Bizlona Review – Is Bizlona Scam or Legit

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BIZLONA seek to meet the ever growing needs of our clients by providing them quick or emergency loans online without collaterals and with ease of access.

They offer no interest rates and pricing, convenient repayment period, and excellent customer service to ensure their needs are timely met. The needs of their clients are put as priority and treated as such.

However, team Xycinews is happy to say users in the United States and Australia will benefit so much from this. Not withstanding, Bizlona is also hitting Africa and Asia in fulfilment of their plans to make it a Global Platform. Nigeria will be the first to benefit hugely from this before other African Countries.

What is Bizlona About

BIZLONA is leading innovation-driven financial services company with CLIENTS spread across Countries. They lead the unsecured micro and macro -lending space in the world and are positioned to be the dominant market leader in the world.

Bizlona services are hinged on a direct partnership with their clients to provide friendly innovative loan while their various repayment options give thei customers the freedom, flexibility, and confidence to enjoy their lives.

Their services are trusted by over hundreds of active clients, the largest endorsement in Australia public and private sectors; and this has inspired them to remain the leader in world’s micro-lending space.

Bizlona Review

Loan is the easiest way to get none stop financial burden reduced or solved for a while. But accessing loan has become the biggest problem facing all classes of people today. Everything you want to do today requires money which may or may not be readily available to execute that mission.

That is why you need to join bizlona today to secure the future and lighting up your burden. At bizlona we give loan for up to 15years term, no collateral, no guarantor needed your guarantee is your membership with bizlona.

Bizlona Loan Investment

This is an indicator and determinant for the loan amount. the stronger your loan power the higher the amount of loan. You can grow Your Loan Power by Building a Strong Team

  • LOAN AMOUNT: Minimum Loan Application $25 And Max loan No Limit (Depends On Your Loan Power -Lp)
  • INTEREST RATE: Nil (0 Interest Rate)
  • SERVICE CHARGE: No hidden charges
  • DURATION: 1 to 15years (Is Adjustable)
  • QUALIFICATION: Your membership is your qualification Review – Is Qiwibank Scam or Legit

Bizlona Referral Program

Referral – $1 is commission paid on every direct referral

Pair Bonus – additional $1 is reward when a second person is refers making it the total of $3

Membership Upgrade Reward – such as cash, cars, houses and vacation.

Bizlona Team

For the past few weeks, only 3 of 15 sites has boldly published the names of it founders, and also the names matching perfectly to real users.

Among the 13 criteria for examining a site transparency, this is a mandatory requirement and Bizlona has scored and “A”. Bizlona trades crypto currency, forex and also provides Loan services in US and Australia.


Peter kinnan

Peter Kinnan with years on digital experience in the crypto sphere and digital marketing, he is an expert IT Consultant.


Emmanuel Thomas

Emmanuel Thomas with at least three years in business development and growth structure is the Financial Director at Bizlona.


Tim Adel

An organization without a Legal Advisor can’t be entirely trusted. Bizlona in compliance with their users privacy policy has Tim Adel as Legal Advisor.


Ivan patrovich

This is the most important individual, the brain of Bizlona. Ivan Patrovich with experience in Startup development aimes at transforming the digital Community to be one where users can confidently Invest and earn. Ivan Patrovich is the President, CEO and founder of Bizlona

Bizlona Registration

Bizlona Registration cost nothing at all. But having the below information handy is a requirement.

  • Complete the online membership form
  • Introduce 2 people to bizlona and your loan is just a click away
  • One off purchase of membership E-PIN FOR ONLY $6.3
  • You will need to provide the followings information: e-pin from any Bizlona authorized Agent, valid email, phone number, the referral id

Bizlona Login

Before you have access to Bizlona login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Bizlona only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Is Bizlona Scam or Legit

Clearly, Xycinews can BOLDLY pronounce Bizlona legit because we wrote a deep Insight Bizlona Review and they site stood to their mission. We work with researched field report, verified evidence or users comments. Bizlona has proven to be legit and no scam record at all is reported. Lastly, it’s too new to be fake.

  • Emergency loans or personal loans up to $15000 or more.
  • The founders name and team name is made public for the client to see it’s not an anonymous
  • 1 to 180Months (15years) repayment plan.
  • Quick loans without interest and collaterals
  • Quick emergency loans without guarantors
  • No bank account Opening
  • No long queues.
  • Disbursement Methods – Direct Credit to bank Account .
  • Distance is no limitation, anywhere you are you can do business with bizlona


This Bizlona Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Bizlona nor is it targeted to promoting them.

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.

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