How To Choose the Best Quality Cannabis Shatter

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The cannabis industry constantly shifts with new trends as folks adopt new products and try new things. One of these shifts is the rise in popularity of dabbing, as more users prefer to heat oily extracts from the cannabis plant to inhale highly concentrated and pure cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. 

These extracts go by names like batter, dabs, wax, honey, and of course, shatter. Generally speaking, these extracts are more potent than their plant-based counterparts. But interesting enough, they also provide more convenient consumption since using them is more straightforward and discreet. 

Preferred due to their portability and potency, previous unpopular cannabis extracts like shatter are going wide. If you’re interested, you’re probably asking where to find the best quality products for sale, how to go about spotting inferior shatter, and choosing the best. 

What is a Cannabis Shatter

What is a Cannabis Shatter

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Shatter is a popular cannabis-derived product obtained through a solvent-based process. Usually, concentrates like shatter are produced with butane or ethane. The name “shatter” relates directly to this product’s visual appearance and brittle nature, and it quickly breaks upon impact. Hence the terminology ‘shatter.’ 


That’s because the quality of stable shatter produced through the right processes and kept at the optimal temperature usually has a hard surface, and you can shatter it with a mere tap, which makes it look like cracked glass. This is why knowing where to find quality cannabis shatter and where to Buy Cannabis Concentrates at 20% off is essential since you can’t always tell the specific purity solely by visual appearance.

The standard procedure for producing shatter involves butane, but there are other high-end methods like CO2 extraction. Cannabis concentrate users consume it by dabbing, vaping, or smoking. 

How to Determine The Quality of Cannabis Shatter

What is a Cannabis Shatter

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Due to the high demand for concentrates like shatter, the present market has several products. However, the different brands and shatter varieties are not quality. Most of these concentrates are expensive. Thus, you should get the best of your money’s worth by conducting the necessary research about the brand you’re considering. 

As such, you want to pay attention to critical quality indicators as outlined below. 


The name shatter indicates the appearance and texture of the product. So as you go shopping look for nothing else. However, doubts arise when considering the jam-packed product descriptions used by brands. For instance, when you look at a sample shatter, it should feel hard, glass-like, and fragile. Apart from this, it has to have a snap-and-pull consistency. The appearance also varies between golden yellow to bright amber shade throughout. Once you know your ideal shatter looks to the naked eye, you can avoid any strange color like greenish-yellow since these indicate other components in the final product. 



As earlier mentioned, concentrates of cannabis such as shatter are high in THC or other cannabinoids, for example, CBD. Therefore, you will experience a more potent high after using a top-quality shatter. If you’re a new user, it is advisable to take your time. Several marijuana dispensaries have shatters with different potency levels. Firstly, you need to look out for the correct labeling. Then you want to choose one of a low THC level if you’re a new user. Hence, you can adjust to the higher THC concentration. Generally, shatters with high potency levels are more expensive. 



For top-notch cannabis shatters, you have to ensure that your product lacks any contaminant and solvent. The extraction method only used quality marijuana buds instead of surplus trim or inferior strains. Remember, the number of terpenes that cannabis trim contains is much fewer than the bugs.

As a result, trim-produced cannabis shatters don’t have the same taste as those produced from the buds. The trim is a name for two types of leaves, sugar leaves, and fan leaves, and they grow from the branches and buds, respectively. Usually, trim-produced shatters are characterized by a horrible chlorophyll taste, which you want to avoid. 


The look of your shatter should be consistent, so if you have anything else, stay away. The way the final product looks gives you a good idea of how well produced it is. Do you notice any green or extra darkness in the shatter’s color? Then perhaps there are some leftover contaminants which means low quality. Also, should it look slightly amber orange, or golden yellow, chances are you have a high-quality product with no pollutants. Finally, the right product also needs an oily or waxy feel, and its absence is a telltale sign of low quality. 


If you visit a dispensary to get your shatter, you might want to hold it close to your nose. The smell you’re looking for is a familiar, earthy, and engaging aroma that’s easily noticeable among top-shelf cannabis products. If the shatter has no scent or the scent is faint, then you have a low-quality product on your hands, possibly produced from the trim. Typically, the driest weed plants produce concentrates give the most terpene loss, leading to diminished aroma and flavor.

The reason is simple, terpenes present in marijuana are the molecules responsible for the familiar scent that the plant possesses. But remember that taste isn’t aroma, and just because your product smells good doesn’t mean it will taste great. The top quality shatters taste like their weed strains and the solvent used in extracting them. 



Now that you can choose the best quality cannabis shatters on the weed market, it’s essential to know that these products here are highly potent. Therefore, you want to go easy when you start consuming them. Don’t forget to begin by pooling the smallest amount possible with your dabbing tool. Observe the effects before deciding whether it’s safe to up the dose on your next session. Finally, choose your vendors wisely and avoid inferior products.

Want to ask any questions about consuming concentrates or how to select the best shatter? Leave a comment in the section below and give this post a share. 

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