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Why review the Cadanapay App? In our day-to-day business management, paying out and managing staff are two of the biggest categories business owners need to cater to. 

This is known to take a lot of time, it also requires a lot of energy, and can have severe consequences for the productivity and growth of the business when poorly handled. 

This cadanapay review will highlight some of the app features and how this payroll management software is making daily transactions better and easier from Africa across the globe.

cadanapay review

About CadanaPay

Cadana is a world-class platform of choice for 100s of finance teams. Cadanapay is said to take care of your local PAYE, pensions, and compliance needs in Africa and automate international contractor payments to 90+ countries – all in one platform.

CadanaPay Review

In a bid to build the future of compensation and help businesses grow, the team published how the came to learn two things—first, Business owners spend a lot of time and money on payroll and HR-related activities. 

Whether it’s being done in-house or outsourced, the processes are often inefficient and slow, a saddening factor.

Secondly, employees are often unhappy about how their compensation is handled. They are limited to getting paid only to their bank account and even more to the banks their employers have chosen to use. Their salaries are sometimes delayed based on the bank they’re using and the experience overall for the employee isn’t the best.

Zero Payment Delays

It is worth mentioning in this cadanapay review that the software helps reduce salary complaints and keep workers happy with on-time payments.

Cadana has reliable integrations with 10+ payment service providers and 5+ telco networks. The modern payment system has regional and country backups so our systems never go off and your people get paid on time.

Best Exchange Rates

Fund your payroll with USD, EUR, GBP, or local currencies with Cadana’s multi-currency accounts. Cadanapay smart payment technology connects to multiple currency exchange partners and finds the best rates for each transfer.

Cadanapay Review

A Reliable Support

Running payroll compliantly in multiple countries is complex. Mitigate any risk of misclassification, contractor law suites, and statutory payment errors by chatting with the Cadanapay app’s in-house legal and HR experts.

Manage & Pay Vendors

Another crucial part of your business is paying the vendors you work with. Cadanapay allows you to pay your vendors from the same platform. You can send payments to their bank account or mobile money number.


The Cadana mobile app is integrated into the software payroll platform. It allows your employees to view their payslips, access their earned wages early, cash out their salaries to mobile money and other local wallets and even shop online with their local currencies. 

Your employees can:

  • Access their earned wages early at zero cost to you 
  • Receive their salaries via mobile money, or bank account, or even split their payments between various payment methods, as it suits their needs.
  • Obtain virtual dollar cards to make online payments and fund the cards from their salary.

Cadana Founder

After seeing how quickly businesses in Ghana have adopted the Cadana’s software, the founders have decided to increase their investment in the company. 

Founder Albert was previously a CTO at property tech startup Esusu, and before that, he was a software engineer at Goldman Sachs working on the Apple Card launch and Marcus products. Cofounder Ameer was a software engineer at Deutsche Bank and Audible. 

Both are highly motivated and capable founders, with their technical backgrounds enabling them to iterate and move quickly on the software side. Albert also has good connections with Ghana’s banking industry, giving them the insights and relationships needed to navigate local financial markets.

Is CadanaPay Safe?

Cadana is one of the first in the space to be SOC 2 Type 2 certified. They are fully committed to securing and protecting your data.

Cadana is ISO 27001 certified. This implies that they have been audited by Barr Advisory, an independent third party and that their systems conform to the latest data security standards set by the International Standards Organization.

Is CadanaPay Legit?

Most time when a platform fails to meet some of its users’ demands it is termed as a scam or not legit. The Cadanapay system is not open to everyone. As seen in the image below,

the text clearly says,

“unfortunately you are not eligible to use cadanapay at this moment”.

CadanaPay App

Their services are only available o full-time workers and Upwork/Fiverr freelancers.

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