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As we all know, team Xycinews after hours of research about, this review is your bus stop.

  • What is about ?
  • What is Instaon pricing?
  • Where can one read a legit Instaon review?
  • Does Instaon have a career provision?


Having answers to the questions that matters much to us is dearly important.

Using Google for advertising our brand or business is dearly important. An interface that is cheap, efficient and reliable is what Instaon offers.


What is About ?


About Instaon platform, it is a smart advertising platform that helps users grow their businesses using Google Ads. To begin with on the platform, users need to create their Instaon account and set their Google advertising.

This is by indicating the country and the language they desire to advertise in. The ad creation is automatic, and Instaon extracts the most relevant keywords to create an ad campaign. Daily optimizations and improvements to the ad campaigns are performed automatically. The keywords are also constantly improved using a machine learning. The tool also offers monthly reviews by a Google Ads expert and can sync campaigns with Bing.

Any changes made in the Google Ads will be mirrored to Bing Ads to eliminate rework. For Shopify users, the tool even advertises the products present in the user’s webshop on Google shopping results. They can view their campaign performance at any time on the dashboard. The AI-made changes and optimizations will be trackable to the users, and other insights are available as well.



Where is Instaon Location ?


Instaon is a leading digital marketing platform with headquarters located in the heart of Europe, Brussels.


What is Instaon PPC Campaign Generator About PPC campaign generator is an amazing tool that helps user to get more out of their PPC. Below is a recap of the features.


Instaon PPC Campaign Generator Features


  • It’s simplified and easy to use.
  • You don’t need prior knowledge about this tool to begin using it.
  • The quality of content embedded in this tool has improved vastly over the last few releases.
  • This tool is highly flexible, on any device.


Instaon Automation Software

Some of the features of the Instaon Automation Software includes :

  • Analytics (ROI Tracking)
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Channel Management
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Management
  • Website Visitor Tracking


Instaon Review

Instaon review by Xycinews exposes some of it amazing features. Instaon is time-optimizing. Instaon creates a fully automated tool for businesses willing to get more visitors.

Another amazing Instaon review feature is a machine learning algorithms that constantly improve your keywords and ads, in order to offer you the best results for a smaller budget.

No more need for expensive agencies or marketing consultants to make advanced ad structures for your search campaigns, Instaon provides that.

This is just a brief summary of Instaon review.


Instaon Pricing


Instaon pricing varies. The pricing on an ordinary level starts from a free trial period. Well known, it’s contains a very limited functions.

The the popular plan for €49 per month.

And thirdly the premium plan for about €99 per month. Obviously, this got the maximum and unlimited features.


Carry1st App Review || Legit or Scam || How To Win Money

Instaon Career


Instaon creates a revolutionary ad solution based on Artificial Intelligence to help small and medium businesses around the world with their online marketing.

Team Instaon career platform is open for work driven individuals.

So available provisions are:


  • Internship Social Media Expert
  • Internship in Digital Marketing
  • Front-end Developer
  • Senior Laravel Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Junior Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Senior  Digital Marketing Consultant


Instaon Team


  • Gregory D’Harveng, Head of Marketing

Greg worked at Google and learned all you have to know about digital marketing. He knows how much small and medium companies can benefit from Google Ads when it is done correctly.


  • Patrick De Caluwé, Head of Technology

Patrick is a software engineer who launched several companies and worked at the European Space Agency. He keeps the Instaon boat in good waters.


  • Ambre Gubbels, Head of Customer Success

As a truly empathetic and customer centric person, Ambre is responsible for ensuring that our customers achieve their desired outcome while using our product.


  • Yarkın TIRAŞ, Digital Marketing Specialist

Yarkin is a creative and dynamic digital marketing expert. He is passionate about helping SMBs growing through Google Ads and has helped countless clients from the ME market.



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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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Review Review – Is SKukPay Scam Or Legit



Online income sites in never a new one to many of us out there, names like NNU, Zinoly etc is a common one. Lately, income sites has increased vastly in Nigeria. This article focus on Skulpay Income program – is Skulpay review being  scam or legit, the review.


What Is Skulpay About

The site SkulPay is aimed at updating students with latest educational posts across the country. Thereby, striving to generate income for student as they get updated. All that is needed for every student and youth is to sign up and start benefiting from SkulPay. Review

There are lot of Skulpay review on the internet, but this article entails a brief summary. SkulPay was created to serve as an online income sites that post quality, credible and trusted news about Nigeria’s education system. The platform earns from advertising products, and Google Ads.


Making Money on Skulpay

Making money is not complicated at all as it follows other income sites pattern.

N300 – Welcome bonus
N100 – Sharing sponsored post daily
N50 – Daily login
N50 – For Publishing
N5 – For Reading Post
N600 – Referral
N500 – Every month for being an active member of SkulPay Forum Income Program.
Following the above pattern
“You can be making more than N50,000 monthly if you make good use of this opportunity”.

Skulpay Referral Program

Currently, we are short of information and can’t talk much on this. Visit the link below for more information and screenshot.

Ptech Indepth Review


Is Skulpay Scam or Legit

Skulpay has a clean reputation as no scam case has being reported. Anyways, visit the above link for more information on Skulpay scam or legit review.


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Review Review – Is Topshort Link Shortner legit or Scam


on Review – Topshort Referral Program – Payment and is – scam or legit.

Link shorteners such as bitly, adfly among many others isn’t strange and new. is a new shortner platform and let see what it has to offer.


What is

TopShort is an online completely free tool where you can shorten links and get paid for it. So you can now make money by boosting your shortened links.


Earning on

You earn and get paid in 3 easy steps. With TopShort you can earn money shortening your desired links and sharing them. Start now with the below steps.


Creating Account

Firstly, you have an account with them created. This welcomes you in.


Shorten Links

Short your links using the tool in the dashboard. It could be your blog articles or anything.


Earn money

When done sharing your shortened links, then get ready to be paid.

2019 Tips – How To Get High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit Referral Program offers 25% Referral bonus. TopShort referral program is a great way to earn extra money by sharing TopShort with your friends. Refer new users and receive 25% of their earnings for life. Minimum Payout


Thee minimum payout on topshort is $5.00. Once reached you can order for payment. Review : Deep Mulabox Scam or Legit Secret Exposed

Topshort net review scam or legit Review

The topshort platforms helps users make the highest profit from their traffic with their increasing payout rates. Additionally, you shorten links more quickly with the API and that brings your creative and advanced leads.

Control and track all your links using the modern and minimalistic administration panel. This review also learns you can know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt.


Is Scam or Legit

From some statistics, we can’t say exactly. But since we are not Affliate nor promoting this platform, we are not saying is scam or is legit.

The payment frequency is weekly and minimum withdrawal $5. Withdrawal Methods

Paypal, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer.
For each invited user as your referral, you will receive 25% of their earnings for life.
Fake & Bot Traffic is not allowed. (All other traffic is allowed)

Review Free Online Marketplace – Scam or Legit OList Review


This article highlights review if it’s scam or legit, referral program and payment method.


Sharing is Love 💕

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100% Soccertok Review : Is Legit or Scam Affiliate Program



Daily, millions of Nigerians among global users login and join new social platforms. Sometimes for chatting, meeting new people, reading news among others. is a news lunched online earning site. Soccertok affiliate program stands to be reviewed by Xycinews Media.

You may ask, is soccertok legit or scam?, Where can I read honest soccertok affiliate program review, how do I earn from soccertok, among many other questions.

Honestly, I assure you this is just one of over 50 online income sites we have well detailed written review on. So all your questions and complaints got an answer.

Use the table of content for easy navigation.

What is Soccertok Affiliate Program About

Undeniably, millions of users globally love football. is a Nigerian based income site that rewards users for participating and sharing their love about football on their platform.


Top5 Unpopular Nigerian Blogs with Massive Growth


How To Make Money on


Soccertok Login

When you login soccertok daily, you earn ₦100.

₦100 X 30 DAYS = ₦3,000.


Reading News on Soccertok

When you read any latest news you earn ₦10, if you read 100 latest news per day that is ₦10 X 100 news read = ₦1,000.

₦1,000 X 30 days = ₦30,000.


Posting on Soccertok

When you post a well structured football news you earn ₦1,000.

Copy and pasting of soccer news will not be approved.

Commenting on Soccertok

When you comment on any latest news you earn ₦10. Bare in mind that you Comment only once on a single post.

Referring on Soccertok

You earn ₦200 when you refer your friends to join soccertok football affiliate program.


Soccertok Referral Program

Team Soccertok published referral of inactive users isn’t welcome. All users ought be active.

Additionally, referral isn’t compulsory as users still get paid on Friday without referring anyone.

Again, Referring yourself will lead to deactivation of your account, you can refer other persons but you must never fake your referrals or your account will be deactivated permanently.


How To Withdraw Your Earnings on Soccertok


Firstly, requesting for withdrawal without reaching the minimum amount of ₦5,000 can lead to deactivation of your account. You need attain the minimum amount before you can request for withdrawal of earnings.


Soccertok Registration


Initially, Soccertok registration is 100% free. During this demo mood, you can comment, share post, publish post but won’t get paid.

Before cashing out, you need to upgrade your account to premium. This cost  N1,600. Therefore, you Can’t Withdraw Your Earnings Without Upgrading Your Account.

NOTE : you can Only Withdraw your earnings every Friday when you reach your minimum withdrawal and you get paid within 24hours directly to your bank account.

Minimum Amount To Withdraw Is ₦5,000, meaning you can withdraw more than that every Friday.


Soccertok Review

Registration after earning a reasonable amount is a fine idea. This help you decide if you can make it on the platform before going Premiun. Obviously, this is a big thumbs for that development unlike other platforms

Many individuals love football and go into betting, most times lossing huge fortune in cash and getting into debt. This could be an alternative and it’s great.

Soccertok review by Xycinews affirms to be a great platform (As of when this article was published).


Is Legit or Scam Site

We heard of, NNU, Hiwap, Zinoly, Giftal world, Elitefinance, 007reporters, Lazaam, Joompt and lot lot lot of them. Them xycinews can’t vouch for any online income sites as we are not third party or affiliated with the owners of the platform

Team Xycinews is not a signed up member, we can’t say how you do your thing, either to join soccertok or not. This article is a guide and overview about affiliate program. Trend With Caution and at your own safety or risk.

So, is Soccertok legit or Scam? We have no concrete evidence to declare it scam or legit as of when this article was published.


Sharing is Appreciation 💕


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