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Binance Charity, established in 2017, has been supporting various charitable causes. In June, Binance Charity donated $1 million to the “Happiness for Humanity” charity, which helps children in need in Southeast Asia. 

In September, the charity donated $10 million to the “Project Hope” charity, which helps impoverished children in Africa. 

And in December, the charity donated $1 million to the “Building Bridges” charity, which helps refugees in the Middle East.

Binance Charity Nigeria Project

Binance Charity Nigeria is a charitable organization that was founded by Binance in collaboration with the Binance Charity Foundation. The organization works to support various causes in Nigeria.

Binance Charity Nigeria has supported a number of causes in Nigeria, including assisting people affected by the devastating floods in the country in 2018 and supporting educational initiatives in the country. The organization has also donated money to help people affected by the Ebola crisis in Africa.

Binance Charity Nigeria is a great organization that is doing a lot of good in the country. It is great to see a company like Binance working to support various causes in Nigeria.

BC-NG.COM Review

12% + 5% + 3%

When your Level 1 referrals make a payment, you will obtain 12% of his payment amount as referral commission immediately. And you obtain 5% of your Level 2’s payment amount and 3% of your Level 3’s.

Share of Lv.1’s Daily Return

When your Level 1 referrals start to obtain a daily return from their investment plans, you will obtain a 3% extra share of that return on a daily basis as well.

500 Per Valid Refer

You will obtain ₦500 as a bonus when any of your Level 1 referrals make a payment and become a valid member. This bonus is only given for one time on the same referral.

BC-NG.COM Registration Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy as it might be needed of you.

●          Email Address 

●          User Name 

●          Phone Number 

●          Password


Before you have access to the login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login, only the below is needed;

●          User 

●          Password

BC-NG.COM Payment Proof

There is no proof has paid any investor. However, it should be known that some platform time frame for credibility last for just 3 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Keenly, remember to invest what you can comfortably afford to lose so as not to be traumatized in times of sudden blank out.

BC-NG.COM Referral Reward

No.1 NGN 1,000,000

No.2 NGN 800,000

No.3 NGN 500,000

No.4 NGN 100,000

No.5 NGN 100,000

No.6 NGN 100,000

No.7 NGN 100,000

No.8 NGN 100,000

No.9 NGN 100,000

No.10 NGN 100,000


For domain protection enhancement, please record the backup domain of our platform ( You can log into your Binance Charity account via the below backup link, data and funds in your account are kept and your login ID and password are the same.

The above is showcased on the website when any user sign or login It is assumed they will be back on air as this isn’t an immediate crash or scam exit. Review is not affiliated with Binance Nigeriaas ther is no official news of this development.



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