When Should I Consider Going For A Surgical Intervention?

There are various injuries and disorders related to your hands and wrists. These disorders may lead to continuous pain and reduced functionality if not treated properly. If your hand condition stops you from taking part in your daily tasks, you should consider going to a hand surgeon. 

A hand surgeon will give you the expert care necessary for your hand’s recovery. If your hand disorder cannot be cured with non-surgical therapies, you might require a surgical intervention. If this is the case you will undoubtedly be looking for the best hand specialist.

Common Conditions Affecting The Hand

Your hand is used in almost every daily life task. And that’s why it’s at risk of getting injuries. Some injuries like pain, bruises, or swelling can be cured with non-surgical treatments. At the same time, some injuries require surgical intervention. Repetitive movements in such hand disorders are stress on your hands’ tendons, nerves, and joints. 

Arthritis can affect any part of your body. Hand Arthritis is often a cause of pain, stiffness, and loss of function. Other than hand arthritis, various other conditions may lead to severe hand disorders, such as:

  • carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • hand wounds
  • fractures
  • sports injuries on hands or wrist
  • nerve injury
  • wrist or finger instability
  • tendon disorders

When To Get Surgery?

Hand injuries can take various forms, but the real question is, when do you need surgical intervention for your hand? 

The median nerve runs through the carpal tunnel on the wrist. This nerve is squashed when you have acute carpal tunnel syndrome. This disorder leads to pain and numbness in hand. Your hand specialist will suggest you get surgery if other treatments can’t cure the disorder.

No matter what hand disorder you are suffering from, you can cure it with non-surgical treatments if it’s in an early stage. Although surgery can heal your hand quickly, it’s not always necessary. The medical field has discovered various non-surgical treatments to provide quick treatment with less pain. 

Urgent surgery is required for uncommon disorders such as acute carpal tunnel syndrome. Modern science offers two possible surgeries for acute carpal treatment:

  • Open Carpal Tunnel Release

Open release surgery includes enlarging the carpal tunnel. Firstly, the surgeon cuts about a 2 inches incision on the wrist. Then, he will enlarge your carpal tunnel with the help of surgical instruments. It is an effective surgical process to cure acute carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

The objective is to reduce the pressure on the median nerve. In the case of endoscopic surgery, small cuts and tiny instruments are used to release the band of tissue around the wrists. Usually, one cut is made on the wrist while another is on the palm. This is an effective way to minimize pressure on the median nerve. 

These surgical procedures offer similar risks and are equally good at healing the symptoms. But the endoscopic treatment offers fast recovery, and you can return to your work sooner. Thus, if you can’t endure your hand disorder anymore, visit your surgeon now to know whether you require surgery or not.

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