Dappy Gang NFT- Is Dappy Gang NFT Worth Buying?

Dappy gang nft is undoubtedly the most awaited NFT collection recently owing to its huge community and dedicated team.

However, as dappy gang nft is about to go live, you may want to know how you could catch up with the launch early to flip for profit.

In this article, you will get insight into information about dappy gang nft and how to participate in the drop box to get access to mint dappy gang nft.

What Is Dappie Gang NFT?


Dappie Gang NFT is a collection of 6,666 Rabbit NFTs, it consist of unique rabbit GameFi characters with DeFi utilities in Solana blockchain.

All Dappies are dope, but some are extraordinary than others, each of the Dappies is unique and dramatically produced from 286 possible traits which includes expression, skin, tattoo, headwear etc.

Is Dappy Gang NFT Worth Buying?

Every NFT collection have benefit and utility attached to it, a particular NFT can become more valuable and rare in the NFT marketplace when there’s utility attached to it and incentives to its owner. Before we can conclude on the decision that Dappy gang NFT worth buying or not, let’s check out the benefits and incentives that the NFT offer to holders/owners.

Benefit Of Owing Dappy Gang NFT

Dappie Gang NFT owner automatically have their NFT as a key to benefits that’s accessible to members only, the first of the benefit is access to Dappio Wonderland (a Solana-based yield aggregation platform for DeFi and GameFi, which are today’s top blockchain-based services). Being a Dappy gang NFT gives you right to oversee the project direction and early access to Dappio Wonderland.

If you own an NFT, you definitely own a rare piece of art but being a Dappie gang NFT owner goes beyond that as you will gain membership access to a gang whose benefits and offerings will increase over time in Dappio Wonderland. A Dappy gang NFT owner get unique digital identity and GameFi character which give them a prominent place in Solana Wonderland.

By putting into consideration the utility and incentives attached to Dappy gang NFT, it’s worth buying because the team also has a product for it which is Dappio Wonderland.

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How To Participate In Dappy Gang NFT Dropzone

The Dappy gang nft dropzone will take place in Raydium.

The DropZone pool enable users to deposit Solana native coin (SOL), to enter tickets in the lottery for an NFT allocation.

Each winning ticket can claim a token known as “Drop Box”, one Drop Box represents one NFT allocation, while a non-winning tickets will have the SOL that was deposited to enter the ticket to be credited back to the user.

So when a user is opportuned to get a winning ticket, the Drop Box token can then be redeemed on the project’s website to mint one original NFT from the project collection at random.

The total of Dappy gang NFTs minted at launch is capped at 6,666 Dappie Gang NFTs while total Drop Boxes is 6,664, each of the Drop boxes allocated is redeemable for 1 NFT. The Fixed NFT/Drop Box price is 1 SOL

There will be one SOL pool for RAY Stakers available for the Dappie Gang NFT drop. Allocation will be determined by a lottery system.

Allocation for one winning lottery ticket is one Drop Box, the pool will be open for 3 hours and only RAY stakers will be eligible for the Dappy Gang NFT drop.

Users must deposit SOL for each ticket they wish to have entered, user will be eligible when they have at least 10 RAY staked in RAY single-sided staking prior to the 2-day staking deadline below and successful SOL deposit once the pool opens. RAY must remain staked until the pool opens.

  • Lottery Tickets

At least 1 ticket for the first 10 RAY staked, and additional tickets for 30, 50, 100, and 150 RAY staked. Staking more than 150 RAY will still receive 5 tickets maximum.

10 RAY is the minimum staking requirement for 1 ticket in an AcceleRaytor IDO launch.

  • 15-day RAY staking deadline

To reward longer-term Raydium holders, users that are eligible for the 15-day deadline will receive additional tickets on top of any received for the 2-day deadline.

User will be eligible when they have at least 10 RAY staked 15 days prior to the 15-day staking deadline and successful SOL deposit once the pool opens. RAY must remain staked until the pool opens.

Lottery tickets: 1 ticket for each 50 RAY staked up to 250 RAY, in addition to tickets received for the 2-day staking deadline. As such, users who stake RAY for 15 days will be capped at a maximum of 10 tickets.

15-day staking deadline: January 11, 12:00 UTC (snapshot already taken)

After the DropZone lottery ends, users can claim their winning Drop Box. Users can then navigate to the Magic Eden website and immediately redeem their Drop Box for one NFT.

Drop Boxes must be redeemed on Magic Eden by January 28, 15:00 UTC. Exact link to mint page will be provided on the DropZone page at launch. Drop Boxes are transferable and tradable prior to redemption, but they must be redeemed for an NFT by January 28, 15:00 UTC.

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