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‘Be Patient- Bitcoin Price To Recover’ Says A Popular Analyst



The global market capitalization for the past couple of days is experiencing an extreme drain. Most of teh crypto assets are registering a consecutive 5 red daily candles in a row. The huge selling pressure accumulated on the Bitcoin price has compelled it to bottom below $38,000. By trending very close to the support levels around $37,000, the fear of BTC price revisiting levels around $34,000 hovers. 

Despite the bearish sentiments surrounds the assets, yet it is believed that the price will recover very soon. A popular analyst Alan Santana, suggests his followers to patiently wait until the price flips the bears. He also said that some people are already giving up Bitcoin, falling into the trap of ‘Panic Selling’. And also asked his followers not to join them, rather wait until the next pump.

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The price seems to be following the path led by the analyst as it bounced significantly on visiting the support zone at $37,978. With a significant bounce, the price could surge close to $40,000 or above. However, yet the chances of forming lower lows still hover the rally. And in such a case, the price could even visit the lower support at $35,700 and rebound. 

However, $35,700 are among the strong support levels and if in case, the Bitcoin price fails to sustain, then a plunge below $34,000 may be imminent. But considering the indicators, the RSI has already bounced back and MACD showcases ease in the selling volume. And hence considering the factors a bounce above $40,000 may be on the way for BTC price.

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