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All Fraudsters Tricks and Strategies Exposed.




fully discussing about fraudsters and their strategies, its important we know
the meaning of fraud first. In common understanding, fraud is any practice
involving deceit, dishonesty, greed, use of tricks and inconsiderable actions
in perpetuating crime. So a fraudster is any one whom the above virtues in
included in his actions.
are known to be very tricky, dubious and smart with the use of false
documentation and lies in steal or intruding into the affairs of potential
They are increasingly using
scams to trick people into disclosing their personal information’s then parting
away with their money.
The best means of countering
this is by being aware of their means and also creating awareness to the mass
Locations Of Fraudsters
sets of very smart persons have tactically chosen discreet location for
carrying out the actions. These places include Isolated rooms in large cities,
far reach places, crowed  environments,
moving vehicles, often used  cyber cafes,
underground apartments. These are just but some place on their favorites list.
Used in by Fraudsters
have taken the internet as their office where they work all day with the aim of
carrying out illegal transactions with evidence of fake documents and stolen
information’s of victims in illegal transactions. Over 5 million persons in the
United State fell victim into their traps, and globally, over 1.5 millions of
credit cards pin and information’s has being stolen by these hackers. Examine
below a detailed information on their strategies.
These black hat persons behind the mask
have develop thousands of dangerous malware and viral virus, which they use in
intruding into private computers to steal all bit of information concerning
their potential prey. These malware virus monitors the every bit of action done
with the personal computer and are capable of logging keystrokes thereby capturing passwords and
other financial information.
g: These dangerous sect have taken
the patience in following and tailing every bit of information posted on social
media by their clients. These information’s include place of schooling, gender,
current city, address, contact, age, mails and other little significant ones.
Ones little or some of these information are gotten, they can proceed in doing
online business transaction in the shell of our ID.
million worth UK-issued cards were intruded in 2015. These lost and stolen
cards were used in shops that do not have Chip and PIN, to commit  fraudulent internet or mail transactions. And
with their pin, withdrawal from ATM machine were made possible. Stolen or lost
credits cards are also being cracked and used in bankrupting our account.
Some ATM gallery are known for seizing cards of
not of their account or in times of network failure. Today, fraudsters has use
this as an added advantage by creating their own slim magnetic ATM cards that
stucks in the machine and extract pin and information of the next entering
card. But thanks to the newly innovated atm machines which reject all fakes

Counterfeit Cheque Frauding: They print counterfeit
cheques  on a non-bank paper to look
exactly like genuine cheques and use it on faked genuine ground for withdrawals.
Whereby, some of the cheque are
been stolen from an innocent customer and used by a fraudster with a forged
signature. Over $8.5 million have being stolen via this means, but thanks to
new banking system, making this as hard as impossible.
Phishing: Phishing describes the practice of sending multiple emails
randomly, seeming to come from a genuine organization or bank. Once the emails
are responded to and the link on them are followed, requirement for a business
deal is initiated or slots requiring our private information or login
information are required. If we input it, the store it and trick and use it
behind our back for illegal actions.
Knowing all the above mention does
little good until due measures in preventing them are ensured. It now shows
that being secretive with all our private information is relevant and so
important for our own safety in this world of hacktivism and daily fraudsters
should avoid responding to
mails with unknown contents or from unknown source. Also, avoiding logging into
restricted sites.

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