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Bitcoin and Ethereum Could Reach New Highs If This Comes To Reality, Will This Be A Revolution



Twitter might possibly be working on an update enabling tweeters to add their Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses to receive tips via the Tip Jar. The leak was shared by a user on Twitter. Looking at the screenshot it is evident that the beta version being tested is on ios.

Twitter had earlier enabled users to add their PayPal, Cash App, Patreon, and other links, to receive payments through Tip Jar. Consequently, with the aim of allowing users to donate funds to users who impart value through their tweets.

The possibility for the leak to materialize is at a higher end, as it is known that, Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square has an avid interest in the crypto space. And his confirmation of developing a decentralized exchange platform for Bitcoin sheds light on the possibility of the update.

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Twitter Plus Bitcoin, Here The Revolution Begins!

         The crypto industry can see a revolution if the leak materializes, considering the large user base on Twitter and the crypto space at about 206 million and about 221 million on the latter. Twitter hosts a huge number of influential personalities including lawmakers across nations. This can turn a focal point in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency across nations.

Consequently, this will encourage the authorities to understand the crypto space better. And hence could accelerate the need for necessary amendments in regulations. Twitter will turn out to be a pivotal platform for the industry, to evolve to a higher level of acceptance. This will bring an impetus to the prices of digital coins as well. Moreover, it will also help the user base generate monetary perks.

Summing up, it would impart immense value not just to the crypto industry, but to the finance sector in general. New opportunities for the users could be not much distinct. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms, reaches users of each class and creed. And thus adding up Bitcoin & Ethereum addresses would directly invite the new mass onto the space. 

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