Adsense Media SCAM? | Daily ROI 2% | Click Ads Earn Daily | LEGAL?

Adsense Media is a new multi level marketing company which is giving you opportunity to earn income by clicking ads everyday. As we all know, a new trend is now in market which allows you earn a kind of non working income.

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Company is letting you earn upto 2% daily ROI income from it’s business plan.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

In this emerging world, with the help of social media and digital marketing you can earn lots of income online. Adsense media is bringing good opportunity for you to earn from.

Company’s MD is a professional software engineer who is brining Adsense media in front of us. If you use any kind of digital media platform, you can use it productively to earn income from it.

How to earn : You have to first register in the website and after that you can refer anybody in the system. More is your number of referrals in the company, higher you can earn from the organisation.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with them, joining amount in the company is starting with multiple packages.

Economy package starts with 4000 rs, standard and multiple more packages are there which you can join with.

Just in front of the packages, you can check the ROI income which you are going to get with respect to that package and the number of days.

3. Types of income

Adsense media is giving you multiple types of income to earn from.

  • Daily task
  • Magic income
  • Super magic income
  • Matching bonus
  • Rewards

1. Daily task

Company will daily provide you advertisement which you have to promote in your whatsapp story daily.
This task will get you some good income on daily basis.

2. Magic income

Adsense media is giving you an opportunity to earn twice the amount of your daily bonus if you just do 2 direct referrals within 7 days of your self activation.

3. Super magic income

Here you got another opportunity that if you do 4 direct referral within 7 days of your self activation, you will get 100% extra on daily bonus.

4. Matching bonus

Whenever you will do a pair match in the company, you will get 10% commission of the equivalent matching.

2 directs will be compulsory to get this income from the company.

5. Leadership bonus

Adsense media is giving you an opportunity to earn from leadership bonus. From level 1, company will give you 5% commission on each joining. Level 2 gives you 4% and similarly till level 10, you will get 1% on each joining.

6. Reward Program

Company is giving you ranks and rewards on your achievements in the company.

When you will achieve sapphire rank, you will get your first reward of 10 thousand rupees and so on.

4. Terms and conditions

All the major terms and conditions are listed below. If you want to join the company, it is mandatory for you to go through all the terms.

Hope you got to learn all the mandatory things about the company, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs with many business plan reviews.

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