How Can A Co-browsing Tool Help Small Businesses?

Most companies, especially small businesses are always on the lookout for helpful tools and software that can charm their business model with elevated efficiency. But these tools don’t come cheap, or if they do, they don’t bring enough value to the table. 

However today we are discussing a certain piece of software that is revitalizing the ecommerce and customer support enterprises. Yes, we are talking about co-browsing. This article will discuss all you need to know about co-browsing and how it can help your small business. Let’s dive straight into the details. 

What Is A Co-browsing Tool?

A co-browsing tool allows two devices to remotely connect through a browser and access information present on either device. You don’t need any additional apps or special drivers to use this service. Think of it as an upgrade to screen-sharing where now you have additional access and some special features such as real-time video.

Did you know? 10 to 15 percent of sales don’t go through because the checkout process seems too complicated. And it wouldn’t be if there was a person guiding the buyer through it. That’s where co-browsing comes in and bridges the gap.

Co-browsing for Small Businesses:

If you own a small business, you may be wondering how co-browsing can benefit you as it seems like a thing for the elite corporate firm’s huge customer relations departments. You may be wrong though. Take a look at the following list to have a better idea:

Secure and Safe:

Safety comes first. And co-browsing follows the most immaculate practices that ensure that your data is safe at all times. Since the connection is browser-based, the network can ensure that no one else can spy on the conversation. Typically, the user’s data has a virtual mask over it, hiding certain sensitive fields from the customer support officer.

Rapid Problem Resolution:

You can imagine the pain of trying to solve a problem over a phone where miscommunication continues to happen until both parties are infuriated beyond reason. Co-browsing solves this issue and provides a seamless, clear channel between the relevant individuals, allowing them to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Not only will you save time and resources, but your reputation will grow too. This rapid nature also means that you’ll be able to manage more customers in less time, increasing your efficiency multifold.

Boosted Customer Engagements:

People often fill up their shopping cart and abandon it, putting a stop to any of your marketing efforts. This occurrence of shopping cart abandonment is relatively common as there is no hook or rapport for buyers to go through with the purchase. Co-browsing provides the customers a channel where they can connect with a real-life person. They can be vocal about the problems or praises of your services. And being a small business, building a good reputation among old and new customers is the best thing you can do to climb the ladder of corporate success. 

Recreating an In-Store Experience:

Nothing is the same as the in-store experience of shopping. But if you own an online store, you can mimic the experience of in-house purchasing through co-browsing. Many buyers often find themselves confused or may have a plethora of questions about their purchase. A co-browsing tool can help your staff connect with them in real-time and guide them through the process to finalize the purchase. It will also ensure that the customer felt cared for and at peace for making an informed decision.

Confident Customer Support Staff:

In customer relations, things tend to go sideways at times, especially when an angry customer calls to report an alien issue that may require hands-on access to fix. Through a co-browsing tool, your staff can have the confidence that they can solve the issues immediately since they have all the necessary visual and remote access. These smart problem-solving skills will continuously add to their confidence, hence elevating the productivity of your staff.


Co-browsing is although a simple concept has tons of applications in the real world. And you can benefit from its immense practicality too by getting a co-browsing tool for your small business. We hope this article helped you understand how co-browsing brings success to small businesses. Make sure to familiarize yourself completely with the tool before starting your adventure. Good luck!

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