Beratyads Adsense Alternative Review : Is Beratyads Legit or Scam

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The need for an article dedicated to Beratyads Review is very important. This is because many adsense alternative with hidden policies of being legit or scam are lunched daily.


NOTE : Details, Screenshots, Banners Samples and lot more about beratyads is already published in our YouTube video review. Also, the video contains more visual contents. 


Beratyads according to Xycinews Research Team, assumes it was lunch November 2018, (still not confirmed).

What is Beratyads

Website’s Traffic In No-Time With BeratyAds And Cash Out With Just Payment Threshold Of $10” – Beratyads


BeratyAds offers very light and adaptive Full screen, banners and direct link ads widget for you to place on your website(s).



With over 7 different ads banners as detailed in our YouTube video, beratyads gives it’s users a clean and smooth advertising interface.

The ads served by beratyads generates you revenue and traffic.


Beratyads Minimum Cash out

On the beratyads platform, the minimum cash out is $10.

This seems so cheap and easy to achieve.

We have seen a payment proof, but we can not upload it here since we are not 100% sure yet.

“Pay $10 per month and participate in our Ad Network Engineering – Beratyads “


How Beratyads are Displayed

Using a web friendly Widget to display ads on sites, beratyads makes itself stand out.

Therefore, makeing it easy for lots of websites owners to have it embedded on their site, and it works fine.

Also, with Its widget, you can increase the performance of your site as the traffic grows on it.


Beratyads Review

More of this in the YouTube Video.

But below is a sample of one of its ads format.


About Beratyads

The most lucrative online ad services. The modern advertising network for every business.

Implemented by a friendly, yet robust Widget that can display unlimited number of ads on several websites at random views per second.


Beratyads Banner Services

With beratyads services, you can create an ad, update it to any type of ad you want within the same month. And also, your current ad will still be active in their database.

NOTE: Photos of different banner design, sizes and types in video.

Get your products and services advertised on Beraty and take the advantage of our low cost advertising rates.

Pay a token of $10 and your ad will feature not only on Beraty Network, but also on other partner websites.


Purpose of Beratyads Banner Service

The primary purpose of beratyads banner service is to cater for those business owners who can’t afford high cost of advertising rates with no returns on investment.

The platform claims to start the service with no intention of increasing their advert rates now or in the future .

We use a web friendly Widget to display your ads. This makes it easy for lots of websites owners to have it embedded on their sites and it works just fine with any website.



Beratyads Play and Win Quiz

Beratyads introduced an amazing service few days ago. That is the Beratyads Play.

This is an online Soccer quiz where every player competes for the top-three position. A competiton where players play for their team, play for themselves to earn points and win cash prizes every month.

Start making money by answering the 10 soccer quiz questions every day for one month.

Beratyads create Unique and Easy-to-play Quiz Games for every football lovers who want to make extra money online


How To Participate and Win Cash Awards 

You will need to register an account if you haven’t done so already. The account you will register must contain some of your login credentials and the football team you are supporting.


This is a long read, but click here for FAQ.

It’s that easy. That’s everything to it. Your registration is within seconds, and you will be good to start playing the football game online. If your registration isn’t successful, please contact the admin of the website and explain your problem to us.

Beratyads respond immediately.

Once your registration is successful, you can then begin the game straight away by tapping the “Play Game”button.

Then click on “Play football quiz” link. You will be redirected to a page where you can start playing. The quiz displays randomly one question at a time for every clock session and for every question you answer correctly or incorrectly.

Sorry, we don’t show player answer status when the game is still on. But you can check your score in your profile after finishing up with the game.

Every player has the freedom of 10 quiz games per day. After your ten quiz sessions are exhausted, you will have to wait for the next daybreak before you can play another ten again.

This is so because we want fairness in every game session a player participates in. Therefore, all active players on the site will end up playing the same number of games per day throughout a month.

Any player who fails to complete their ten quiz games per day will have to bear the consequences of not winning any prize for themselves and/or their football team on the site at end of the month.

So every player must complete their ten quiz game sessions in order to stand a chance of claiming a prize at end of the month.

With all that being said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the game. A player tops the list of highest points earners with the points accumulated during the quiz game sessions.

Only the top three players will be rewarded at end of the month. Every player has equal number of games to play per day throughout a month.

The points a player gets correctly from playing their game are used to rank them on the players table. So if for example a player answers more than five quiz questions correctly out of the maximum of ten per day, his team will earn three points for that day and move up the table when the league table updates.

If the the player gets exactly the average points (which is 5 out of 10), his team will earn one(1) point for that day and move up the table if possible. If the player scores below average points (i.e less than 5), then his team will earn no points at all and will remain on its current position or go further down on the league table.

Meanwhile, whatever score a player gets is accumulating every day for a whole month. When the month ends, the accumulated points will decide a player’s position on the top scorers table.

If you are among the top three finishers on the scorers table, you are eligible to win cash prizes for the month you have played for. Top three finishers will not only win cash prizes but their wallet will also be credited with points.

Points which they can as well convert to money if they want to cash it out. 1 point equals ₦1. Therefore, if a player has points in their wallet, then they have money in it. When player decides to cash out the points in their wallet, the exact amount of points to cash out will be turned into money and will be paid into their bank account between 1 – 2 days.

However, if a player has points in his/her wallet, scores up to at least 150 points for the month and he/she cashes out the same month, the amount to cash out will be doubled for the particular player.

It is also important to know that the amount a player has in his/her wallet is the worth or value of the player on the site.

These points can also be used for other things across the site. Things such as losing some points to become a captian, losing some points to create your own custom team.

Beratyads also reward any player who is from the position of 4th – 10th and has scored at least 100 points for the month on the scorers table. This does not end there.

A team you are playing for will also win cash prizes. Just like it is for players, only the top three teams will be given cash prizes at the end of every month and the team’s captain will share the revenue with his/her fellow team players for that month.

Of course, a captain should take the largest amount from the team’s revenue share. Be informed that if you don’t participate in the quiz competition in a particular month and your team wins a prize, you will not be eligible to receive a share from the team’s revenue for that month. That’s how it works


Conclusion on Beratyads Review : Scam or Legit.

This article has fully detailed all the important information about beratyads and beratyads play.

There is no record of scam so they can be assumed to be legit and worth the trial 100%.


Disclaimer : If you copy this article for editting and republishing, please give credit to


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  1. I have registered on the site already. They have their publisher account at: . And it’s very easy to register for an account. It took me just less than 20 seconds and I’m up and running. Integrating their ads on your site is very fast and so much easy. One thing that surprised me is that their ads started showing immediately. I thought it would be like google ads but it is not. Their ads blend in with your web page easily. Meaning it does not scatter the style of your page style. You, too, can try it and see for yourselves.

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