What is Japan Age of Adulthood?

What actually is the Japanese Age of Adulthood? This question has being asked millions of times and that what this article is all about.
We all generally know what the word adulthood mean. From this point on wards, major decisions could be made without the consents of a guardian or parents. 
By 2022, with a new bill proposal under the Japanese Government, the accustomed age of adulthood which is 20 years might now be 18 years. But under one condition, if the parliament vote in favor of it. 
If this change takes effect, teenagers in their late teens of 18 and 19 years will be able to get married, make deals and contracts, fail jail terms of guilty and lot other responsibilities like an adult. This will also mean that teenage girls of the age of 16 and above can get married without the parents consents.
But there is still a restriction, these teenagers  are completely banned from taking drugs, smoking, taking  alcohol, gambling and crimes of all sorts  until they are 20 years of age. Since 1876, this would be the very first change of law involving adulthood. 
The Education and Justice Ministries have also said they will train the teenagers about the responsibilities that would come with the change of adulthood so they could decide wisely if forced to sign a business deal or if they get exploited.
Now we know what the Japanese age of adulthood is. 

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