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Crypto SNACK’s IDO And Partnership With Crypto Casinos On Green Energy Projects



Snackers who make up the Crypto SNACK community are familiar with the adverse effects of crypto mining on climate.

And here is an interesting stat to back this claim. Bitcoin’s energy consumption in a year could power all tea kettles in the UK for 30 years.

A recent study shows that carbon emissions from bitcoin mining alone are assumed to push the global emperature by 2℃. 

A Green Iniative

By fighting climate change, Crypt SNACK hopes to give Earth a better crypto future. No effort is too big or small when it comes to safeguarding our planet and making it more habitable.

This explains why Crypto SNACK doesn’t only have a carbon-neutral website, but also partnering with crypto casinos on green energy projects.

Crypto SNACK believes that the change we want to see starts within ourselves. As a result, the BSC-based coin has a project known as Green SNACK.

10% of all Crypto SNACK tokens are set aside for use on sustainable energy projects.

These projects will implement through Green SNACK, and will help raise awareness on global warming, climate change, and high carbon emissions. 

The Snacker community can benefit from the support of like-minded partners. For that reason, Casino SNACK seeks to partner with crypto casinos that also, investing in sustainable green energy projects.

How Will The Green Energy Projects Be Selected?

Crypto SNACK plans to prioritize investing in green energy projects that are sustainable and offer long-term effects.

Green SNACK will primarily implement these green projects in developing countries where fossil fuel reliance is highest since the Green SNACK project aims at reducing CO2 emissions, raising climate awareness, and tackling global warming. 

What To Expect From Crypto Snack’s Upcoming IDO

Crypto SNACK’s upcoming IDO comes at a great time for prospective crypto investors who wish to add a future-proof cryptocurrency to their investment portfolio.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the crypto markets will see a surge in demand for greener cryptos from individuals and enterprises.

With that said, Crypto SNACK’s IDO will allow crypto investors to become early investors in the coin. 

As with the norm with digital coins, early investors always stand to profit the most when there is a surge in demand for the said crypto.

You can be a part of Crypto SNACK’s success story by purchasing snack tokens on Pancake Swap and JulSwap.

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