888Tron Review: 888TRON Casino, 888 Tokens & Dividends

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888Tron is one of the most popular TRON casinos. In this review, I’ll give you information about 888Tron, 888 tokens and 888Tron dividends, and show you how to play on 888Tron.


About 888Tron

888TRON is one of the most popular decentralized gambling platforms in the blockchain ecosystem. Built on the TRON blockchain, 888TRON is a decentralized, high volume casino with lots of games.

It is currently one of the most popular gambling dapps on the TRON blockchain.


888Tron Dividends

888TRON has its own token called 888 tokens. You can earn 888 tokens by playing on the platform which is called mining. 65% of the profit generated in the platform are distributed to those who freeze their 888 tokens.


How To Play On 888tron?

888TRON is a TRON-based decentralized gambling platform which means that users use their own TRX wallet to play on 888TRON and receives their rewards to their wallet through smart contracts without involvement of third parties.

To play on desktop devices, you need to install TRONLink wallet on your browser, which is the first and most popular TRON wallet. If you go to the platform and click on games, you will be asked to install TRONLink on your browser.

After installing TRONLink, you can create a TRX wallet in few steps very easily, which is very similar to creating an Ethereum wallet with MetaMask extension.

You need TRX to play on 888tron, so you should send TRX from an exchange or your wallet to your TRX address on TRONLink. After funding your wallet, you can take a look at games on 888tron and start gaming.


Is 888Tron Legit Or Scam?

888TRON is a decentralized, fair gambling platform, powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology. So, you don’t need to trust a third party with your funds or worry about fairness. You can safely play on 888TRON with secure TRON wallets such as TRONLink.

Besides that, 888TRON is one of the best and most used TRON-based gambling dapps. It has operated stably and paid its players over $5.8m dividend so far.


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