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Blast Phone Optimizer – Most Trending Play Store App



The Blast Tech Team, developers of Google Play most trending productivity app. The Blast Phone Optimizer also know as Blast Phone Guide when redirected from Google Search made it on this month app reviews by Xycinews media. So the big question is, what is so special about this app? 
Follow us along as we details every thing about this app for you before you down it. 
The Blast Phone Optimizer 

The blast phone optimizer  is an android application of just 5.0mb with lots of features compositing with apps of over 50mb. This application enables users to have a very deep cleaning on their phone,  boost the phone apps with a click, clean up junk files in a click, boost the android games and optimize the phone smoothly.
Phone storage is sometimes a major problem, and also associated is problems like phone performance, hanging and over heating and a huge residual file. This app acting like a pro app is well recommended for handling the above mentioned and that is why it is currently the most trending productivity app on the Google Play Store.
Features of the Blast Phone App
In preamble, the features of this app have being discussed above, but let take a look at its uniqueness.
  • After your game play, just visit it and safely clean the junk files. 
  • Spotting out huge junk files and residual files is easier. 
  • Your phone memory and space can be fully optimized, boosting phone memory and space. 
  • Easily get rid of bloatware. 
  • Boost your phone speed and control over heating.
  • Have a full control over all your app, and uninstall them easily.
Phone Blast Review and Contact 

With over 100 thousand downloads, this app still got the users hearts with a 4.6 star 🌟 rating. This app of version 1.0.7 works only on Android devices of 4.1 and above. 
To message or contact the developers of this app, send a mail to
Also download the app directly from link below.
Download The Phone Blast Optimizer App Here 

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