Top5 Company Logos With hidden Secrets

Big companies always want to be distint on what so ever area they are specializing on. Again, let look at some of the world biggests companies logo that got a hidden secrets many of you may never find out. Get ready to be surprised after reading these great list. 
Some who claimed to have carefully looked at the logo, strongly believes it imitated from a cow-boy wearing a hat, but we say no.At first, it represents a niddle, with a colourful thread passing through it hole. That was because in the past, the Toyota company was used to produce weaving machines.But from that image, you noticed it individual parts spells the company name. 
So simple, this company specialized in making great car tyres and that what the first two letters of it names formes in 3D. 
3.Formula 1.
Not booming you with stories, your gonna find this out yourself, look in between that Formula 1 image above carefully, do you notice the number 1?Yes, that it. The F represents the Formula, while 1 is tactfully inserted in the center space, and  lastly the red stripes represents the high speed waves all formula1 car got.2.The FedEx Logo 
FedEx is quite a very popular company and also, it logo is so cool. A blue and orange writing of FedEx. Many persons claims it has no logo at all, do you agree with them? OK,  let see what special, look in between the E and X,  did you notice any thing, look carefully and there is an arrow. Yes you saw it. 
 1.Eighty20This South African based company has a logo which has received critical ignorance from persons who thinks it just a fancy 4 blue squares on a rectangle and eighty20 written below.
Are you among them?  OK let suprice you.Eighty20 is a South African based company that provides strategy, research and analytical services to potential clients.Those squares are actually binary numbers of 1 and 0.
Here is it. 10 10000 00 10100.So are you surprised why it’s our number 1. It very logical you will agree.

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