Is BLQ Football Legit, Scam or Chinese Cloning Uganda Company?

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According to the BLQ Football Website, they make money through reverse betting. Reverse betting is a unique type of betting which  allow you to make your if bet with reverse action. 

This means that you have two wagers placed both ways. If your first wager wins or pushes, then your second wager will be placed, or wager two wins, place one.

Basically the company alleges that they get all the money from investors and place two well calculated big bets.

They then share winnings with the investor getting 2.2% of their investment per match. The company pledges that in the event of a loss your investment money is reimbursed without profits for that game.

Is BLQ Football Legit

According to the SEC, the BF Football Investment platform is not permitted to solicit or accept investments from the general public.

According to a four-page SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) advice, the company is not registered as a corporation with the SEC, is not permitted to solicit investments, and has not obtained previous registration or licence as required by section 8.1 of the SRC.

This website, in my opinion, is not legitimate.

Is BLQ Football Scam

BLQ Football is not legit doesn’t mean it is a scam, However, it could be said to be risky until it stops paying users and then publicly be tagged as a scam

What I can say about it is that some of these online websites pay when they first start.

After they have gotten a bunch of users, it gets to a point where they won’t be able to pay anymore. Listen to your instincts, if it asks you to try it, you can. Everything is all about risk, you can try it and make a lot of money from it and sometimes it may end up in doom.

Do your research very well and most importantly, do not invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Is BLQ Football a Chinese Cloning Uganda Company?

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