CFC Football Review – Is CFC Football Legit or Scam

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CFC Football Review

CFC Football investment platform is a sports trading platform that allows you to make money through its VIP investment opportunity.

CFC football club allows you to make money from reverse betting and also from inviting/referring your friends to register on the platform.

According to its website “CFC Football Club is a sport investment company that focuses in empowering members to become financially free through its VIP investment opportunity.

CFC football investment platform uses big data analytics system and software to make data-driven decisions that provide “zero risk and high ROI (Return on Investment)” for investors.


CFC Football Investment

CFC investment platform is is similar to CFCFOOTBALL7 & CFCFOOTBALL10. They use an unknown investment algorithm and all cloned alike with a reflection of football scores on their interface.

For an example: The result of a football match is 3:0. If a member invests in a project other than “3:0” before the match, the investment can be profitable.

In the CFC investment platform, each game provides a total of 18 common score items such as: 0:0, 1:0, 1:1,1:2, 0:1, 0:2, 2:2… etc.

You can only choose one score item to invest in, even when the game result is different from your invested choice you still make money and the profit probability is 94.44%.


CFC Football Founder

While documenting this CFC Football review, I did my best to search and found no information on the founder of this platform.

I believe knowing the background record of a brand owner is a step forward into knowing how legitimate it is and the reputation of the Profile.


CFC Football Referral Program

You can get a commission bonus by inviting other members into the platform.

  • Invite 4 valid members and get 8800 naira
  • Invite 12 valid members and get 26000 naira
  • Invite 30 valid members and get 65000 naira
  • Invite 55 valid members and get 98000 naira
  • Invite 80 valid members and get 220000 naira


CFC Football Withdrawal

Members can withdraw their own orders within three minutes and up to ten times within the same day. The Company will not be responsible for any losses incurred by members due to improper operation of the withdrawal function.

CFC Football

CFC Football Registration cost N3,000. But having the below information handy is a requirement.

  • Email Address
  • User Name
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Info
  • Password


CFC Football Login

Before you have access to CFC Football login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login CFC Football only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password


Is CFC Football Safe and Credible

Determining credibility starts with knowing who owns the platform and a little backtrack of his business model, a white paper, how long he wants the business to possibly last and a few more.

Owner information is very important. Every person should try to get all the information about a company before investing in them. Don’t let your guard down by saying nothing wrong will happen to you.

This is because scammers never reveal their information for fear that their victims may sue them.

Even if they share the information about their team of experts, the information turns to be fake most times.

Background Information is the scale on which we can measure the transparency of the website, especially, on those websites where the transaction of money is happening.

Importantly, the Company reserves the right to delete orders and terminate member accounts if it finds that any member is playing for arbitrage or maliciously using external software to damage.

The Company reserves the right to delete the bets and terminate the member’s account if it is found that the bets have been placed in an abnormal manner.


Is CFC Football Legit

CFC football claimed to have been operating for over 38 year with headquartered in CFC, Texas USA. Its investment scope covers investment banking, finance, securities, real estate, sports, and entertainment.”

This information I strongly disagree with. However they are similar to 86z, 86w and 86 Football Investment whick are bounded to crumble timely.


Is CFC Football Scam

On the basics of this CFC Football review, No one has reported it’s scam to me yet and due to number of logged files on my checklist, always share your opinion in the comments section.

This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey.

Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment.

Don’t be deceived by offers looking too good to be real, if it looks too good to be true, pay attention.

They claim transaction is based on the result of Legal Time (the first and second halves must be fully 45 minutes each, including stoppage time, but not including over time, penalty kick or the result changed by committee).

The trade result will be counted as invalid for those events which legal time is under 90 minutes by reasons such as bad weather, game reserved, game canceled or any unexpected reasons.

As for some youth leagues the regular game time ranges from 80 to 70 minutes (including stoppage time) will be determinate as legal time. The trade result will be counted as invalid if the game is canceled.



This CFC Football Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming CFC Football nor is it targeted to promoting them.

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever.


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  1. I think it is a scam. Just yesterday, l paid 5000.00. to partake in the games but to my utmost surprise, l wasn’t added to the group to bet. The member who introduced me all of a sudden left the platform, deleted her profile picture and has since stopped chatting me.

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