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Analyst Maps The Next Crucial Levels for Theta, XTZ, COTI, REEF, and 2 other Altcoins



Micheal van de Poppe, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, is naming seven cryptocurrencies that he probably believes will rise in value. Van de Poppe has also highlighted potential scenarios for the altcoins, which might kick off and cause cryptocurrencies to rally. 

XTZ is the first altcoin he mentions. He claims that this is the dip season. It broke back above the 100-day and 200-day moving averages, according to him. He also stated that it is now in resistance, but that if it is broken, it will lead to a total of 20000 sats.

RSR is the next coin. This one, he claims, broke and followed the higher course nicely. Now into resistance as well, although it appears that it will break higher to 150 sats. 

COTI, he claims, is prepared for a large impulse wave. Looking at the $BTC pair, $CELR and other altcoins appear to be poised to continue. He’s considering the two green entry zones.

As for REEF he says that,

Nothing much more to add, shared earlier on Twitter too.Area on the lows hit, beautiful flip on $0.02.He says that as long as it stays above $0.02 -> $0.031 seems next.

DENT is the next target on his list. He stated that, as previously stated on $HOT, $DENT, and $VRA, those were not buys and that you should have waited. $DENT, like $VRA, has increased by more than 200 percent since its lows. $DENT’s potential entry is still in the green. 

In regards to MINA, he stated, “This one appears ready for continuation as a magnificent S/R flip occurs.” The crucial region to hold is a little lower, but if this holds, a run to $5 appears to be on the cards. 

THETA is the last name on his list. According to him, a significant region to hold for this one is around $5.75. The rest of the marketplaces are very similar.

Sustaining here = continuation towards the next resistance area.

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