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Top5 Popular Brands Logo With Hidden Secret Meanings.



Hello Readers, welcome to another Top5 compilation list of the world popular brands logo with a hidden secret meaning you would never think about.

Just looking, the ordinary eyes will hardly spot the simple Secret meanings out. Millions are spent on designing these big popular brands logo.

Get ready to be surprised.


Hyundai logo

The logo of Hyundai looks like a letter H and that has tricked many into thinking it because of its first letter (Hyundai – H).

But no no, it far different. Secretly behind that H looking logo is client and customer shaking hands.

So, this is certainly the first on our list of popular brands logo with secret hidden meanings.

Adidas logo
The name Adidas was derived from it founders name Adolf Dassler.

Overtime, this company has being searching for the best designs, changing their logo for about 3 times.

But always maintaining the 3 stripes crossing it.

The current logo is 3 stripes and a angle forming something like a triangle. Behind that is a mountain representing the obstacles all sports men and women have to overcome to achieve success.

The apple logo

On our list of popular brands logo with hidden secret meaning is the Apple Inc logo.

This logo was designed by a genius. On one of his interview, he disclosed the secret behind the logo.

He said he bought a basket if apples, placed them all under sun for a week, and tried an experiment of breaking the apples into something simple.

Bitting each of the apple was part of the experiment. Then he noticed two things. First, bite and bytes were similar in pronouncing and secondly, the action formed a uniqued shape.

And there it goes, the logo was formed. Could you ever guess that?


The Vaio logo
This company vaio specialize in making laptops, tablets and computers.

Have you ever carefully looked at that logo and tried to guess the meanings, or you think it just a fancy design to make it stand out?

Now the first two letters you see on Vaio’s logo symbolize analog waves and also the coming together of audio and video technologies into a main streaming computer product.

And the last two 1 and 0 you know are computer binary language.

Isn’t that cool? 

Amazon logo

Lastly, on our listing of popular brands logo with hidden secret meaning is Amazon logo.

Actually, it appears to be just an ordinary written “amazon” with a curve below it.

But let critically examine it. The orange curve below it represents a smile because the company desires all is customers to be satisfied and happy with their service.

Also look at the first and fourth letter,  it A and Z right? 

Amazon assures it customers it got all they ever need covered.

Hence, done with that listing, we sure you enjoyed reading them.

Drop a comment below about any one more fascinating and share to your love ones as well.



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Naabiae Nenu-B is an Epic Photographer and a Passionate Writer. His Epic Nature Photos and Writing Skills has Awarded lot of Recommendations and Online services.

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1 Comment

  1. foloren torium

    January 14, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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Top5 Unpopular Nigerian Blogs with Massive Growth

This is a unique list of Top5 Unpopular Nigerian Blogs and Bloggers including deaf around Nigeria.



With over 100 million website on the world wide web, knowing even 10% is a big nightmare. So many blogs has attained massive audience reach, despite being unpopular.



This our Top5 fast raising Unpopular Nigerian blogs have very diligent and committed Admins.
They have spent huge time and eyes open at their laptop screen and moving their fingers on the keyboard to make your feed enjoyable.
This article is not only going to detail all about the site listed as unpopular Nigerian blogs, but it will give an insight on some of their post and the profile if the blogs owners.
Also, the niche of this site varies, some are Health, News, Fashion and designs, Lifestyle and Technology.
After reading this article, you would also agree the bloggers behind these blogs are really working so hard. And they are worth being recognized among Nigerian unpopular blogs listing.
  • Beauty and Healthy Living 365
Coming on our very number one list of upcoming Nigerian blogs with massive growth and user friendliness is beautyandhealthyliving365.
With a daily update on the world most searched troubling health issues. And also,  how to medically attend to it, this blog has helped hundreds of its readers achieve a smile of satisfaction.
Although, this blog currently have 15 categories of blog contents, some of these categories involves Beauty tips, Health tips, Fitness tips, Disorders, Syndromes, Diets among others. Below is just a few among hundreds of its articles titles.
  • Risk of Retinal Detachment : Symptoms and Cause.
  • The Risk of Shigella Infection.
  • Effects of Sex Headaches
With a very simple navigation bar, clean optimization and daily posts updates, this is our number one top Unpopular and upcoming Nigerian blog worth visiting and bookmarking.
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  • Candrana
New to the market world, this list can never be completed without the mention of CANDRANA. This upcoming Nigerian market place site in less than 40 days of lunch, grew it Instagram fan page over 800% with almost 12,000 followers in less than 4 months. Certainly, it is one with a massive audience reach worth mentioning here.
Candrana is the first Nigerian No1 Beauty Market Place with amazing features. New arrivals includes
  • Perfumes
  • Skin Care
  • Watches and Glasses
  • Eyes lashes and Hairs
  • Classic Trinkets and lot others.
Candrana have a reasonable price for it products and also with a safe online transaction system and order trackings.
  • Diamondzblog and Dockays World
Although two blogs are merged here, the reason for this two blogs mentioned together is for a common reason.
Starting with Diamondzblog.  This site records hundreds to thousands of visitors who visit to read the most trending and latest Nigerian news.
Also, Uploading their site with an average of 2 new post in every 30 minutes daily, makes this site a top choice to bookmark and continue visiting.
Contact to the admin of this site is very simple as she is a diligent blogger with an aim of satisfying all her clients request is 24hours.
  • DockaysWorld is another big Nigerian site drawing audience it feed. Using a poorly designed interface did not good for them.
Then, they switched to a whole new theme with smooth users interface, easy navigation, simple site optimization and easy to understand.
Dockays World is controlled by a dedicated admin and has the site updated daily. The site has multiple which includes
*Nigerian news
*International news
*Romance Tale among other.
  • BlogsNg
Like the name implies, newbies into blogging certainly needs to visit BlogsNg. It is mentioned among our Unpopular Nigerian blogs list for good reasons.
With Blogsng, you can easily learn the best practice to make money online and becoming a successful blogger.
The founder is Nigeria popular web geek, Kennedy Prosper. His other sites includes Blogs9ja and PayPal Nigeria.
Are you looking for a reputable online source to get Blogging, SEO, Freelancing, Email marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online tips and guides? then BlogsNg is the answer.
  • Entsuit
EntSuit Blog is one of the best source of information about the latest trends in Nigeria. They share with their our “loyal readers” the latest  and hot news sparkling at the moment in the entertainment industry.
Although, our number one goal is to keep Nigerians abreast of information in the music industry and also share them the latest news around their locality
But sadly, this site has being under some maintenance and me hope it completely get updated with the latest trending as usual.
This blog joined our list today because the founder is SAMUEL ALADEGBA Aka SAMJE.

He is a simple and easy person, a full time blogger, software engineer and geek. More still, he is one of Nigerian smartest deaf.

Though he is a deaf with hearing disability, he has never allowed this stopped him from his passion in blogging. He has made it his determination to do his best.

Therefore he is worthy being mentioned among our listing o Unpopular Nigerian blogs. Not only has he motivated me, he has also inspired lot of persons on Facebook, once he shared his story.


Do you like 👍 this listing of unique unpopular Nigerian blogs and the bloggers?


Please share this article 💕 and inspire others too 🤜🤛.

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Top5 Secret Ways on How to Memorize Things Quickly and Effectively



Everyday we learn lot of things but after a while it seems we have forgotten all we studied. This has being one of the biggest challenge
many have faced today. Though there maybe many factors affecting the brain, resulting in information lose, inability to retain and lose of interest in reading.
Today article will focus on Top5 tested and trusted ways on how to memorize things quickly and effectively.
1. Respective Formula:-
Hermann Ebbinghaus a German scientist once research about the brain memory and it’s mechanism. He noted that after reading a bulky material, it possible to forget about 70% in an hour. An with his curve, if this was not the case, if we do not go back to review what we have once read, as days goes by, the information in the brain just goes into the thin air.
Obviously, only information in the long term memory stay for a very long time. That means repetition of the studied material is very important. To effectively move information to the long term memory, reverse it 30 minutes after reading, reverse the material in an hour time and lastly, reverse in 6 hours time. Write all you remember and go back to the material the final time.
2. Contextual Meaning:-
When reading a new material for the very first time, or being introduced to a new maths topic, it might look like a night mare or we are lost in a strange land.
Firstly, when we see a stranger for the first time, we ain’t completely free around, that is how the brain works. It takes a while for the brain to be farmiliar with the new subject or material. To effectively pass this step, it important to study the context deeply and not just skip through it. If you cram a comprehsion passage, once you forget a line, the entire information is lost. So it important to read, understand, put it in our own words and remember it.

Study With

The Right Principles At
The Right Time With
The Right Materials.

3. Keynote Standout:-
When reading to understand, we sometimes forget all we have gone through because we skip this important step. When reading a bulky material for the very first time, the most important thing to do, is to first skim the material, use a pencil to highlight the key phrase, asterisk the important informations on the side and start the reading.
in starting the reading, read the entire material first, write out the highlighted key point and be ready to discover more. Write out all the key points you highlighted and read that alone. Apply step 1 along with this.
4. Cross Brain Travel:-
This might sound hilarious, but let smile and see what we can get from it.
If I may ask you, do you eat only one type of meal for a whole while? Na na, we certainly swipe diets and that why we got varieties of meals, snacks and minerals. How does this connect with the brain, if you focus on a complex material you do not understand for a very long while, the brain would be bored and you will find it harder to understand it as well.
Take your brain on a journey, have a brisk walk, stretch your muscles, drink some brain, with so lovely slides or images, listen to a good music or anything that would relieve you and return to the material.
5. The Brain Story Formula:-
This is another very important and must implement formula. The Brain Story Formula. What does this entails?
When ever we watch a movie, we tends to remember the acts and some outstanding scenes, why? Because it all in a story. It very important all we are reading is related to something realistic, when trying to remember the realistic story we created, we will also remember the subject we were studying as well.
In conclusion, studying hard with the wrong material could be a waste, so study with the right principles at the right time with the right materials will help you memorize things quickly and effectively.

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Top5 Modern Gadgets That Have Changed Teenagers Lifestyle 2019



Top5 Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives
Gadgets that changed teenagers lifestyle
Teenagers lifestyle today has influenced the world’s activities. Ranging from communication to interactions among others.
It is very true and undeniable that we are leaving in a digital world. The progression from various stages have brought about advanced gadgets.
More still, the old forms off communication and information spread have all be improved or replaced with better gadgets that have changed some teenagers lifestyle.
Let review only five(5) of those gadgets that have changed some teenagers lifestyle over time.
Smart phones and Mobiles.

This is the primary influencing agent of teenagers lifestyle. Some teenagers lifestyle today depends on their gadgets alone.
Also, if I should guess, 80% of all those who will and are reading this article is holding a smart phone.
Smart phones and mobile phones have made many things easier for us all. Sending mails in place of post letter’s, making calls, and video chatting.
You certainly would agree smart phone is a gadget that has changed teenagers lifestyle in this modern age of technology.
Computer and Laptops.
Like earlier mentioned, some gadgets were said to have being replaced or upgraded over time. Here we have the computer.
There is obviously no small firm, office, company or household who don’t own a computer or laptop.
A teenager lifestyle circle is never complete with a laptop or computer. The computer is very efficient today because of it multi purposes functions.
From calculating mathematical problems, logical operations, processing, storing and receiving large amount of data files.
Thanks to the founding mathematicians who got the super computer ideas.
Television and Radio 
Surviving the test of time, television and radio have being brandish with improvement and efficiency.
The television allows for transmission of visual images and sound while the radio modulate electromagnetic waves and transmit sounds over waves.
From the black and white television to the modern colored ones of LEDs, LCD and Plasma. This  advance satellite has made some teenagers lifestyle so fun filled.
Camera 📷 
Imagine we are 50 years of age and scroll through our photos, seeing how we looked when we were just 12 years.
Photos bring back a memory. So is the camera a gadgets that have influenced teenagers lifestyle ? #Selfie
Game Play
Although, years ago, all we had was a box like  “Game Boy Pad”, with only black and white graphics. Also, that moment is re-branded.
Now we have the PS Game Series (PS1, PS2…PS4), X-box, and pure 3D visual game pads now. Certainly this new improved gadgets have changed teenagers lifestyle and behavior.

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