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Best Black Friday Best Buy deals: All the early deals you can get now



Black Friday isn’t far off. All kinds of retailers are prepping their excellent Black Friday deals, and we’re expecting great deals on TVs, laptops, smart home devices, headphones, and more. Best Buy in particular is expected to offer hundreds of incredible deals. In fact, there will likely be so many deals that it may be hard to find the right ones for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the best Black Friday deals from Best Buy.

Black Friday itself takes place on November 26, so it may be some time before we get some actual Black Friday Best Buy deals. Still, deals will likely start trickling in before the big event — so stay tuned. We’ll be updating this guide regularly as we get more information about Black Friday deals from Best Buy.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Best Buy’s Black Friday deals. Alternatively, check out our full coverage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Early Black Friday deals from Best Buy

Don’t want to wait for Black Friday? Best Buy has launched a ton of great early Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of right away. We’re still expecting to get tons of new deals when Black Friday gets a little closer, but until then, you can save big on some great products right now.

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 26. In other words, it may be a while before we start getting actual deals. Cyber Monday will take place on the Monday after Black Friday — Monday, November 29.

Best Buy Black Friday vs Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday Sign
A Cyber Monday sign in neon. Image source: Дмитрий Майер/Adobe

Traditionally, Black Friday has been the way to get the best in-store deals, while Cyber Monday has served as a way to get great deals online. In recent years, however, things have shifted a little. These days, you can find excellent online deals on Black Friday too. That will likely be accelerated this year, due to the fact that fewer people want to shop in-store (and brave large crowds) due to the ongoing pandemic.

Ultimately, we expect the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be similar in how good they are. That said, specific products that are discounted on Black Friday may not also be discounted on Cyber Monday. In other words, if you see a great deal for an item on Black Friday, it’s worth taking advantage of it.

Last year’s Best Buy Black Friday deals

Hisense U7G Main
Hisense U7G on a TV stand. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Last year, Best Buy offered a ton of excellent Black Friday deals. That included excellent deals on TVs, like a TCL 55-inch TV, which was available for $250, or $150 off its normal price. There were also great deals on the Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone, which was available for $200, or $50 its normal price. Even the Sonos Move smart speaker was available at a discount — $300, instead of $400.

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