Top5 Famous Brands Logos With Hidden Meanings.

Hello Readers, welcome to another top 5 compilation list of the world Top5 famous brands logo with a hidden meaning the ordinary eyes cannot easily spot out. Millions are spent on designing these logos. Get ready to be surprised.
5.The Hyundai Logo
The logo of Hyundai looks like a letter H and that has tricked many into thinking it because of its first letter (Hyundai – H).But no no, it far different. Secretly behind that H looking logo is client and customer shaking hands. 
4.The Adidas Logo.
The name Adidas was derived from it founders name Adolf Dassler. Overtime, this company has being searching for the best designs, changing their logo for about 3 times. But always maintaining the 3 stripes crossing it. 
The current logo is 3 stripes and a angle forming something like a triangle. Behind that is a mountain representing the obstacles all sports men and women have to overcome to achieve success. 
3.The Apple Logo
This logo was designed by a genius. On one of his interview, he disclosed the secret behind the logo.He said he bought a basket if apples, placed them all under sun for a week, and tried an experiment of breaking the apples into something simple. Bitting each of the apple was part of the experiment.The he noticed two things. First, bite and bytes were similar in pronouncing and secondly, the action formed a uniqued shape. And there it goes, the logo was formed. Could you ever guess that? 2.The VAIO logo 
This company vaio specialize in making laptops, tablets and computers.Have you ever carefully looked at that logo and tried to guess the meanings, or you think it just a fancy design to make it stand out?Now the first two letters you see on Vaio’s logo symbolize analog waves and also the coming together of audio and video technologies into a main streaming computer product.
And the last two 1 and 0 you know are computer binary language.Isn’t that cool? 
1.The Amazon Logo 
Actually, it appears to be just and ordinary written “amazon” with a curve below it. But let critically examine it. The orange curve below it represents a smile because the company desires all is customers to be satisfied and happy with their service.Now look at the first and fourth letter,  it A and Z right?  Amazon assures it customers it got all they ever need covered.Woa, done with that listing, we sure you enjoyed reading them, drop a comment below about any one more fascinating and share to your love ones as well. 

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