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Having a complete honest list of Autosurf Sites that Pays In 2019 – 2020 has proven futile because some bloggers haven’t published it.

Anyways, I took it upon myself to pen down this 4 hours written article of all the autosurf sites that pays especially for the year 2019 and 2020.

The listed auto surf sites pays it users weekly or biweekly and monthly as the case may be.

The common payment method is via PayPal and a few other methods. Implying you need have a paypal account before considering earning from autosurf sites paying this year and next.

This listing is pretty complete and certainly the best across the web.

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However, when it comes to Autosurf Sites That Pays In 2019 and 2020 there are the ones that do not pay its users with the likes of traffic spirit but there are several others which pay their users with the likes of Alexamaster, Kickass Traffic and many other paying autosurf traffic exchange sites.

Use the table of content to navigate, let start off gradually.


What Does Autosurf Sites That Pays Means?  

An Autosurf site that pays is a website that brings audience from everywhere on the globe together to access other peoples blogs or websites as you view theirs indirectly in return.

Additionally, during the process of viewing a members website, you earn some credit bonus and this is always specified to the amount the advertiser or the website owner wished to spend. Often, this depends on how long you stay on the site.


What are the Advantages of Autosurf Sites ?

Obviously, everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Just a few advantages of autosurf sites is listed below.

  • Autosurf sites don’t make blogs attain genuine publicity from organic users.
  • Autosurf sites gives a swift and easy traffic to your blog.
  • Autosurf sites that pays and the ones that don’t pay increases page views of your blog in minutes or even seconds as the case may be.
  • Good autosurf sites gives so much traffic and boost your Alexa global rankings.


What Are The Disadvantages of Autosurf Sites ?

Like I earlier mentioned, the list of autosurf sites also has it own disadvantages as well.

  • The Web traffic generated is 100% bot.
  • The traffic generated is not safe to brag about.
  • If you earn from affiliate links on your site, your obviously having zero conversions and zero sales.
  • Your bounce rate will sky rocket and that’s not good at all.
  • Will result in your blog ads being banned or suspended.
  • You may suffer a hige rate of illegal login attempts and spams.


Complete List Of Autosurf Sites That Pays in 2019 – 2020


This is a well researched and compiled list of the trending autosurf sites paying for the year 2019 and 2020.



The first on the list of autosurf sites that pays is Hitleap. This is an autosurf traffic exchange platfor kind of stress free as you don’t need to view others websites, it Auto-Hits for you with your IP.

It has 2 memberships platforms, The Standard and The Golden. For Standard, you will receive 70% of your surfings and as Golden you will receive 100% of your surfs and a bonus of 5000 monthly minutes for free.

This cost only $9 a month.
Golden membership is an autosurf sites that allows you to change your referrer traffic to any site you want. Possibly twitter, Pinterest etc.

  • + 5000 bonus visits every month.
  • Amazingly, you can possibly randomise visit duration and drive limitless traffic to your website.

Moving ahead to another autosurf sites that pays 2020 is TrafficG.

As a member you have the pass to drive free, guaranteed visitors and traffic to any website of your choice. Fortunately, it’s completely free.
Your guaranteed of free traffic, free banner impressions and an excellent referral bonus.

  • TrafficG also grants up to 30% cash commissions
  • Promotes unlimited sites
  • Geographic targeting
  • Supports 38 languages.

While aiming at using, you must log in and get a URL from them. On the URL you will be shown various aspects of their members for 20 seconds.

After this period is automatically loaded every time a new page. Among the list of autosurf sites that pays 2019 -2020 users is this as your sure of 1000 visitor upon registration and if you have no sisters, store your earnings In it piggy bank.

The gained points can be exchanged for traffic or sold.

  • For all 5000 points, there is an additional 100 points given.
  • The Payout is from 2, – €, VIP members pay from 1,-€.
  • Payment is within 24 hours to your PayPal, or Bank Account.



Honestly, HitLink is another autosurf site that pays as of 2019. A platform with open social network, traffic exchange with the purpose of showcasing your blog, and build vast connections.

  • Hitlink has being functioning since 2007
  • The minimum payout is $10 via paypal or payza.

Do you deserve your pages displayed within the automatic visitor exchange platform, then from reading emails and referring new members you will be rewarded with points acting as a currency on ebesucher.

Having a website displayed will get you 0,8 visitor exchange points every 15 seconds. For reading an email, you will get between 0,8 and 4 mail exchange points.

Whenever someone signs up through your referral link, you will get payed an additional bonus of 8% on the earnings that your referral generates. The earned points will remain onto your account until you decide to request a payout. Since 2002, they have being functioning.

  • 100000 surfing points=2.10euro
  • 100000 email points=84.01euro
  • Payment Processors:Paypal, EU-transfer.
  • Withdrawal limit: $2,


This 2020 Autosurf paying platform called Kickasstraffic is not common faucet, it is like PTC Bitcoin site where you will earn bitcoins by watching ads. But unlike Bitcoin PTC sites, you don’t need to collect required amount to be paid, you will be paid automatically to your faucethub wallet for every single ad you watched.

  • Anyways, it’s easy to earn from. Users earn between 10 and 30 satoshi per site viewed
  • Furthermore, KickassTraffic now offers a 30% profit sharing affiliate program.
  • Meaning you can earn 30% of total profit everytime for referral clicks.



JillsClickCorner is part of the MultiMoneyGroup network and has been online and paying it members since March 7th 2006.

The MultiMoneyGroup team also owns other legitimate sites, and few other online earning platforms. Members of JillsClickCorner can earn money by clicking ads, completing offers (PTSU and Offer Walls), playing games, participating and wining in contests and other tasks.

You can read their earning guide about the different earning features they offer users. Although it has been online for over 8 years, for now JillsClickCorner will be placed on the Legit list, and very likely moved to the Established list in a timely manner.

  • They Pay per click up to : $ 0,005 to $ 0,0001
  • Minimum Payout : $ 0.10 – other payments processors $ 1.00
  • Payment processors : Paypal,Payza, Solidtrustpay, Okpay, Perfect Money, Sensipay



Originally, it was launched back in 2004 and had nearly 200,000 members. It’s question how many active ones since they are relaunching under new name.

Can’t say much about because still no time to test new version. The site have an impressive members list in their database. Maybe just a few mails with some attractive offers can quickly turn old surfers into active ones.

Can be good move to check this traffic now in case it recover previous popularity. It is still fresh for relatively new surfers so it is right time to get some referrals.

  • The Surfing ratio is 0.4 credits on 12 sec timer is not exactly best deal around.



EasyHits4U is the most popular traffic ecxhange site. Its popularity is unbroken since 2003 and its a real legend among autosurf sites that pays since 2003 – 2020. The exchange ratio is 1:1, but that is not all.

The EasyHits4U pays You, for watching other people’s websites. Bonus, you also earn money with surfing. You can earn $0,30 with surfing 1000 pages. Besides this, you get Ad credits too. During surfing, sometimes EasyHits4U gives you unmerrited bonuses.

These bonuses can be Ad Credits, Banner Credits, Text Credits and Surf Drawing Tickets. With the help of Surf Drawing Tickets, you can win a larger amount of Advertisement Credits.

  • Referral unlimited
  • Minimum payout is $ 3
  • Available Payment methods are Paypal and Payza.
  • Free credits from your referrals on 5 levels (10%, 5%, 3%, 2 %, 1%)
  • 1:1 exchange ratio on the 20 second timer
  • 2:1 conversion rate for geo targeting option
  • $0.30 for 1000 viewed sites
  • $0.10 for every person you refer who surfs 100 and more sites

  • Free credits from your referrals on 6 levels (15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 2 %, 1%)
  • Random Referrals
  • 1:1 exchange ratio on the.
  • 15 second timer
  • 1:1 conversion rate for geo targeting option
  • $0.30 for 1000 viewed sites
  • $0.10 for every person you refer who surfs 100 and more sites



Among the leading list of autosurf sites, Mellowads is one of the leading bitcoin advertising network. The user interface is very nice and simple, Geo targeting is available, wide format of ads which ensure high rate of advertising coverage.
Mellowads targeting is World Wide but the big portion of the

  • Impressions came from the United States, Russia, Brazil and India.
  • Mellow Ads Faucet: Claim 500 to 3,000 satoshi – every day!
  • The Mellow Ads faucet allows you to claim free network advertising credit, once every 24 hours.

All you need to do is click on the Claim now button below and complete a captcha to confirm that you are human.

  • Free network advertising credit will then be added to your Mellow Ads account balance – enough for at least 5 days of network advertising.



Rotate4all is also among the lists of autosurf sites users can withdraw their earnings once they have accumulated at least $5 in their account balance.

Payments are sent manually within 24 hours from request date, to the address specified by the user, via PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay & Payeer.

  • Unlimited referrals & Unlimited earning potential
  • Fast payments within 24 hours
  • A wide variety of available payout options
  • Detailed statistics
  • Weekly contests



Conclusively, compiling this list of autosurf sites that pays and still highly functional as long as 2019 and 2020 is concerned wasn’t so easy. Please endeavor to share.


For enquiries and corrections, please comment below.

Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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5 Functions Of A Cybersecurity Lawyer: Can They Help Your Business



Cybersecurity is the most concerning thing in our present world. However, there are a lot of advancements in order to prevent cyber-attacks and cybercriminals as well. Still, with the up-gradation of technical space, the numbers are also increasing.

Many of us do not have any idea that we can actually take help from cybersecurity lawyers here. In case your business is exposed to cyber attacks and cyber crimes, it is a mandate to go for a cybersecurity lawyer. To know more, you need to go through this article. 

5 Functions Of A Cybersecurity Lawyer: Can They Help Your Business

Just like any other lawyers of any other sector, there are also some basic and non-negotiable functions that a cybersecurity lawyer should have. Every 39 seconds, hackers are attacking a computer with internet access. 

Here are the 5 functions of a cybersecurity lawyer. 


The litigation landscape must be understood by the cybersecurity attorney. The federal and state courts issue decisions that can impact a company in its cybersecurity efforts. For example, what is the significance of any kind of federal incident, like a company failing to report a data breach? 

The cybersecurity attorney should track all the litigations that are applicable, along with developing advice in order to help in guiding the particular company. This is something that can not be neglected by any cybersecurity lawyer

Internal practices

Now come to the risk assessment process. Within the company, the cybersecurity attorney should have a strong role. The cybersecurity lawyer must have an involvement in the cybersecurity risk assessment of the company. 

The professional has to ensure that the assessment is developed in a way that it will be capable of protecting some aspects of the risk assessment. In developing the entire program of cybersecurity, the cybersecurity attorney must have a key role to play. 


The active involvement of a cybersecurity lawyer is required in boards and senior management communications. All the cybersecurity-related communications should be reviewed by the professional to the senior management and board.

This will ensure that they are briefed properly on the specific subjects and also that the communications are created in a way, which correctly describes the risk to the firm. Minimization of any misinterpretation and potential limiting liability also rely hereupon. 

Responding To Incidents

Whenever any incidents related to cybersecurity take place, the cybersecurity attorney must play a key part in responding to them. Before the company must confront any event such as that, the critical work begins. 

When it comes to dealing with such incidents, it is really essential for a company to develop and practice coherent, sound incident response plans. Here are some of the facts that the company must confront.

  • Who is present in the response team?
  • Who is the person to lead the team?
  • What contracts does the company require to have in case they want to inform their employees and customers about the breach?

And the list goes on. 

Evaluating Contracts

On contract clauses, a cybersecurity attorney has to be a subject matter expert. In many instances, such as reviewing and negotiating software license provisions, letters of agreement with security vendors, hardware purchase, and any agreement for cloud computing services, this expertise is a must.

For both the customers and vendors, a cybersecurity attorney has to establish technology and cybersecurity-related contract clauses. Along with this, the person is also responsible for approving them and also tracking whether there is any deviation from those particular provisions.  

Bottom Line

So, these are the 5 functions of a cyber-security lawyer that your business can utilize. Make sure that you are getting a cyber-security lawyer who is totally accustomed to all these roles. Vendor risk management, mergers, and acquisitions, insurance are some other things that the professional also needs to take care of. Before hiring or employing someone, you should have a clear discussion about the roles and responsibilities the professional needs to fulfill. 

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[Action required] Your Trial has Expired – Thu Jun 17 2021




I tried several RSS feed generators and the one that worked best, aside from being the simplest, was It’s great how useful the tool can be for somebody that doesn’t know how to code.

kirll from st6

Kiril Gantchev



I’ve long wanted an app that generates RSS feeds from social media sites, and while there are other options that do it (IFTTT, Zapier, etc.), this is the first one that is dead simple, and works out of the box.

Isaac Halvorson iOS developer

Isaac Halvorson

iOS Developerhisaac

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Maxi Dress: A Piece You Should Have In Your Closet



It’s already been more than a year that people are stuck at home because of the global pandemic. Social gatherings are mostly discouraged, which prompted people, especially women, to lessen the time for glamming up. 

However, styles and trends come and go, and an individual’s wardrobe might not be in for the latest fashion mania anymore.

Thank goodness, there is a timeless piece no matter what era the world is in right now, and that is a maxi dress! 

Anyone can always find maxi dresses online that suit them just as perfect for turning heads or having fun on their own.

Now that the world is gradually going back to its average pace again, it’s time to consider getting back on the game with the best fashion piece to check out this 2021.

How To Choose The Perfect Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are only one type of dress, but it still comes in various designs, patterns, and vibes. Many people love this due to its comfortable build that everyone can wear during formal and casual gatherings. 

They are also a great piece to wear at weddings and other important events, but there is a catch — not every maxi dress is created equal.

To find the best maxi dress that will accentuate a person’s assets, here are some of the factors that need to be considered:

Body type

There are maxi dresses that complement certain body types and curves. This factor is necessary to think about because one dress might look good on one person’s figure but not on the other. 

It is essential to find one that flatters an individual body to show off one’s features.


Maxi dresses are generally long, but the ones covering the feet will be an inconvenience with movements. These dresses are supposed to be comfortable, and there’s nothing more irritating than a fabric going in the way upon walking.

It is recommended to choose a maxi dress that only reaches the ankles to make it easier for you to move around. It is also easy to cut the excess fabric on the bottom for existing dresses. 


The material determines the purpose of a maxi dress. Lighter and sheerer fabrics are best worn during humid days or on beaches, while silk and chiffon fabrics are best to wear at formal events.

How To Style Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses can come in different necklines, patterns, and materials. People often have a hard time deciding how to embellish their maxi dresses to make them more fashionable and fitted to a particular event. 

There are two main event categories where maxi dresses can be worn — and that is daytime and nighttime.

Here are some ideas to do to make a statement look for every occasion:


If you wear the maxi dress during the daytime, it’s better to go for a more casual, laid-back look. These dresses are easy to move with and often come in various colourful patterns to strut under the sun. 

Adding some accessories like a handbag, sunglasses, and a pair of flat sandals will be a perfect cozy beach look.

For more brilliant attire, they work well with a formal blazer, statement belt, and ankle boots. No matter what the daytime occasion theme is, this look will turn heads.


Evening events are usually more on the formal side, so to maximise the look of a maxi dress, fabrics like lace, satin, or velvet will do the job. Sparkles and crystals also work well when incorporated into the outfit to bring that glowing look even after the sun is down.

Maxi dresses are a staple in the fashion industry. The potential designs and patterns incorporated with these dresses are limitless and fit in all seasons of the year.

The good news is anyone can always find perfect maxi dresses online. There’s no need to go out anymore because the best piece to fuel the fashion game in 2021 is only a few clicks away.

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  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 1.47
  • dogecoinDogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.305745
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  • Coin (CRO) $ 0.113138
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  • tezosTezos (XTZ) $ 3.38
  • ftx-tokenFTX Token (FTT) $ 31.79
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