Boda Marketplace Review – Is Boda Marketplace a Scam or Legit online Platform


Today, online marketplace is one welcoming Business Opportunity worth the trail as users finds it very comforting to place orders from their homes, choose varying products online and also lay complaint efficiently online.

Sadly, many Online Marketplace Reviewed in Xycinews have being aimed to be fraudulent as users keeps complaining. However, this article on Boda Marketplace Review is really different as we have researched deep and found them to be transperent.


Boda Nigeria Review

Importantly, it’s of note that Boda Nigeria is a new online marketplace that connect buyers and sellers for easy transactions by allowing sellers to post adverts for buyers to check out and vice versa.

It is just like the Jiji marketplace, but this time with added advantages such as an investment section where you can invest your money and expect monthly or yearly returns.

Boda Nigeria also has more features that can help buyers and sellers with smooth transactions: Visit “How Boda works” page to read the features of the platform.

Boda Investments Plans

BODA Nigeria offers investment opportunities for individuals to buy Boda points and get percentage interest after its been sold after a period of time.

Boda points is like a digital currency on BODA platform where buyers can order goods on Boda Platform with Boda Points without paying the sellers directly.

For example with a minimum Investment of 100,000 Naira, they offer you with free digital store worth of 52,000 Naira. Think about as the digital store as your walk-in store online. It’s a private space on BODA marketplace that showcases all your products/service (your active adverts) at a glance.

Investment Duration % Bonus
3 Months 15
6 Months 25
12 Months 50

Kindly visit the Boda Investment Page for updated information.

The BODA Membership Plan

On Boda Nigeria platform, getting a membership plan keeps you at an advantage over ordinary users. With a membership plan, you get your ads boosted. Additionally, get to create a personal dedicated webstore that showcase all your ads at a glance just like your walk – in store.

Webstore also show customers your website link, social media links, and WhatsApp link to directly message you. The membership plan also earns you maximum premium support in terms of directing you on your ad post mistakes, making enquiry, getting help in writing better post description that appeals to the customer and lots more.


The Boda Point System

Boda Nigeria also has a point system which enables users to earn point if anyone registers through their referral link while newly registered users get certain boda point.

Accumulated points can be used to boost ads or augment payment for membership or ad boost.

1 Boda point = 1 Naira

Frequent purchase of membership and ad boost attracts special coupon code for point purchase discount.

In an effort to make this platform scam free, Boda points can be used to buy goods found on this platform if you prefer the goods to be delivered without meeting the seller.

BODA Registration

Boda Nigeria registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it might be needed of you.
●    Email Address
●    User Name
●    Contact Info


Is BODA Marketplace Legit

In ascertaining the credibility of a platform before outrightly assuming that Boda is scam or Boda is legit is very discreet, this makes a lot of factors even the slightest one so so important.

There are a lot of fraudsters everywhere nowadays trying to get whosoever falls victim to their pranks but in Boda, your 100% sure of you products reaching the right audience and also getting your transaction details safely handled.

For Buyers

  • Meet seller at a public place
  • Check The item before you buy
  • Pay only after collecting the item
  • Or Pay with boda points

For Sellers

  • Meet buyers at a public place
  • Make sure your goods are authentic
  • Take money only after goods has been delivered
  • Accept boda points as means of payment.




Is BODA Marketplace Scam

Gladly, it’s of note that the Boda Platform is a transperent platform with a clear and well detailed Business Model. Unlike other scam schemes, Boda marketplace Admin isn’t an anonymous but a public profile who can be contacted if need be.

The platform isn’t just on site but you can connect them via Social Media. Additionally, you are also assured of your payment every month if you invest.

A legitimate Platform will have contact details on its site. If it is just a web contact form, without an address, email, and phone number you should probably be wary. All genuine online platforms will be happy to help with any query.



This BODA  Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming BODA nor is it targeted to promoting them.
This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.
Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this BODA review.

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