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Top5 Unknown Foods That Reduce Constipation, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention.



This is our very first article on Health Under Top5 as well. Be ready to read about the unknown Top5 food that reduce constipation, the meaning of constipation, the causes of constipation, prevention of constipation and more. 
What is Constipation and Signs of Constipation.

This is a condition whereby a victim have problems emptying his or her bowel. Some of it major signs includes:
  • Hard and very dried looking stools stony forms. 
  • Experience a very hard and painful bowel movement.
Symptoms and Causes of Constipation 
Constipation starts gradually over a period of time when some required nutrients are absent in the body over a long period of time,  when the victim is prone to dehydration among others.
Some of the signs and symptoms includes 
  • Stoolling out blood pigment which would be noticed in tissues. 
  • Reluctance to stool and drink water.
  • Sometimes, medications and lifestyles which may affect our diet, such as eating too much fatty foods and more.
  • Feeling often dehydrated.
  • Diet change and enduring stool for a long time.
Prevention of Constipation 

Constipation could obviously be prevented but that depends on the awareness and readiness of the victims. 
Welcome to the main part of the story. The Top5 unknown foods that reduce constipation is about to be unveiled to you. But you must know that this is not all the fruit list. 
  1. The Berries:  Strawberries ,🍓  blackberries, raspberries, blueberries among other berry fruits comes here as number one because of it unimaginable benefits to the body, as well as  fighting and preventing constipation. Berries are rich in fibers, it strengthened the immune, and support the intestines wall with rich juice. It is better to eat this fruit raw. 
  2. Grapes 🍇 and Apples :  Grapes and Apples are fruits rich in fiber. Though of different fruit class, apple stimulates the production of saliver in the mouth, reducing mouth decay effect, fights skin aging, decreases diabetes risk, and makes a healthier heart, reduce and fight constipation with it nutritional fiber value and neutralizes bowel movements. Whereas, grapes treats constipation, fight indigestion and help the kidneys. This is truly a must eat to prevent constipation.
  3. Water: Without mentioning water, this list is automatically invalid. Water help the body for proper regulation, supplies the intestine with moisture to add to stool and fight against constipation and balances our body fluids.
  4. Broccoli:
    Broccoli contains a substance called sulfiraphane that protect the gut and ease digestion. This Sulforaphane is also known to help prevent the overgrowth of some intestinal microorganisms that can interfere with healthy digestion. Thereby preventing constipation automatically.
  5. Sauerkraut: Sauerkraut a fine cabbage contains probiotic bacteria that helps to improve digestion and reduce constipation. These bacteria may also boost immune function and the digestion of lactose, creating a free flow in the bowel. Sauerkraut boost digestion, and boost the immune system. 
A pretty fine list of Top5 Unknown Foods That Reduce Constipation, and also helps in fighting constipation.
So share this article to loved ones too and save them. 

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BBNAIJA 2019 – Kim Oprah Biography, Parents, Wikipedia, Age, State, Photos, Education and Instagram.




BBNaija 2019 with lot of speculation and anticipation has gotten the minds of million on it. Over 50 million anticipating and actively following the show, lot of things lies in ahead.


After searching the web for her biography and other useful information, I never found a fulfilling article. This article promises to cover the widest range of Kim Oprah profile.

Importantly, don’t forget to share this article to millions of desiring readers worldwide.

Among thousands of contestant, being selected among the Top 21 makes her profile worth reading about. Recall that the grand prize for the winner of this year’s edition which has been tagged “Pepper Dem” is N60M worth of gifts.


BBNaija Kim Oprah Biography and Wikipedia Profile


The fourth season of the Big Brother Naija reality show, season 4 started on Sunday with 21 housemates. From years back till now, there have never being 21 housemates.

The year 2017 had only 14 housemates, while 2018 had 20.

Getting familiar with the first house winner Kim Oprah is worth it.


“I will do two things with the money, Invest in my business and further my Education”


Who Is Kim Oprah?

Kim Oprah is a Television Presenter for Bubbly who believes no height is impossible to attain. She owns a business and her favorite book is ‘Smart Money Woman’ by Arese Ugwu

The African beauty achieved the impossible when she represented Nigeria at the “Miss Intercontinental World Beauty Pageantry”. Kim-Oprah is not just a pretty lady, she owns a business and her favorite book is ‘Smart Money Woman’ by Arese Ugwu.



Kim Oprah Parents


Every brilliant child is certainly proud of her parents. Kim Oprah is no exceptional.

Kimoprah parents Kimoprah parents



Kim Oprah Education and lifestyle


Lot of information about her is not yet exposed, but she certainly hates lies.
if she emerges the winner of the house show, she already got plans. She said “I will do two things with the money, Invest in my business and further my Education by doing a Business Management Course”.



Kim Oprah Photos



Kim Oprah Biography YouTube Video.


For more information and video, use the link below:

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The Story Of Edward – A Young Gifted Nigerian Football Star Worth Recognizing




After a vigorous research and observation of some field sport men, a young football star with amazing football skills struck our notice.

So agile with legs like flash, dribbles tactical and shoots so accurate, Edward Emmanuel Odinaka was called for interview.


Edward Emmanuel Brief Biography


Edward Emmanuel Odinaka by name is aged 17 from Etche LGA, Rivers state, Nigeria. He is a very good left footed player and a young Nigerian football star in the making.

He is the captain of Solid Boys Football Club located at Igbo Etche where he take his training. I This place is in Port Harcourt.


Edward Emmanuel Awards And Recognition


First, credit to his coach Sampson Courage, a hard working and spirit filled Coach.

Edward Emmanuel has won the tittle of “Tournament Best Player” twice. This was in the year 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Subsequently, the 2016 “Male Best Player Award Winner” was hit with another auspicious award been the “Highest Goal Scorer”.


The Young Football Star Golden Desire.


The time spent with him was worth spending, a guy so funny and energetic.


During the course of conversation, we asked:

Team Xycinews : So, if asked to make one golden request, what would that be?

Young Star : (smiles), this is the question I want a golden solution to ooo.

Team Xycinews : So what is the request our friend ?

Young Star : (mood drops), my family is not so stable financially, I just want someone, company, agent, anything, anyone that will give me a chance to show myself to the world.

Edward Emmanuel Contact


With lot of readers on Xycinews media, we can’t who exactly views all our post. But if in position, maybe an agent or organization.

Team Xycinews recommends Edward Emmanuel Odinaka as a talented young star and great left footer. Surprisingly, he uses both legs so well.

You can directly contact him via his phone line or whatsapp him (+234)9060-507-158.

Twitter @EDWARDE86875062

Instagram @edward_emmanuel



Catch Them Young.

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Rema Mavins Biography, Age, Songs, Net worth, Pictures and Wikipedia.




From singing with small bands, rapping in churches and school, the name Rema has being brought to the world’s light.


This article reveals the Supreme Mavin Dynasty Act, Rema Biography, age, educational background, songs, net worth and Wikipedia update.


Rema Biography and Profile

Divine Ikubor known on stage as Rema is a Nigerian Hip Hop artist, Afro beat art, song writer, model and recording act.

Rema Real Name is Divine Ikubor


His early life was spent in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. There he also finished his primary and secondary school education.


Rema Age


Divine Ikubor was born in the year 2000. This implies Rema is 18 years old currently. It clearly obvious fortune shown on him at an early stage in life.


Rema is 18 Years Old



Rema Supreme Mavin Dynasty Record


On the 22nd day of March 2019, Rema life had another amazing chapter.

Don Jazzy, the CEO of Nigerian top music record label called the Supreme Mavin Dynasty unveiled a new artist, Rema.

Young star Rema is the first artist the Mavins Record is unveiling after their multimillion-dollar investment with the Kubanda holdings.


Rema Net Worth and Wikipedia


Rema was just signed into the record label, and not much is known about his net worth yet. However, has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Rema Songs

New to the industry, he hasn’t dropped so much singles. Under Mavins Dynasty, he only has two singles to his credit. ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Dumebi’.


Rema Pictures


Thanks for reading this far, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


For some who aren’t familiar with the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and their Artist. I consider it fine to upload some of Rema pictures after reading his biography, age, wiki and songs.

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