CryptoRocket: An Overview of the Revolutionary Broker Platform Review

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CryptoRocket was founded in 2018 and is an online ECN/STP broker offering a wide variety of tradeable assets on a secure platform.


They specialize in Cryptocurrencies and are a global leader in this field. We have taken the time to review their company and were not disappointed.

What Kind of Trading is Available on CryptoRocket?

CryptoRocket utilizes the very popular MetaTrader4 trading platform. They offer an extensive range of instruments to trade on but their forte is certainly cryptocurrencies.

While they do have a significant number of Forex pairs, Commodities, Indices and Stocks to trade on, the large list of Crypto pairs is a huge draw card for the platform.

With specialized news and charting tools available, particularly beneficial to cryptocurrency trading, it’s no wonder they have already won several Broker Awards*.

Clients are able to deposit and withdraw funds in Bitcoin however this is not the only payment method available, they also accept credit/debit card and wire transfer via a 3rd Party Company.

How fast can you deposit, withdraw and execute orders?


Depositing is fairly straight-forward with this broker. It is a simple process and as the company operates mainly in Bitcoin, the only wait once you have sent your funds, is the mandatory Blockchain confirmations.

Once the funds have passed through the Blockchain they are immediately reflected on your CryptoRocket account and can be used instantly to trade with.


A huge selling point for this broker is definitely the speed of their withdrawals, one of the fastest in the business.

Once you have put in the request to retrieve your funds, they are typically sent out within a couple hours, sometimes faster. There are very few online brokers able to match this, well done CryptoRocket.

Order Execution Speed:

Experienced traders will really benefit from the speed one can execute market orders, it is instant and one of the is the best features of this broker. Well, that and the high leverage available.

Using the award-winning MT4 platform to process market orders pays off. They are able to show live price quotes and market activity, ensuring the trader is fully informed and able to make lightning-fast decisions based on real-time price action.

24/7 Customer Support:

If you find yourself in any hot water, the customer support for this platform will blow you away. They offer 24/7 support via Email, Live chat and call-back.

The representatives are all trained to answer the most basic queries to the more advanced technical queries, with a specialized trading desk for trade support.

What Leverage does CryptoRocket offer?

Unlike majority of Crypto focussed brokers, CryptoRocket actually offers very high leverage for all their assets.

Of course, leverage trading comes with its own risks however, with a bit of practice and discipline, one can stand to make much larger profits using this kind of leverage. Here’s what they offer:

Crypto – 1:100 Forex – 1:500

Metals – 1:500

Energy – 1:100 Indices – 1:200

Stocks – 1:20

How safe is CryptoRocket to use?

There are several security features CryptoRocket use to ensure clients’ accounts and their funds are safe. While they are unregulated, they have implemented a few features that will give you strong peace of mind.

Firstly, all clients’ funds are segregated and not held in total in one location. They also use cold storage for all Bitcoin accounts. These are then stored on an external device, as opposed to directly on their servers.

This a most beneficial when depositing and withdrawing due to the added layers of security here.

The platform itself also has built-in features to track logins, transfer patterns and fully analyse user behaviour. If any suspicious or unusual activity occurs, CryptoRocket immediately flags this and the account holder is contacted straight away.

Lastly, we are very pleased to see they offer two-factor authentication for all clients. This safeguards the clients’ funds as well as makes it much more difficult for the clients’ accounts to ever be breached or have funds withdrawn fraudulently.

How reliable is CryptoRocket?

Operating on the MetaTrader4 platform, clients are able to trade almost anywhere, any time. MT4 is compatible with web browsers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices and is iOS and Android friendly.

Something that is highly efficient is the use of the STP model or ‘Straight Through Processing’. No dealing desk is included in the procedure, your transactions are processed directly.

This means your orders are put through at lightning speeds and are very reliable, a great feature in a highly competitive industry.

The fact that all trades are processed through an aggregator guarantees you are getting the best possible rates and decreases the potential for any conflicts.

The trading platform is also deeply intuitive, it provides tracking of the latest prices and updates instantly, an attribute we don’t find often.

Although they do not yet support the MT5 platform (advertised as ‘coming soon’ on their website), you will not be left wanting on the MT4 platform.

Overall, we found the trading options with CryptoRocket to be efficient and reliable with some added bonuses.

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What fees does CryptoRocket charge?

Surprisingly, there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing your funds other than the Blockchain – charged, standard processing fee for any Bitcoin transfers.

CryptoRocket earns off charging a commission on trades opened by the users. This is at a rate of $6.00 per lot traded and is calculated per rata based on your contract size.

They also have a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of $10.00 which opens up the platform to varying degrees of experienced traders.

If you are new to trading and interested in cryptos but aren’t looking to risk much yet then CryptoRocket is perfect for you too.

Affiliate Program:

Additionally, they have an impressive Affiliate/Referral Program where affiliates can earn extra money for marketing the brand and onboarding new users with an exclusive referral link.

Earnings are paid out monthly and can either be withdrawn or transferred directly to the MT4 to be used on the market for further trading.

Overall CryptoRocket Feedback

The overall user experience is excellent. From the easily navigated interface to the robust FAQ section, there isn’t much they have missed.

Particularly, the technical user guides and detailed trading-oriented guides, are most informative and helpful.

While the do not offer as many payment methods as other brokers, the available options are all fast, efficient, safe and reliable. Your account is protected and your funds are stored securely.

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