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With lot of up and down affecting passionate followers and dear investors of the Nigeria News Update Platform, the brain behind it Mr Paul Samson still creates news platforms like the Twitam and NNU TV Studio. The section of NNU TV review will entail more.

Intelligence Overview : Who is the Founder of NNU NG ? Paul Samson

Who Owns NNU TV

Oracle PSO or Paul Samson as well known is the founder of NNU TV. Clearly, he is known as a Nigerian Online Entrepreneur, a web marketter, and one with a couple of failed online schemes.


NNU TV is an online entertaining season lunch from NNU TV Studio featuring an interview with Oracle PSO.

Obviously, he is among few Nigerians who have successfully made 6-7 figure monthly without involving in internet illegal activities and Yahoo scams.

Nonetheless, his business has being of the disadvantages of millions whom he has defrauded of their payment on his platform varying platforms. NNU TV review shows he has turned deaf on his contact mediums.

Bloggers Lied About v2 Review – Nnuforum Income Program Scam or Legit

What is NNU TV About

NNU TV is an online entertaining season lunch from NNU TV Studio featuring an interview with Oracle PSO. Noteworthy, the lunch of NNU TV features an interview with the Oracle PSO or Mr Paul Samson himself.

Undeniably, he is the founder of NNU Income Project currently at, Coolnaira, Seedershub, DHYcrew, HIWAP among a few others. Some which have disappointed millions while crumbling.

NNU TV Review – Scam or Legit Platform

Starting with NNU TV being scam or legit shouldn’t have being in the picture, but building trust is undeniably important. Therefore, saying NNU TV is scam or legit isn’t necessary because no form of investment is involved.

Conclusively, NNU TV reviewed it founder who answered a lot of questions in a bid to continuously promote his platform with visual convincing points.

The NNU TV is proposed to feature majorly on YouTube, and he has a powerful way of having his wish get done.

Finally, NNU founder Paul Samson is set to lunch his own social platform called Twitam which all users must be part of before being paid.

Twitam App And NNU TV

Though an article discussing about the NNU Twitam app aiming to displace Facetious for easy flexibility is pre-lunched, there is a link. The Twitam social platform is still being accessed on browsers while awaiting it app being released for download.

Please Share Article 💕 Review : Is Hiwap Income Login Scam or Legit


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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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My Experience Being A Google Local Guide In Port Harcourt City, Nigeria



Hi dear readers, after a while being absent, your favorite “Blogger Scientist” is back with an evergreen mind blowing experience & stories of miles with an app “wink”.

An app? Some may ponder… Yes! It’s my story 😂. That app is the Google Map App on all devices.

If I may ask, What is the primary function of the Google Map app on your device?

  • Nothing
  • Viewing places when bored
  • Measuring walking distances
  • Tracing a routh
  • Viewing Satellite Imagery
  • Having Aerial Photography
  • Checking out 360° Interactive Panoramic Street View
  • Checking Real-time Traffic Conditions
  • Etc

Well, there is more to it which I will certainly disclose. Have you ever considered adding a place to that map you love using to view places?

If you have that intention, I can help you be a Google Local Guide too.

What is the Local Guides Program

All across the globe, Local Guides are users who have voluntary embarked on a mission to help people wherever they are to find find the places worth discovering.

Thereby, putting a smile on their face while traveling, touring, or locating any place at all.

Does Google Pay Local Guides

Honestly, this is a service rendered without Pro-bono or monetary benefits like income programs. It’s not like NNU, Busybee, Zinoly, EliteFinFx, Msport etc

It is a community of self volunteers who wants to make the world a better global community to individuals or organization using the Google Map App.


Google Local Guides Aims At Making The World A Better Global Community


But there is good news, as a Port Harcourt Local Guide, I can testify Google rewards all it reviewers for their hard work.

Some Awesome Bounty Rewards

  • Star Ranking
  • Being A Local Guide Moderator
  • Enjoying Meet Up
  • Yearly Reward from Google
  • A Tour To California

So, what are you waiting for to help make Google a better Global Community?

The Secret Of My Being A Port Harcourt Local Guide

Highly dense with population, Port Harcourt is a City with lot of travellers daily, and individuals trying to locate various places.

As an “Award-winning Web Leak & Review” blogger, the local guide was an ultimate medium to give honest reviews to places.

Additionally, I could rate poor places with 1-5 stars 🌟 accordingly. As a Port Harcourt local guide, I have gotten permission to enter some places to take photographers because am a ‘Rater’.

Subsequently, as a student I have converted my University campus to my tertiary territory for ratings and reviewing. Some of the places I have added to the map has benefited students largely.

These places are restaurants, bars, housing areas, markets, parks, banks, sporting centers and so know.


Some Of My Listing Links Around My Campus

Top Notch Conducive Buildings To Study.

Awesome Eateries With Comfortable Cost

Comfortable Housing Estate Around Campus

7 Banks Closed To Campus For Students


The Joy Of Reviewing and Reward

Late 2019, I believed Google noticed my effort and I was contacted to summit my address for a parcel. Few weeks into 2020, a local delivery brought my package to my doorstep.

This has so motivated me to continue reviewing places around Port Harcourt City and the University of Port Harcourt Campus. Why not give it a try as well.

Conclusively, as your favorite “Blogger Scientist”, I want to bring it to the know that I represented my Campus for a National Debate, guess what? I came out first.

“Cheers We Chant”. 🍾🍷🥂🍸🥃


From Sun To Rain – Helping A Kid On His Feet Back Home With Emotions


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NewsLiteNg Review – Scam or Legit – Registration – Login



It’s not a new news to read about income program in Nigeria. For the past two years, it’s has now become a business with high number of thriving members and Compititors.


What is NewsLiteNg About

NewsLiteNg is an affiliate forum that focus on delivering quality, informative, benefiting , relevant, sophisticated and latest items shared by authors and signed up members on multiple issues.

Subsequently, the issues range from politics, entertainment, business, sports, relationship, opinion,travel, marriage, gossip, jokes, culture, celebrity and many more.


NewsliteNg Review

Firstly, NewsLiteNg income program is acclaimed to be designed in a bid to help it members make money online legitimately by Reading, Writing and Sharing quality news as well.

Additionally, users gain added income benefits for referring their friends to join the program.

NewsLiteNg Registration and Login

To login on NewsLiteNg, it’s important to register for the program. To register, users have to input the details which includes Full Name, Phone Number, Password and so on.

Is NewsLiteNg Scam or Legit

Clearly, the platform NewsLiteNg is powered by “Obeje Software Solutions”, which is a registered tech company with business number BN3022681 and head office based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This makes NewsliteNg Review a legit platform. 

This is not also a solidifying reason to be concluded scam. The address location is not stated. Maybe there is no office as well but a city based platform.

Many platforms forged payment details and we urge users to apply caution.


For complaints, help or suggestions:-

For enquiries:-

For help on advert placement and enquiries:


Team Xycinews is no affiliates to any income program and we urge users to refrain from them and the tactic for defrauding is highly likely as well. This NewsliteNg Review article is a guide and not your Final decision. 


8 Ways I Got Natural Instagram Followers 2020

Advertisement and Sponsored Post

Top5 Natural Behavior That Attract People To You


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Review Review – HiveFirm Scam or Legit, Login, Registration etc


on an online website where users get paid to share post, receive votes and more.

You create posts, ask questions, advertise your business and more. do everything you like to do on social media. and earn as people engage with the content you post.


What is Hivefirm About

Hivefirm is an online site where people can post and blog ideas. Get paid for every up votes and comments you get on your posts. Grow your businesses. and start conversations with customers and people interested.

Hivefirm review allows all users to post what ever makes them happy. unlike every other social platform, you will earn money for every upvote, comments and other activities from the audience.


Hivefirm uses a smart means to keep you on it platform making Huge Hivecoin with Little Currency value. Review

On Hive firm we believe that your skills, knowledge, passions and questions could be useful to other people and therefore have a market value. That’s why we developed a technologically advanced platform for everyone. You may have been in a situation where you needed friendly advices, a consultant or a professional who could answer to your questions but you didn’t know who to turn to and where you could find an answer at short notice.

Hive firm is a Marketplace of KNOWLEDGE, where people can put their knowledge and skills on the market and earn from it as others get involved.

We want Hive firm to be the place to share and gain knowledge while earning from it. Hive firm is a sustainable avenue for everyone to earn and also a fun business ground for everybody.

Hive firm is where you can read important insights that have never been shared anywhere else. from people you could never reach in any other way.


How to Earn on Hivefirm

Receive 1,000 hive coin when you upgrade to premium

You will receive 4000 Hivecoin for any new member that you invite with your hiveID.

Earn up to 100 hive coin daily for sharing your Hive id on other social platforms or other channels using our share button on your dashboard.

Earn 2 hive coin for every votes you cast on other peoples posts.

Earn 3 hive coin for every up votes you get on your own posts from other users. – Hivecoin

Amount you can withdraw is 10,000 Hivecoin and above. (eg H10,000 = N2000). Applicable to every other country participating on Hive firm.

Hive firm’s default currency is Naira (₦). Your earnings will be calculated and will be paid in your local currency. NGN ₦ | GH₵ | KES | ZAR | TZS.


Hivefirm Payment

Once you accumulate earnings upto 10,000 hivecoin, your eligible to make a withdrawal from your timeline. It will be processed and paid to your registered account number in your local currency.


How to Make Money on Hivefirm

Seriously, they do not pay for the number of posts you make on their platform, they pay for upvotes, comments, Hive-id shares and commissions for every successful invite your make. This makes earnings a bit hard.

Well, as a premium user you qualify for a free Business grant of up to N200,000 If active and consistent in activities on the website. This isn’t so feasible.

Additionally, you will earn everyday and all the time when you share your hive ID, when you upvote interesting posts and when you get up votes on your own posts.


Is Hivefirm Legit or Scam

Don’t waste your data and time on social platforms that don’t pay you is a popular quote from online business owners.

I once invested huge in a business because the amazing testimonies was so good, I never knew the company credited themselves with fake stories.

On Hive firm you will have a steady income for every activity you perform while you are online on the website, but we ain’t ah 3rd party, we haven’t lost any cash to them before. So saying hivefirm is scam is illogical.

Although it is not a get-rich-quick website. Sure, you will make some cash if you try. Sharing or posting what ever that matters to you just same way you use other social channels is not a lot of work, but this does not imply hivefirm is legit.

In summary, the question “Is Hivefirm legit or Scam” has being answered.


Hivefirm can’t be said to be legit as team Xycinews don’t know what will happen in the future, it might crumble down like many others. Moreover, it can’t be said to be scam because no victim report has being recorded.

Importantly, H10,000 = N2000. This money is so small and getting it isn’t easy.


Countries Hivefirm Operate

Hive firm is available in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania currently.


Hivefirm Contact


Sharing is Love 💕



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