Top5 Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives.

Top5 Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives

It is very true and undeniable that we are leaving in a digital world, the progression from various stages have brought about different awesome gadgets that have changed our life today. More still, the old forms off communication and information spread have all be improved or replaced with better gadgets that have changed our life’s.
Let review only five(5) of those gadgets that have changed our lifes this new age century.

Smart phones and Mobiles.

If I should guess, 80% of all those who will and are reading this article is holding a smart phone. Smart phones and mobile phones have made many things easier for us all. Sending mails in place of post latter’s, making free calls to any corner of the world, seeing our love ones with the video communication app such as Skye. You certainly would agree smart phone is a gadget that has changed our life’s in this modern age as individuals.
Computer and Laptops.
Like earlier mentioned, some gadgets were said to have being replaced or upgraded over time. Here we have the computer. There is obviously no small firm, office, company or household who don’t own a computer or laptop. The computer is very efficient today because of it multi purposes functions of calculating mathematical problems, logical operations, processing, storing and receiving large amount of data files. Thanks to the founding mathematicians who got the super computer ideas.  
Television and Radio 
Surviving the test of time, I television and radio have being brandish with improvement and efficiency. The television allows for transmission of visual images and sound while the radio modulate electromagnetic waves and transmit sounds over waves. From the black and white television to the modern colored ones of LEDs, LCD and Plasma. 
Camera 📷 
Imagine we are 50 years of age and scroll through our photos, seeing how we looked when we were just 12 years old will certainly bring back a memory. So is the camera a gadgets that have changed our life’s? 
Game Play
Many years ago, all we had was a box like  “Game Boy Pad”, with only black and white graphics, skipping that moment, came the PS Game Series (PS1, PS2…PS4), X-box, and pure 3D visual game pads now. Certainly this new improved gadgets have changed our lifes or those around us. 

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