A Research on 365RCS Review, Registration, Withdrawal – Is 365RCS Scam or Legit

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365RCS Review

Have you ever thought of how and where these Sports people get their money from?
Did you know it was your money that Barcelona use to sign his players?

365RCS was once among one of the bet365’s shareholders and left bet365 in 2018 and was
renamed Intellivision Technology Company whose main investor is Singapore V Fund.

Singapore V Fund invested in the development of a system HFQ (High-Frequency Quantitative)
trading system which was conducted by 365rcs and created the app named 365rcs and implied
the system in the mobile application.

After the development of the HFQ trading system, Intellivision Technology Company, we find
out that they had to build a matrix support system and that matrix support system was created
named UBM (United Bookmaker Matrix).

How does 365RCS.com work?

  • The user will have to register on our app, create an account, and deposit $10 minimum using
    USDT and select a game then let the system automatically bet for you. When the time is up,
    your profit will be credited to your balance immediately.
  • The user may withdraw the profit from 21USDT and the Minimum withdrawal is 21USDT.
    The system gives you a daily profit of 0.5% to 4.5% daily from your initial deposit and you select
    as many games as up to 100 games per day.
  • Our premium users will have the privilege to experience the high-frequency quantitative
    trading system by a simple deposit of 100USDT to be upgraded as a premium user and get 10
    USDT bonus.
    The HFQT offers different types of plans which includes daily, weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, 60
    days, 90 days, 180 days & 360 days plans and after the profit is accumulated according to the
    chosen plans, our premium users can immediately withdraw the balance to their crypto wallet or
    choose to continue.
    During the chosen plans, our system will automatically deduct the available balance to auto-bet
    it to get their daily commissions.

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