Adedoyin Oseni, The Saxophonist who has carved a niche for Himself

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Adedoyin Oseni, the saxophonist who is known for Song “incense” has carved a niche for himself. He is celebrated for his unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, who has captivated audiences both in his native Nigeria and across the globe.

With a passion for music that started at a young age, Adedoyin has dedicated himself to mastering the saxophone, transforming it into a vessel for expressing deep messages and connecting with audiences.

More than just a performer, Adedoyin is a musical curator, creating events that go beyond the notes and rhythms to foster human connection and community. He has history of impactful performances, a dedication to community and upliftment, and a vision for a future where music continues to bring people together.

Adedoyin’s aspirations do not stop at performance. He is driven by a mission to uplift and inspire, aiming to establish deeper relationships within communities through his music. His concerts, characterized by their rarity in Nigeria, generate excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead, not only for Adedoyin but for the entire genre of saxophonist-led gospel music.

Adedoyin Oseni who hails from Irolu Remo, Ogun state and was born in Bariga, Lagos holds a degree in political science from the Olabisi onabanjo University and a master’s degree in marketing and brand management From huddersfield university.