGig Co Is the Best Data Scientists Platform Worldwide.

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First Published March 22, 2018.
After a fully tracked and deep research  on which Data Scientists Platform is the smoothest way to scale your data & AI projects, Xycinews Media gives you reasons why dataGig is the best.
Before we go into giving you the deep and clear analysis, we are rest assured some persons may ask;

Who is a Data Scientist and what are data scientists jobs?

Simply explain as an individual or organization performing statistical analysis of algorithms, simplifying sophisticated amount of data information and providing strategic evaluation.
The skills of data scientists are quite enormous, with data scientists demands such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Data Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics.
    dataGig: Helping Data Project Owners and Data Scientists Find Each Other.
         Digging into dataGig’s Data
First and foremost, every client always desire to have a real life expert for quick support and instant project assistance, not a robot or customized animated response.
This of ultimum concern is one of dataGig’s core value, providing for each client the comfort of being at home and see experts deliver a job well done.
Datagig provides real life project from company looking for data and AI experts. Not halting there, all clients avoid project and services which core aim is late delivery, poor service and slowness. But datagig clients enjoy the experience of smooth data scale and AI projects.

Quoting dataGig service

Data + Science = Project
Data + Scientist = Ready

  1. With dataGig’s service, you see Data and AI Projects get complected without any additional hiring.
  2. dataGig exposed project owners to an opportunity of having business expertise from mathematics and physics backgrounds.
  3. dataGig provides project owners with an opportunity of finding junior data scientists supporting the seniors.
  4. dataGig services help teams fill up the working circle.
  5. dataGig provides project owners with an opportunity of having junior data scientists with working urge and determination.



How dataGig Crawl Your Project 

  1. Post your project, or team-growth goal.
  2. dataGig ask you some questions to learn more and feed it’s algorithm.
  3. dataGig query the market of data experts and find 2 or 3 matches.
  4. You pick one or more and proceed to project success.
  5. Payment is made by your preferred methods.

Benefits of Working with dataGig Data Scientists 

  1. Datagig assure you a working environment where you can learn and improve.
  2. First hand opportunity to practice with real problem-solving.
  3. Build your resume.
  4. Gain exposure to senior data scientists.
  5. Prove that you can deliver insights.
  6. Bring a new drive and determination to teams.


Getting Started With dataGig

  1. Post your assignment goals and links to your background.
  2. We ask you some questions to learn more and feed our algorithm.
  3. We query our market of data projects and find a match.
  4. You choose to join and proceed to project success.
  5. Compensation is received by your preferred methods.

Algorithms dataGig Uses for Clients Satisfaction 

  1. Analysis & Insight
  2. Specialists on Demand
  3. Flexible Duration
  4. Data Science, Machine Learning, AI


Generally, ever clients who love to know who is rendering them services. That is why Xycinews Media has gone the extra mile to get you a brief profile summary about the founder of dataGig.


A Profile Summary About dataGig Founder.

Eunice Chendjou is the CEO of dataGig. From her picture above,  all description about her is done.
This young happy looking vibrant lady founded dataGig on January 2018 as part of the rigorous Founder Institute program, in Austin TX.
Eunice is a former data analyst at Apple Inc, who wanted to gain further experience in data science on top of her math & statistics degree. But she came up against the typical broken system for recruiting and hiring, when looking for a junior data scientist role.
While doing research with over a hundred data-centric companies, project owners, and data managers, she found an urgent need for flexible contracting and one-off project-based assignments.
She also discovered an unmet demand for junior data scientists who could be engaged with less risk — especially in smaller companies that can’t yet afford to hire a full-time team. Or larger companies that want to infill among their permanent staff, but stay flexible.

She also said “We link talent with projects smoothly and simply. Our team uses human interaction and personalized service, backed by an algorithm that looks beneath the surface of skills and requirements.”


         dataGig: The solution is a marketplace that connects data projects with data scientists.




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