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NFT world has made some news this year. With one NFT going as high as $69 million dollars, it has been the talk for the whole year. It is not a brand new technology, it has been around for a while, however it never got the attention we can see right now. 

Even while the biggest peak seems to be diminishing, the attention it is getting is still super high. This caused a lot of people to buy NFT’s for holding until they were worth a lot more. Just like how we buy cryptocurrencies, and then put them in our wallets, people put their NFT’s for safe storage as well. However, for cryptocurrencies we have scanners, portfolio trackers like blockfolio and so forth.

In an NFT portfolio, you will want every data you can get, basically what you own and which ones may be worth how much, or check their rarity, their price ups and downs, and many other data that you may want. You will need an NFT portfolio tracker that can provide you all of that as well. Today we will discuss which of them are more popular and which ones show more detail.


Dappradar is mostly known for their amazing tracking of everything in the dapp world. Decentralized apps such as games, defis, casinos, dex’s and many other things all get listed there. That is how people could check what is the latest popular thing and all the already known big names. This allowed them to grow bigger and they added a wallet feature as well.

Normally this is to put your wallet in there, connect it to the website, then you get to see all of your token portfolio and their total value. Obviously this is a marvelous feature as well for dappradar and one that could be used with joy because it shows exactly the things you want to see. However, with your wallet connection, you also get to see NFT’s as well, which allows you to check all of the NFT’s in your wallet and thanks to this feature you can constantly follow their situation.

As a place that is already loved by the community a lot even before this feature, it is clear which portfolio tracker would be the most popular one in our list. This doesn’t make them the best as well, it just makes them the favorite, however just as their other features, the portfolio tracker also got a lot of love from people as well. It is definitely a great feature that you can rely on an already established website, which makes them the most trustworthy one as well.

NFT bank is a bit different, it actually uses an algorithm to calculate how much your NFT should be worth. They take all the NFT’s in that collection and the latest prices, calculate the rareness and the parts individually, then check your NFT and see how much it should be worth based on the market prices. This allows you to be a lot more in the know both about the market and also for your portfolio as well.

The only reason why they are not world shatteringly famous right now is the fact that the market doesn’t always react the same. One thing that is common going for 100$ doesn’t mean a rare one will go to 1000$ which is the reason why calculations are hard. NFTBank is trying their best, but for an art that is rare, it is highly difficult to calculate a price, since it’s subjective in value for everyone in the world.

All in all, it is definitely the most high tech NFT portfolio tracker in this group. It is highly suggested to check your NFT’s value before you sell them, and NFTBank is a great way to check before you end up selling.


With another machine learning “AI” system, Bitscrunch focuses on finding value but also forgeries as well. In any case that you feel like what you are buying may not be original content and could be a stolen art that someone other than the owner is selling, Bitscrunch is a great way to double check.

You may know Mona Lisa, but you probably do not know every single art in the world, hence using Bitscrunch to make sure it is OG and not some fake is definitely a good work. Plus they do try to search for low priced but high rarity NFT’s for you to buy, however so far people who are a lot more active and have the capital for it ended up snatching them up a lot faster than most people. It is certainly a favorite if you are constantly online and can spend hours on the NFT market just like how a day trader works all day.

Not for the people who only buy a few and store aside. This doesn’t mean people who are long term NFT investors can’t or shouldn’t use it, it just means it might be a bit overkill for everyday investors, yet it would still be understandable to use it.


With an impressive Drop Calendar and a great Leaderboard feature, ArtCentral definitely has one of the best data analytics websites in the crypto world. They do have a portfolio tracker that estimates the losses and profits as well, and a market analyzer to see how the market is going.

However the leaderboard feature definitely helps to realize which great collector does a certain thing to get ahead. This way you get to learn from the best and can arrange your collection accordingly if you want to. Obviously just because someone made a great return doesn’t mean they are well versed, it could be based on luck as well. This is why we suggest not making investments based on just other people, but also do your own research before you buy anything.

With Artcentral you could also see all the big actions going on while it is happening, that way you get to see which NFT’s go for high prices live action just like watching a movie. It is certainly one of the most “fun” features. They also provide a sleek portfolio tracker without too many complex points unless you want to go into detail, so it makes things easier to check as well.

Where to buy NFTs?

If you would like to learn about good NFT’s and how to find them, you can read our article regarding this topic. There are plenty of markets for NFT that you could use. For the ones in the BSC network, you could check this article out as well. For ETH marketplaces you could check out OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Mintable, Nifty, Foundation, Makersplace and Hic Et Nunc.

All of these places have their own version of how an artist could apply and how it works for the investors. Selecting a marketplace is as about the reason you want to buy an NFT as it is about the marketplace quality itself. While in some of them you are just an investor trying to buy something that will go up in price. In others you could be an artist trying to make consistent profit on royalties for the art you lease. So it is important to pick one based on what you are looking for in the NFT world.

If you decide on what you want, and why you want to get into the NFT world, making a decision on which market you would like to use becomes easier. Most popular place being OpenSea, they are definitely the favorites for most collectors. However they focus on mainly ETH based NFT’s, which means if you want to use another chain, then you will select another marketplace. There are situations like these that help you make your decision more precise.

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NFT market is a vast one, it is definitely very difficult to scan through it all by yourself. This is why there are portfolio trackers. It allows you to both check the NFT’s you own, their rarity, their value and the ups and downs of their price. This way you get to be on top of the situation at all times.

Most of them also allow you to check the market as well, this way you get to make decisions based on the market momentum, without being left behind. Being always active and always checking the prices and purchases could be difficult and time consuming. With these places you get to do that with just checking their related page.

This saves you time, and allows you to be constantly aware of the market without going through every data yourself. Data analysis is definitely a growing market in the world, in all sectors. NFT market did not stay behind too long and started using it to get ahead of all the other investors. This way you will have an advantage against everyone who doesn’t use these places in their decision making process.



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