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Apple’s new iPhone release date could be announced in the coming days



The month of September means one thing and one thing only when it comes to the world of tech. Apple’s new iPhone is on the way. The keynote takes place in mid-September. Then, the preorder and release dates are scheduled for the two Fridays that follow the launch event.

The iPhone 13 will mark Apple’s return to September iPhone launches after last year’s delay. The pandemic forced Apple to delay the iPhone 13 unveiling event by about a month. The four iPhone 12 models hit stores in two “installments.” The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were moved to late October, while the 12 mini and 12 Pro Max arrived in early November. Fast-forward to September 2021, and Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 13 keynote soon.

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The new iPhone release date rumor

Several reports have claimed that Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 series on September 14th. It all started as estimates from analysts at a time when it wasn’t clear whether Apple could pull off a mid-September iPhone launch. But an increasing number of reports offered indirect evidence from the iPhone 13 supply chain suggesting the new iPhone will launch on time.

Apple then failed to signal any iPhone delays. The company told investors in late July 2020 that the iPhone 12 would launch later than usual. That didn’t happen back in July 2021 when Apple announced earnings results for the June quarter. Since Apple’s June earnings call, the September 14th launch event date has picked up even more steam.

The rumors suggest that Apple might unveil the new iPhone on September 14th, which is a Tuesday. In such a case, preorders will start on the first Friday after that, which happens to be September 17th. As a result, the new iPhone’s release date would be September 24th, also a Friday. That also happens to be the last Friday in September and in Apple’s September quarter.

How Apple might confirm the iPhone 13

If the iPhone 13 press conference is in the cards for September 14th, Apple is likely to send out press invites in the coming days. Apple will not host an in-person event for the new iPhone. The health crisis makes any live events problematic for technology companies.

Therefore, Apple is under no pressure to issue press invites for the iPhone 13 event. Journalists covering the iPhone release closely will not have to make any travel arrangements. That’s because the entire show will stream online, just like it did last year. Some reports claimed that Apple might send out the iPhone 13 press invites as soon as September 7th, a week before the actual launch event. If that date is confirmed, we can infer the new iPhone’s release date.

On the first Friday after the keynote, Apple will start taking iPhone 13 preorders worldwide. Again, that’s September 17th. Buyers will have seven days to purchase an iPhone 13 online. Deliveries will begin on September 24th. In other words, Apple only needs to confirm the date of the iPhone 13’s launch event to also spoil the new iPhone’s release date.

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