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Information for 2018 Fashion Designers and Models



Modeling globally has being a lucrative and worth while profession worldwide. The elegance and beauty of its contestant has inspired millions of young
ones to seek all means of becoming models. Modeling has brought advancement in the world of fashion and designs, it has also drawn lot of fame and opportunities to persons involved. But over time, newbie’s keep asking question of how successful they can be and what are the chances of even being picked out.
After a media survey and selection of some models with interview sections, this article outline top modeling secrets for all models and modeling aspirants, and the opinions of other models from around the world via media interview. Below is a few subcategories to be highlighted and elaborated upon.

  • Six (6) factors that matters for being a successful model.
  • Eight (8) behaviors that distinguish and uplift your chances of being a model.
  • The benefits and advantages of modeling.
  • The side effects and disadvantages of modeling.
  • A conclusive note to all modeling aspirant and models.

Six (6) factors that matters for being a successful model.
  • Height: This has always pose a great problem to so modeling aspirants, killing their zeal and determination to attempt trial. Our news agent asked Victoria. K from Nigeria what she thinks about height and modeling “I had always wanted to be a star model, but my height discouraged me and I lost multiple chances of elevations, I was 5’5”feet tall or short, I do not know”.  Height factor has being an increasing trauma because many models with long legs and elegant heights are always displays makes some feel their height range is not included. Well, various agencies have a particular high demand for height, other have their height range shortened to allow more persons participate. Standard height for some agencies is possibly 5’7”(170cm) but others show considerations and even accept 5’4’’ feet tall persons. So questions about your desired agency criteria before giving up is a helpful tip here.

  • Dressing: Dressing is a very important core value all fashion designers usually devote time into, because in modeling, it draws attention and focus to the hard work behind the scène. Your dress code is one of the very most important factor to put into consideration once you are determined to go into modeling. A common casual draws no attention nor focus to you, unlike a brightly, sparkly gown with nice texture and structure. Distinct dressing in accordance to required rules draws recognition and pushes you a lot way further. Body fits clothe bring out the feminine structure and beauty in a lady, but very tight wears draws observation for criticism since body structure are all displayed clearly. Despite some modeling agency would desire contestant to have a “sexy look”, putting on a bikini still disqualifies the constant. And a cultural displayed is required, and then we put on an official wear, we disqualified ourselves with our own selves.

A Fully Sample Design Model Gown

  • Walking: Walking is very important factor all modeling aspirants must put into consideration. An erect, straight and concise walking patter draws proper attention, unlike a haggard walking steps which might draw names on us, maybe as being local or misinformed. Putting on fitting foot wears that would not cause stumbling would make our walking a mind blowing one.

  • Shape and body structure: Some might say, is this important? But yes, it is so much important to be examined. If we are so fat and chubby, many agency would not want to pick you in. A slim, tall person stands at more chance of being selected. So if we are thinking of being models stars, our diet must be rescheduled,  properly maintained and nice body lotion as well. This well bring out the elegance in your skin tone and makes you distinct among the crowd.

  • Complexion: Did you ever fear about your complexion? O no, never bother about this. This is the least important thing to worry about. From a dark skin Ebony to a snow white Asian, complexion is never a factor for selection or examination. So put on your best smile, and that pretty gown and step on to the world.

  • Beauty: Looking good is really important, but when we discriminate our own self, we really find it so hard to succeed.  Confidence and putting in your best is all it takes to be a winner and also successful. Many with boastful words of being pretty never emerge winners, is an all round examination where many features and attributes of contestants are examined. So put on that lovely smile, look good and give it a try, you might be the most beautiful in the world before your judges.

Eight (8) Behaviors that Distinguish and Uplift your Chances of Being a Model.
  • Hospitable: Always how love , care, be ready to accept all with a calm lovely look, this help them relax around you and gives you a good name.

  • Cheerful: The first impression matters a lot, and it last for a long time in the heart. Never accept guests with a sad and strong face, because that names you as being harsh.

  • Smart: This is what all modeling aspirants must live upon. If you are dull, you are termed a “mugu” without sensibility, but a quick sense of activity and swiftness to activity brings favor and praises.

  • Neat: In summary, dirty persons are generally being avoided, so imagine being neat, that for certain draws respect and attraction to your personality. 

A Lovely Designed Model on Display

  • Honesty: Blackmails are common in some models industries, honesty are also closely watched. Never think of getting away with any tricky act, because you do not know the eye on you.

  • Impartial: As it implies, treat all equally with fairness, do not try to be sentimental because you may be depriving your future savior from rendering unknown help to you when it due.

  • Speech: Manner of talking, and speech delivery draws respect and recognition as be capable of representing. Nice manner of speech can make you an ambassador without your knowledge.

  • Punctuality: Lateness is for the lazy ones, once we draw this name to ourselves, we loss many opportunities, and lose trust from our agent officers. Punctuality is a must keep principle everywhere.

If these eight qualities are applied properly, your on your way to stardom.

The Benefits and Advantages of Modeling.
-Being opportune to go on international travels and tour.
-Draws awards and recognition to you.
-Being opportune to represent a nation as an ambassador.
-Become a public magazine cover.
-Have media and mass coverage.
-Income assurance and livelihood.
-Free making up, cosmetics, and trinkets with adorable jewelries.
The Side Effects and Disadvantages of Modeling.
Change of meal course to maintain slim fit shape.
So long standing hours.
Lot of stress and emergency call up.
Little time for self care at first
And a whole lot struggle to impress all.

A Conclusive Note to all Modeling Aspirant and Models.
Our beauty was not by a natural chance, the Almighty supreme created us beautifully. A proper use depends on our self coordination.
Never forget to put on a nice smile, always look clean, be smart and punctual to all occasions.

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