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Ayo the Creator Biography, GTA, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Contact




Ayo the Creator Biography 

Ayo the creator born Amodu Ayodeji Peter is a graphic designer who currently live in Warri with his brothers. 

From documentation, he grew up in a rough neighbourhood so his mum never allowed them to go out to play street football or any outdoor games. Rather, they had cable and tons of films in tapes and CDs.

His dad always challenged them not to watch TV just for fun but instead to try to see and understand how it was made.

Those remarks puzzled him till I had my first internet phone and started making my research on how media is produced and written and started buying books online on filming, entertainment and comedy.

Ayo the creator biography Inspiration comes from a lot of things; ranging from film, a beautiful face, my brother, an awkward situation, music, the news to even beautiful works of arts. 

Before he creates any content he likes to think of three things – social currency, emotional value and story. Understanding this helps him to think about making contents.


Bayo the Creator Biography  

Bayo the Creator is the elder brother to Ayo the creator. Bayo taught Ayo all he knows from understanding different forms/genre of comedy, editing, filming, photography and media. And he is still learning. 

When Bayo was asked about the challenges of creating GTA Naija, he pauses for a second before saying “If I should put it on a scale of 1-10, I’d say 20.” 

He talks about the high costs associated with the production, getting talent, locations, and props. He also talks about getting talent to act as game characters.

He goes into the fact that they shoot with continuous shots next. 

This makes it particularly difficult to produce because a mistake after two minutes of perfect action means the whole scene has to be redone.


Ayo the Creator GTA Naija

The American video game first released in 1997 and currently 15 editions in, is now a big part of many young Nigerians and adults alike. With a very high maturity and violence rating, GTA is not a game that should be played by minors.

However, in Nigeria, GTA launched it’s own very local version somewhere in Warri, Delta State. Two brothers Ayo and Bayo Peter, now popularly known as Ayo the Creator and Bayo the Creator, were surrounded by the kind of violence- because of the Warri crisis.

Ayo and Bayo The creators are most popularly known for their work with GTA Naija, a parody of the numerous editions we have seen that has featured artists and important voices like Rema, Joeboy, and TG Omori in its first five episodes.

Most people think the answer is fame. To him, it’s the ability to make someone smile or laugh. When someone comments or share his content on their page or even call him, to say his contents made their day; that feeling is very satisfying.

Ayo the creator biography entails him seeing himself in a big city running a media production company with his brother, creating positive content for Africa.


Ayo the Creator Wikipedia  

Since he create contents full time, his biggest challenge is the city he lives in (Warri). Most of the content creators he would love to collaborate with or who would want to collaborate with me are in Lagos, and that’s far.

Another challenge is that society doesn’t support creative minds or work; there are no empowerment schemes or institution to learn more.

Most times, when he is outdoor for a photoshoot or to film, he get harassed by security officials, hooligans and I would have to “settle” so that we can be allowed to shoot or film.

Which is why sometimes if possible he try not to use his Canon DSLR and just use an iPhone to reduce attention. Most of his videos require funding so he has to save up before executing and filming and this could take weeks and consequently, affects consistency rate.

Ayo the Creator Real name

Amodu Ayodeji Peter


Ayo the Creator




Delta State, Warri

Ayo the Creator Marital status 


Ayo the Creator Net Worth

Ayo the creator don’t monetize his contents. However, in a week he gets up to 20+ DMs from people that want all kinds of editing; from music covers, ad posters, fans that want to be in photos with their favourite celebrity to odd requests like long-distance couples that want a photo merge with their partners.

With these proceeds, he makes his earnings.

Ayo the Creator Instagram

Finally on Ayo the Creator biography, you can reach out via Instagram on @AyotheCreator

It is significant because it shows the mindset of these two brothers, that they can do anything they want to and have a plan on how to get there. 

For creators, in a world where many skills can be acquired by taking online classes on Youtube and the like, the mindset is one that is important. 


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DJ Sumbody Biography, Wikipedia, Real Age, Education, Net Worth and Contact





DJ Sumbody Biography

DJ Sumbody was born Oupa John Sefoka; on June 9th in Pretoria, South African. DJ Sumbody Biography entails a lot including his journey into becoming a Disk Jockey and Radio Presenter. DJ Sumbody alongside Kagiso Setsetse owns of the Ayepyep Lifestyle brand.

In 2012, DJ Sumbody dropped his debut house compilation titled ‘Larger than House Volume 1’.

In 2018, he dropped a smash hit titled ‘Monate Mpolaye’ which has over YouTube 3.1 million views and also went three times platinum.


DJ Sumbody Real Age

His date of birth is on the 9th of June and the place of birth is in Pretoria, South Africa. DJ Sumbody celebrates his birthday every year on June 9th.


DJ Sumbody Education

Talking about DJ Sumbody Biography without mentioning he started his educational journal won’t be complete. He pursued his primary academic career at Sunnyside Primary School, then furthered his studies at Bokgoni Technical High School.

He then pursued his tertiary education at the Tshwane University of Technology.

He did not complete his academic career after he quit his studies in his second year to focus on his music career.


DJ Sumbody Wikipedia

DJ Sumbody began his academic career as a volunteer producer and presenter on ‘Mashaedi on the Engage’, a youth show on a community radio station in Tshwane.

In December 2019, he dropped an eighteen-track album titled ‘Ashi Nthwela’.

The song features heavyweights in the industry including Leehleza, DJ Tira, Busiswa, Holly Rey, Kwesta, Zakes Bantwini, Londie London, Cassper Nyovest, and others.


DJ Sumbody Net Worth

DJ Sumbody Net Worth is approximately $100,000 by ThePurse Survey.  

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Anga Makubalo Biography

Anga Makubalo studied at Edenvale high school on a sports bursary. Anga participated in soccer, cricket, athletics, and rugby.

More on Anga Makubalo Biography shows he did acting and presenting classes at Talent International. Anga Makubalo later taught as a part-time teacher at the same school and coached and mentored young talents.

As an actor, he appeared as a guest on Mino Mania, an SABC 1, as a singer in 2011.

He was dating Nandi Mbatha, an actress, but they have allegedly ended the relationship. Though they have not shared or confirmed the breakup.

Close friends to them who rather remain anonymous confirmed to Daily Sun that the relationship is over.

“They are no longer together and Naak asked Nandi to leave his place.”

She has been living with a friend for some days now. She isn’t taking the break-up too well,” said the close friend.


Anga Makubalo Real Age

His date of birth is on the 28th of May 1987 and the place of birth is in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Anga Makubalo Wikipedia

Anga Makubalo is 33 years old. 

He auditioned for the role of Nicolus, Anga couldn’t get the role because he couldn’t speak Tswana.

He was a presenter at Hectic Nine-9 on SABC2 for a year (2008-2009).

Anga has also ventured into the music industry, that is when his stage name NaakMusiQ was born.


Anga Makubalo Net Worth

Gradually concluding Anga Makubalo Biography, his Net Worth is approximately $100,000 by ThePurse Survey.


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Zita Minaj was nominated for six times in 9 weeka. (Weeks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, & 9)


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