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Andora Finance review

The platform is the easiest place where you can multiply your money without any specialist knowledge of the currency or cryptocurrency markets.

Just choose one of the investment plans and make a deposit to start earning passively every day. One investment = constant, guaranteed daily income.

Andora trading company is registered in UK and at the head of its business interests puts the achievement of the maximum possible tier of profitability both for itself and for its investors. Can this be true?


Andora Finance Review

Andora Limited is an investment broker founded by Alex Albon. Alex Albon is an invisible profile outside the financial sphere of Andora Finance.

The company’s headquarters is said to be in United Kingdom and claims having all the required documents to provide investment services to clients from all over the world.

As one of the few brokers on the investment market, they have insurance that protects their investors against the loss of their assets and hard-earned money. A claim without verification.


Andora Trading Company



Andora Finance Investment

You can start your deposit with $10 in the Premium Plan. A minimum of $3000 is required to make a deposit for the LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS. The system will convert the cryptocurrency rate in which you invest at the current exchange rate.

Andora Finance Review on it Auto AI Bot Trading technology developed by our 50+ team of expert traders. They guarantee that you will get the best return when you invest with them.

Additionally, your can reinvest earnings directly from your account balance by creating a new deposit. You’ll save time and avoid network fees.

The availability of trading for each of our investors and the making of high profit without special exchange skills was made possible thanks to Andora’s use of its own unique trading technologies to control the process of concluding transactions in automatic mode.


Andora Finance Founder

Knowing the profile behind a project is a stepping stone in assuming it long term projection. WHY SO? Credible platforms with open minded founders find it no challenge to discuss about their project and stand up for it. This is unlike planned exit scams with masked up founders.

However, while writing on this review about Andora Finance, we found no information about the founder to republish. The provided name Alex Albon has no profile outside Andora Finance walls.


Andora Finance Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the type of cryptocurrency you are using.

Minimum of $20 for: Bitcoin,Ethereum,USDT ERC20.

Minimum of $10 for: Litecoin,DOGE,Ripple ,BNB ,USDT BEP20 ,Dash, Stellar, BitcoinCash ,Tron, USDT TRC20.

For the highest security reasons, withdrawals are processed manually by our operators. Once verified, your payout will be processed within:

3 hours or less. – for payouts of daily earnings and referral commissions.

48 hours – for withdrawals containing funds from the released deposit.


Andora Finance Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern. Noteworthy, any known brand wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

The same model is applied on the Andora Finance site. After a successful sign up or registration, you proceed to login to be enable to share your referral link, make new membership and earn a referral bonus.


Andora Finance Deposit

  • Log in to your account,
  • Click on MAKE DEPOSIT in your Dashboard
  • Enter valid e-mail address
  • Set Password of at least 6 characters
  • Confirm (Repeat) Password
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click Captcha and SIGN UP button
  • Registration Complete, you can login to your account


Andora Finance Registration

Andora Finance Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it might be needed of you.

  • Your Full Name
  • Create Your Username (Login)
  • Enter valid e-mail address
  • Set Password of at least 6 characters
  • Confirm (Repeat) Password
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Click Captcha and SIGN UP button
  • Registration Complete, you can login to your account


Andora Finance Login

Before you have access to Andora Finance login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login Andora Finance, only the below is needed;

  • User  
  • Password


Andora Finance Payment Proof

Andora Finance haven’t paid out any users as of when this article was written. However, this newly launch platform seem temporarily promising but we can’t say the same when its member climb higher because the CEO determines the final verdict on when to take his Investment project down. 

After completing the investment plan, your deposit will be returned to your account balance and you will be able to withdraw it free of charge.

You can release and withdraw your deposit before the end of Investment Plan period, after first 24 hours.

The release of the deposit involves a fee:

  • between 2nd and 14th day, it is 25% of the deposit value.
  • from 15th day to the end of Investment Plan period is 20%.”


Is Andora Finance Legit 

Importantly, I always warn my blog readers first not to fall for Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds irrespective of the model, either Smart Contract, MLM, Income program, HYIP Schemes etc.

This is because these platforms involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products/services to the public. 

Obviously, this cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually in a space of weeks or months.

Andora Limited is an investment broker founded by Alex Albon. Alex Albon is an invisible profile outside the financial sphere of Andora Finance.

Andora Finance actually have online certificate as verified but this isn’t enough justification to bench on.

Andora Finance review

Is Andora Finance Scam

The earlier you accept the fact, the better. The platform CEO is a ghost outside Andora Finance and the team sited on the website lacks a verifiable LinkedIn profile.

We have no doubt to believe that the platform used premium paid images as it official staffs and acclaimed ceremonial offices.

From Google search with the keyword “Office”, Andora Finance downloaded and edited their logo to claim non existent office ownership.

This is a normal practice among upcoming brands so it won’t be see as a big deal, but this shows they don’t actually have a viable address, rather an acclaimed location on map.


Checkbox – Is Andora Finance Legit or Scam

This check box is provided to help our web readers reconsider their personal opinion, the published article and the information provided on Andora Finance official platform. Remember to be very keen in investing as you’re advised to invest only what you can afford to lose.

  • Check if the site has a working “CONTACT US” page
  • Be cautious if the ROI is a planned trap.
  • Verify provided ADDRESS.
  • Check if the site has a detailed “ABOUT US” page.
  • Check if the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA NUMBER (EU only).
  • Verify site CERTIFICATION, it can be forged.
  • Confirm site SECURITY 
  • Only TELEGRAM social presence is a Red Flag.



This Andora Finance Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Andora Finance nor is it targeted to promoting them. However, this content is an overview of gathered data strictly for enlightening purposes and our perspective of the reviewed platform. 

Therefore, you are at not mandated to consider this article as your final decision because you may have a varying opinion and we appreciate that. However, please use the comment box below to also share your view and notify us on any point skipped if available. This is just a review, we are no third party and can’t handle queries.


NOTICE: While Team Xycinews aims to deliver a near perfect review, we have a lot of Platforms on our Log to review & a lot already reviewed. Sadly, this limits us from backdating to track the status of some already reviewed platforms.

Kindly note that the platform information were correct as of time of publishing but might turn out to be SCAM without our notice.

Always check our contact page for questions and inquiry.


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