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Binancebot365 review
Binancebot365 Robots


Binancebot365 review on the internet only discusses preamble, on this note I didn’t to gather wider information to make this article detailed.

BBot quantitative robot is the latest quantitative strategy type product of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Binance currently ranks first in CoinMarketCap, with more than 90 million registered users worldwide and a daily trading volume of up to 76 billion US dollars.


Binancebot365 Review

The BinanceBot365 quantitative robot will track the price fluctuations of 1,800 cryptocurrencies per second in real time through CoinMarketCap and the APIs of 306 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. 

Additionally, through various trading strategies such as DCA, Martingale, and Alpha, the target currency can be purchased at the lowest price. 

And sell at high prices or when there is a price difference on other exchanges to obtain arbitrage income. 

Binancebot365 review

Thanks to DCA and Martingale’s double investment and opening positions, the risk of market fluctuations is reduced, and the user’s risk is finally reduced to 0 through various hedging strategies such as Alpha. 

This is the charm of BBot’s quantitative robot’s stable income. The most advanced technology in the field of strategy.


Binancebot365 Investment

Users who really understand the operation of quantitative robots can find that, basically, if stable income can be guaranteed, the daily rate of return of any quantitative robot is between 0.5% and 3%.


Binancebot365 Founder

Knowing the profile behind a project is a stepping stone in assuming it long term projection. WHY SO? Credible platforms with open minded founders find it no challenge to discuss about their project and stand up for it. This is unlike planned exit scams with masked up founders.

However, while writing on this review about Binancebot365, we found no information about the founder to republish. 


Binancebot365 Withdrawal

  • Go to the “Wallet” page, select the currency type you want to withdraw, and click “Withdraw”
  • Enter the withdrawal address (TRC20 address), 
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter password
  • After the platform audit is successful, the payment and withdrawal are successful.


Binancebot365 Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern. Noteworthy, any known brand wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

Binancebot365 review

The same model is applied on the Binancebot365 site. After a successful sign up or registration, you proceed to login to be enable to share your referral link, make new membership and earn a referral bonus.


Binancebot365 Sign up

  • Go to “Home”, click the “Invite” button to enter the invite friends page
  • You can copy the invitation link to your friends, and you can register your account after opening your friend’s browser
  • At the same time, you can also copy the invitation code. If your friend has downloaded the APP
  • You can paste the copied invitation code into it for registration
  • Enter your email/mobile number and password to complete the registration


Binancebot365 Registration

Importantly, Binancebot365 Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to enter your email/mobile number and password to complete the registration!

  • Email Address  
  • User Name   
  • Password


Binancebot365 Login

Before you have access to Binancebot365 login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login Binancebot365, only the below is needed;

  • Email  
  • Password


Binancebot365 Payment Proof

Still on Binancebot365 Review, BBOT haven’t paid out any users as of when this article was written. However, this newly launch platform seem temporarily promising but we can’t say the same when its member climb higher because the CEO determines the final verdict on when to take his Investment project down. 

  • Enter “Wallet” and click the “Revenue Details” button;
  • Enter the income details page, where you can view the current total income data of the account, the number of personal sales robots, the number of regional sales robots, and personal investment promotion data;
  • Total revenue = Robot quantified revenue + Robot sales commission + Completion of regional performance rewards;
  • You can also view the daily income details.


Binancebot365 Rankings 

  • Enter the “Home” and click the “Go to Upgrade” button;
  • Enter the upgrade page, you can view the current level, as well as the current robot information, sales commission ratio, performance rewards and other data;
  • At the same time, you can view the upgrade requirements of the next level and the completion of the upgrade tasks.
  • When personal sales, regional sales and agent recruitment meet the upgrade requirements, 
  • You can upgrade to high-level users, and you can also purchase high-level robots.


Is Binancebot365 Legit 

Some may ask, is BinanceBot365 legit. BBot claimed to be jointly developed and built by Binance’s world’s top cryptocurrency researchers and Wall Street financial analysis team after 5 years. 

Honestly, this information is unverified and we don’t buy it as projects lately are cloning the Binance Interface to swindle investors. 

Binancebot365 review

Clearly, BinanceBot365 Review shows it can currently monitor the price fluctuation data of cryptocurrencies traded on top exchanges around the world 7×24 hours a day, as well as fully automated arbitrage trading in milliseconds to achieve asset growth… This has nothing to do with Binance.

Binance has never discussed about it association with any brand or bot service so they are solely on their own and not termed legit by us.


Is Binancebot365 Scam

The platform has no payment proofs at all and additionally, the below overview video will entail more.


Checkbox – Is Binancebot365 Legit or Scam

This check box is provided to help our web readers reconsider their personal opinion, the published article and the information provided on Binancebot365 official platform. Remember to be very keen in investing as you’re advised to invest only what you can afford to lose.

  • Check if the site has a working “CONTACT US” page
  • Be cautious if the ROI is a planned trap.
  • Verify provided ADDRESS.
  • Check if the site has a detailed “ABOUT US” page.
  • Check if the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA NUMBER (EU only).
  • Verify site CERTIFICATION, it can be forged.
  • Confirm site SECURITY 
  • Only TELEGRAM social presence is a Red Flag.



This Binancebot365 Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Binancebot365 nor is it targeted to promoting them. However, this content is an overview of gathered data strictly for enlightening purposes and our perspective of the reviewed platform. 

Therefore, you are at not mandated to consider this article as your final decision because you may have a varying opinion and we appreciate that. However, please use the comment box below to also share your view and notify us on any point skipped if available. This is just a review, we are no third party and can’t handle queries.


NOTICE: Team Xycinews aims to deliver a near perfect review, we have a lot of Platforms on our Log to review & a lot already reviewed. Sadly, this limits us from backdating to track the status of some already reviewed platforms.

Kindly note that the platform information were correct as of time of publishing but might turn out to be SCAM without our notice.

Always check our contact page for questions and inquiry.


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