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Leaks Review  || Multi Publisher News Site || Legit or Scam 


on Review.

Everyday, many sites rise with the promise of satisfying it users with World Class News. Unfortunately, it sometimes not the case.

Also, some promise to share their site revenues with their users. 

This is Review. Read to the end before joining them, drop a comment below and also share this.


What is Review About  is a multi publisher news and entertainment website. Also, it is an online site to get breaking world news on sports, technology, lifestyle, business and more.

Also, you can watch videos, photos and interviews on this site. maintains a reasonable level of content on their site for users satisfaction.

Currently, no site has published a review and that why this article is unique.


Massive Growing Nigerian Blogs


Note – Team Xycinews were not paid to publish this leak review.

It is an extension of our “World Leaks and Review Program” for educational purposes only.

Use the comment box for Questions, Complaints and Recommendations with Regards this Review article.

Another amazing feature is that users can summit post according to the site standard and get it approved. Aim

Like other sites, brands and companies, Topnews is not excluded.

Topnews aims at being the number one online entertainment website. Also, a place were users can read the trending stories around the web for free. review

Topnews AD Revenue Sharing Platform

Also in this Review is it’s earnings and revenue system.

Topnews now assure to pay users for carrying out activities on their site.

These activities includes reading and commenting on posts, and sharing their Sponsored Posts on social media.

Also, it includes submission of posts, daily login and taking part in special giveaway competition.


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Reward Activities on Topnews


Below is the breakdown of the activities that reward you on Topnews.

TopNews Income Program will give you access to the following Earning Opportunities.

Instant Registration Bonus = ₦500
Submitted Post = ₦500
Comment on Post = ₦2
Sharing of News on (WhatsApp and Twitter) = ₦2
Refer a User = ₦5

₦100,000   Friend Challenge: “You Have To Read News Daily, More than 3 News Articles” – Challenge ends 31st July 2019.
Sponsored Post Sharing = ₦500 (coming soon).

Special Monthly Giveaways for Qualified Members (Approved writers) – Winners Get ₦1000, ₦1,500, ₦2000, ₦2500, ₦3000


Top5 Gadgets That Changed Teenagers Lifestyle Today Prons and Cons

Every business has their positive aspect and negativity. Well the cons or negativity is always a secret.

This section below exposes lot of information you will want to read about.


Topnews Registration Fee

Registration on TopNews is 100%. You will receive N500 as Sign up Bonus when you register.


How does Topnews Profit?

Also on this review is the earning system. They earn  money through custom advertising system and Google Adsense.


How to Withdraw

You can withdraw your earning by clicking on “My Account,” then proceed by scrolling down, you will see a “Payout” link.

Click on it, enter your Bank details, Wait for next 48 hours to receive you earning.

Note: Withdrawal is for those that have attained the minimum withdrawal balance of ₦5000.


Cool Naira is No Legit Again

Referral Earning

Go to MY ACCOUNT page or click here ( ). Find the referral Link, Copy and share on social Media.


Disadvantages and Cons of

Topnews is really strict. Their Punishment and Penalty is worth crosses examined.

Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT in anyway duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn.

Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act. does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on

Kindly adhere to this rule. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT click back when you share article. Failure to abide by these rule you get deduction and you account will be restricted.

Do NOT open more than ONE account. Failure to abide by these rule, would deduct all earnings from your Account and you account will be restricted.


Topnews Contact

For questions and direct complains, mail them at
Email :

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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.



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Horrifying – Buckets Filled With Used Pants and Pads Found In This Nigerian University Female Hostel.









With the desperation of owning a Benz, lot of ritual practice with the used of condemned undies has being executed.

After series of death cases around the University campus, another shocking news has evolved.

In the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), the female hostel precisely, a bucket with condemned and used undies was found.

It is acclaimed that an anonymous female students whose identity remains unknown has being carrying out this terrible mischievous conduct.


Yes, You Can Use Pant To Buy Benz in Nigeria – Nigerian Ritual Practice Secret Leaked 


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Leaks Review : Is Hiwap Income Login Scam or Legit


on Review :  Scam or Legit


Welcome to Review. After our first article, this one discusses about hiwap income program and hiwap login Informations. or hiwap income is a site that offers members an opportunity to make extra income from the comfort of their home, this is after passing through hiwap login stage.



Hiwap Income Earnings Listing

This section highlights how the platform claims users can earn cash.

Membership  Fee

With a one time investment / product purchase / membership fee of ₦2,000;



You will gain access to write for and earn ₦1,000 per article approved.



As an affiliate, you earn 50% direct referral commission for introducing people to take part in this opportunity.


Indirect Bonus

You will earn 25% indirect commission from your sub referral and


Matching Bonus

10% matching bonus when your referrals complete their circle every time.

The Matrix

Hiwap 2 x 2 matrix circle is very simple, no long stages, no long recruit level, no overrated promises of incentive. Earn the money as you go.

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Cashing Out on Hiwap Income

Hiwap allows users to cash out every Friday. Importantly, they must meet a minimum of ₦5,000 earning threshold.

The Hiwap Login and Registration Step


Registration is absolutely FREE. You only need a valid email address to activate your account.

You also need ₦2,000 to become a pro member and gain full access to all our premium quality products.

Get your referral link in order to take advantage of Hiwap earning opportunity, otherwise, you can always remain a free member and digest the health content. Payment and Coupons


For an upgrade in account, contact the persons below on whatsapp :

Samuel Joy    07082778117

Paul Samson    08169787210

Egu Chris    07062434715

Obiji Emmmanuel    08037803246

Uzoma        08037859257



Is Hiwap Legit or Scam


When NNU, founded by Hiwap Co-Founder Paul Samson Kicked off, everyone was glad. Things got bad when cashing out in the future grew from N5,000 threshold to N20,000.


We are not saying this will happen, but we are only hoping the way NNU was managed wouldn’t be the same with this.


Currently, Hiwap income on the URL has no record for scam. It’s legit for now.


Xycinews Media Disclaimer


This is not a promotional article, we were never paid to write it.

Xycinews media is dedicated into reviewing sites and products.

Any consequences incured after joining hiwap, we wouldn’t be held responsible.


Please Share 👍

Sharing is Appreciation 💕

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Stop and Read This JOOMTA Review – Is Scam or Legit!



 JOOMTA Review – Is Scam or Legit!


Joomta is an affiliate program founded in Nigeria. The program promise it users of earning up to N40,000 monthly for being active and making referrals.


But that isn’t the primary focus now. After so many persons searching the web for terms like, joomta review, is scam or legit, is joomta a honest scheme, joomta payment proof, joomta 2019, among many others.

We have decided to write this article with uniqueness from other web posts.


With our well categorized sub headings, you will find the most suitable sub topic of your desire.


A Review on the Founder of || Is 9jaupdate Income Program Legit or Scam?


Signing Up On Joomta Affiliate Program


For many who have heard or read a lot about joomta, the sign-up process will mean a lot to them. Well, below is a step by step guide on signing up.


  • Visiting is certainly the first step to take.
  • Next, you input you your personal info. They include your full name, contact, e-mail address, and bank details.
  • Securing your account. You have to input a strong password and confirm it.


Afterwards, your faced with your dashboard. Now, you will see your referral link and it’s time to start ‘sharing the word’.


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Getting Paid On


You will certainly agree, everyone worker must expect a pay. For this reason, we are highlighting and discussing how to get paid on Joomta.

Here, users get paid for the previous month on the third day of the current month.

Let illustrate, if a member earns about N40,000 in April, he will be paid on the 3rd of May.


Interestingly, it seems so easy. Also, you can refer maximum of 100 persons per month.


Referring 10 persons gives N4,000, If you refer 50 People you will earn 20,000 Naira. If you refer 100 people, then that is cool 40,000 Naira.


That is how easy they have made it seem. But who gives out money to millions of its users this easily ?


The Dashboards and Tabs on Joomta


Once your loged into your Joomta Account, there are other tabs you will be faced with. The referral tab, this is the primary one.

Other tabs include the view your earning, where users can see how much they have earned. Also, is the Account Balance Tab to view users balance on the Joomta program.

The other tab is View Total Referrals made this week. Once you click on that tab, you will be able to see how many people have joined you on the joomta affiliate program with your link.


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JOOMTA Review – Is Scam or Legit!


Your faced now with the big fish, the review by Xycinews media. This section is the primary focus of this article.

I will encourage you read this section carefully, comment if necessary, and also remember to share 👍 .


Over the years, we have reviewed lot of programs that looks like Joomta. Some acted true to the end, while many folded out.


Joomta unlike other Nigerian online scheme is free, 100% free and this reduce their trusted rate.

A platform that is assumed to pay million of users over 40k monthly will certainly be runned by a philatrophist or big business tycoon.


Sites like this target at making huge traffic from referrals and manipulating when it comes to payment. They claim to earn from adverts and promotions, well this isn’t a good kickoff.

Joomta though growing fast, is yet to have earns very little from advertisement.

So sad, users are automatically forced to spam their friends and family with referral link in a bid to get paid.

Joomta has no legal office and official working hour as an organization.

Joomta is not a registered and license organisation. We will update this section if the meet the above mentioned.


Who is Joomta Founder or Owner


This should be put into primary consideration before joining and spamming users with referral links.

Sites like kidsearncash, kidsearnmoney, Kidsgetpaid among many others are operated by unknown serial web Scammers.

For a successful business organisation, the true information about it’s owners should never be kept anonymous or private.

The identity of Joomta founder is hidden, unlike Paul Samson of NNU.

The contact info and address is fake, scroll below for further info.



Who is King Monada Real Father and Mother ? What is King Monada Real Age


Joomta Review – Contact and Address


Until an accurate address and contact information is provided, there is no prove of them being a legal organisation.

Joomta is a Nigerian based site, bought under Namecheap Inc. They claim their address is at Panama. P.O. Box 0823-03411. This is just a big lie.


As a Nigerian based site, the contact number is supposed to start with (+234), but that is not their domain purchase contact.


Their purchase contact is

Phone = +507.8365503
Fax = +51.17057182

Joomta Payment Proof

This section is being researched and published in our second article.

The second article is done and it covers all the information you want about Joomta Payment Proof .


Other Schemes We Have Exposed

This section is just ah highlight of some online and legit schemes we have exposed.

Honest Givers Clique Review || Is Givers Clique Scam or Legit

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Carry1st App Review || Legit or Scam || How To Win Money

Intelligence Overview : Who Really is NNU Founder? Paul Samson


Feel free to read any of the above articles.



This article is subject to further update if need be.



Sharing is Appreciation  👍 

Commenting is Love 💕



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