Beurax Lunches with another website – Review 

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When April 1st came along I decided to check out their main website “” and found out it was spitting out a 522 error just like before so I assumed that it was the end of Beurax right there.


Beurax Review

After more digging, I found out they are using “” and the domain was registered on March 24th, 2021.

In my original Beurax review and called out the Beurax scam for what it was and a lot of people got angry.

However, they were blinded by greed because at the time they were paying and people were making a lot of money. I had one of my readers tell me they lost $750,000

Personally, I still believe every single person should be responsible for their actions and are adults, but if leaders are presenting this at a 100% legit opportunity I can see how they were deceived.

When it comes to trading cryptocurrency or stocks on your own there is ALWAYS a risk and you could lose money.

But when Beurax is presented as this 100% guaranteed return opportunity, I can see why people are willing to put in a lot more money. Review claims that the uniqueness of their platform and operating software is based on algorithms for nanosecond financial engineering. Their trading bots are programmed for certain algorithms of actions, and qualitatively differ in the speed of obtaining information and processing data, depending on the market situation.


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